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Provence style armchair: the simplicity of a French village (22 photos)


It is necessary to choose a comfortable armchair in Provence style, taking into account that it is organically combined with the interior of the room. There are a lot of models of various styles, suitable for any room in the house:

  • with soft sitting and back;
  • folding;
  • with filler;
  • decorated with wrought iron elements;
  • wicker.

The deliberate simplicity of the chairs in the Provencal style is complemented by pillows with lace, original tassels and capes.



Choosing a chair Provence, depending on the room

For each room in the home you can find the right Provence chair. For the hall or living room, occupying a large area, an ideal chair, made in bright pastel colors. As a rule, it has soft armrests, a seat and a back, on graceful legs. Wooden parts in this chair are usually covered with patina and small cracks.



Light elegant wicker furniture is great for a veranda or lawn. For complete comfort in the fresh air, pillows are used.

The idea of ​​a French village is expressed in natural materials and unobtrusive pale colors. The simple decor of Provence style is complemented by a calm natural color: milky, white, pinkish, light blue, beige, blurred yellow, lavender, and shades of terracotta. Fabrics for upholstery and pillows are not always the same tone, dim fabrics are also used in a cage, strip, with delicate flowers. Pictures in the form of flowers or bouquets can be perfectly combined with wallpaper or curtains. Upholstery fabrics are usually natural and of good quality: cotton, linen. Artificially aged and slightly crumpled fabrics are typical for Provence style.



If the chair is made of wood, then it must be a bright shade. Darker wood tones are usually painted with white paint. A light wicker chair Provence is also produced in bleached blurred colors. Comfort complement the pillows with lace, ruffles and other original elements. Often used for Provencal seats covers, made in inconspicuous colors and having a brush, ruffles and lace.

The tree, which is used for the manufacture of chairs in the style of Provence - usually oak, ash, cherry. For the chairs of this style do not apply plastic items.



Style features

Traditional furniture in Provencal style has smooth contours of the backrest and armrests. The legs are low, neat, straight or bent. In the Provence style, light furniture is performed with an aging effect emphasizing the structure of the tree, which gives the feeling that this furniture has been used for centuries. Part of the Provence style are original pillows.

Sofas in the house are designed for seating or as sleeping places. The sofa in Provence style, in addition to practical use, in combination with light-colored furniture will give the room the atmosphere of an old house in France. Exclusive sofas are used for any room of the house or apartment: hall, living room, kitchen, study, bedroom, hallway.



Kitchen sofa

Kitchen sofas are the best option for small rooms. Such models have many undeniable advantages. Small sofas are made angular, straight, with a place to sleep, with a spacious drawer. Sofas for the kitchen is a godsend for small space rooms. With the help of the transformation device, the kitchen sofa easily turns into a place to rest and sleep. The sofa seat reclines easily, opening a convenient storage space for kitchen utensils. Provence-style sofa in the kitchen is perfectly combined with light wallpaper and cabinets, which creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere.



Provence-style sofas look great in the spacious entrance hall, where those coming from the door immerse themselves in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.