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Dressers from the array: natural materials in fashion again (24 photos)


The decoration of any home is furniture. That your interior was unique, it is worth using dressers from the massif. There are many varieties of them. Let's try to figure it out together.



Main types of dressers

A chest of drawers is quite familiar to us furniture. Of course, they can differ not only in size, but also in design, styling. The key point of difference is the material from which the furniture is made.



Chests of natural wood are popular because they are made from environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergies or irritation. Wooden furniture, especially natural, always looks noble and rich, is considered a marker of reliability, prestige and quality.

The technological process of making dressers includes the harvesting of raw round timber, sawing, sorting, drying in clear air, drying in a special chamber (to achieve a certain level of moisture), splicing and processing blanks, assembly, painting, decorating, packaging. All elements are covered and processed by harmless means that in no case will harm anyone. All chemicals used in production are tested, and therefore a solid wood chest of drawers will be absolutely safe.



Most furniture items are custom made by the buyer, and therefore they are subject to strict control by manufacturers. Thus, your order will fit perfectly into the design of the room and will meet all the requirements and standards.



Problem of choice

About how to choose high-quality furniture made of natural wood, in particular from the array, all potential buyers are thinking. This question is particularly important. If the buyer wants to buy a chest of drawers from solid wood, then he wants everything to be at the highest level.

In order not to run into poor-quality, poorly made furniture, pay attention to such details:

  • The product should not stagger, creak.
  • The surface should be smooth, without holes and protruding splinters.
  • The product must be resistant to temperature and moisture.
  • Pay attention to the fasteners and details.

Remember that you can not make a chest of drawers from a single block of wood. Furniture of such dimensions do, connecting parts.

As a customer, you have the full right to check your future dresser at all stages of manufacturing. Do not be afraid to demand details about the technological features of your chosen wood.

The first type of chest of drawers from the array, which we consider, will be a chest of drawers from solid pine. Furniture from this type of wood has unique properties, "breathes" and just pleases the eye.

Pine wood has a yellow-beige color with light pink stains, barely visible, so the chest of drawers is ideal for a bright and spacious room with many windows and lots of light. For example, a children's bedroom is a good option.

It is important that the manufacturer chooses the right pine. She had to grow in a dry sandy area. If she grows up somewhere in a very wet area, the wood will stratify, it will have an ugly loose structure, it will be hard to dry. In general, no presentation.

Oak furniture has been in the homes of our ancestors since ancient times. And for good reason. Oak products have unique properties, are suitable for any interior and just look beautiful. Oak furniture at all times was considered a classic. Now the situation is exactly the same. A chest of drawers made of solid oak will last for decades, maintaining its basic qualities and not losing its appearance. Such furniture will clearly show your taste and sense of style.

Birch is the beloved tree of all, the national symbol of our country. But, nevertheless, furniture is also made of birch, which in its appearance is not inferior to oak, for example.

A chest of drawers made of solid birch is somewhat tender. It will flow well into the design of a nursery or a spacious dining room. Birch furniture will complement the image of your apartment or house, will bring a piece of peace and satisfaction.

Furniture made of solid wood is eco-friendly, has no synthetic elements and harmful substances. It is practical, will last for many years. It looks aesthetically pleasing, fits appropriately with any design, even the most modern. Dressers from the massif of a tree are a convenient, functional, universal furniture which will create the unique atmosphere of a cosiness and a home hearth.