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Bright interior for a white bathroom (54 photos)


Given the rich palette of modern finishing materials, a white bathroom may seem like an unusual solution. Do not be deceived by the apparent photon-neutral hue: physicists have shown us that the whole color spectrum merges in white.

The white gamma is initially complex, so many people perceive it ambiguously: it is oppressed and associated with someone by sterile breech, to others it conveys a feeling of purity and unlimited space.






Bathroom in white: recommendations for a successful interior

To form a clear style preferences and create a harmonious atmosphere, you should listen to the recommendations of experts:

  • In addition to pure white color, you can use milky, blue and beige, creamy, light gray solutions to preserve the desired tone of the room.
  • Any color accents can relieve the irritation of whiteness. For example, the monotony can be advantageously diluted with towels, soap holders, stands for brushes kept in a single palette.
  • Diversified finishing materials will help to overcome the monotony and dullness of a bright bathroom. In particular, a combination of decorative moisture resistant stucco and white boar tile or ceramic imitation of stone or marble can be a win-win solution for wall decoration.
  • Also in the decoration of bathroom surfaces is to use a mosaic: small mosaic wall near the shower or bath is guaranteed to attract the eye.
  • Details such as a bright vertical or horizontal tiled strip, made in a bright color fringing of a wall lamp, bathroom or mirror, always help in thinning the monotony.
  • To deprive the premises of the spirit of sterility, during the repair it is better to lay a dark brown, dark blue or black floor.

The bathroom in white color needs a lot of light, in such rooms there are numerous lamps and lamps, chandeliers. Whiteness immediately adopts a range of illumination: from the cool blue radiation, the surfaces will acquire a bluish tint, from yellow light - a yellowish.

As accents can be appliances and plumbing, made in a contrasting range. Such non-standard execution will cost a pretty penny, as the extraordinary design of the bathroom, sink and toilet bowl will cost more.





White bathroom design: tile options

Since the white bathroom implies an abundance of light, it is recommended to choose a material with a glossy finish to finish the surfaces. Among the modern variants of cladding for spaces with high humidity, tile is particularly prominent. Products out of competition in terms of resistance to environmental influences, moreover, is able to harmoniously fit into any interior solutions. Ceramic tile for the bathroom provides a variety of textures and color palette, is successfully used in the incarnation of the original design ideas.

In a modern design, the white bathroom is made by combining glossy tiles with embossed plaster, wall panels or even wallpaper. Traditionally, tiles are used in the shower area, near the washbasin and bathtub, the rest of the surface is trimmed with vinyl, plastic or wood with special treatment.






Features of the tile:

  • in the design of a compact bathroom in the Khrushchev preferred tile of medium size;
  • white tile for the bathroom, laid horizontally or diagonally, allows you to visually increase the space;
  • an unsuccessful combination of tiles of different shades is fraught with an undesirable effect in the form of a visual reduction of the area;
  • To give expressiveness to a monochromatic white wall, a panel type of decoration is used. At the same time, 2/3 of the walls are made with ordinary tiles, and 1/3 are decorated with “boar” tiles.

When arranging spacious rooms, it is easy to zone the space with the help of tiles of different textures. For example, the shower area is distinguished by tiles "under the marble"; a large-scale white glossy model is used for cladding the rest of the canvas.




White mosaic in the bathroom

Mosaic walls are an interesting solution for the bathroom interior. The composition can be a chaotic arrangement of fragments in different shades of white or be carried out in the form of a pattern or a pattern. The mosaic decoration of only a part of the wall surface will be a spectacular reception. A continuous coating of small pieces contributes to the visual reduction of space, which is especially disadvantageous when arranging small spaces. Also relevant is a multi-colored mosaic floor, with it the bathroom in white colors does not look very strict, but elegant.






White bathroom furniture

In the design of a bathroom in white, furniture of a similar palette is relevant, with particular attention being paid to the variation of colors:

  • attractive composition of wall cabinets and pedestals in a light beige palette against a white wall;
  • white bathroom cabinet with frosted glass doors looks spectacular in combination with the mosaic on the floor;
  • white chest of unpainted wood in a consonant duet with a mirror frame attracts the eye and gives expressiveness and comfort to the interior;
  • White countertop to the bathroom perfectly complements the furniture in color.

The minimum set of furniture for the bathroom consists of a hinged cupboard and cabinets under the sink. For spacious hygiene rooms, choose a wardrobe with shelves for towels, bathrobes and other accessories, a laundry basket, a chest of drawers, a banquette or a chair.




To give the white interior some kind of dynamism, the designers suggest using interesting color compositions.

Black and white bathroom: mysterious contrast

The black palette in the design of the room of hygiene is applied metered, the optimum ratio of contrast colors is 20:80:

  • the classic solution is a narrow horizontal line on a white wall to match the tiled floor in black;
  • to visually enlarge the space and raise the ceiling, use rare vertical stripes of black tile on a white wall;
  • a nice black and white mosaic on the floor or a tile in a chess composition will harmoniously fit into the interior of a white bathroom. No less interesting is the floor in black and white stripes.






When arranging the floor surface, bold experiments with color accents are permissible. It is better not to risk on the walls of compact rooms with a balance of contrasting colors, it is enough to lay out the plumbing or furniture contour with black tiles, or to make a small drawing on a dedicated area. In the design of spacious rooms on one of the walls you can lay out a two-color mosaic. Another design variant - one wall is made with black glossy tiles, on the other three white matte tiles are used. If you decide to zone the space, select the shower with black ceramics, trim the other planes with white tiles.

Black and white style is maintained in furniture and plumbing. Moreover, the equipment of white color looks spectacular against the background of the wall with glossy tile in black. Very successful combination of black furniture with a mirror or glass surface. In contrast, you can choose white faucets for the bathroom with sanitary fittings to match.






The classic combination in the bathroom: a duet of white and blue

The marine theme in the white interior is better to create with the help of 2-3 shades of blue:

  • dark blue tile with white patches can be used in flooring;
  • mosaic floor of different shades of blue can create a feeling of ease, diluting the strict brevity in the design of a white bathroom;
  • one of the walls in a compact white bathroom in Khrushchev is well decorated with a pattern from a tile of bright blue shade on a pale gray background;
  • Blue bathroom accessories in white will help support the concept of marine themes in the interior.

In the bathroom decoration combinations of white sanitary ware and furniture in blue gloss or with mirror / glass coating are advantageous.















In order for the bathroom in white colors not to look impersonal and boring, it is important to competently approach the issue of drawing up the design of the room. By carefully planning the details and recognizing the advantages of this color, you can get an interesting interior that will pleasantly surprise all family members.