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How to make a snowman yourself from different materials (55 photos)


New Year offensive is waiting for not only children, but also adults. This holiday is loved by many, not only for the abundance of gifts and sweets. Many people appreciate it for the opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree and decorate the house, and after all, you can make New Year's toys with your own hands. The snowman is one of the main winter characters, the cold season cannot do without it. If you're wondering how to make a snowman, keep reading.






How to make a snowman out of snow

With the onset of winter, you can often see various snow figures on the street; people usually make snowmen from the first snow. Why do not you join this fun pastime? Blind the snowman out of the snow with your child or call your friends and remember your childhood together.





For those who have forgotten or did not know how to make a beautiful snowman out of the snow, we suggest reading the step-by-step instruction:

  1. The choice of location. This should be a flat piece of land with a lot of snow, which can be used to create a snow sculpture. Try to find a place where neither the ready-made snowman, nor the process of its production will interfere with passersby.
  2. Check how well the snow is molded. Icy and overly airy snow will not work, as the snowball will crumble.
  3. We start by sculpting the base of a snowman. Make a little snowball. Put it on the ground and roll it over the snow to increase its size. Periodically gently slap a snow globe with your palms so that it becomes dense. This is necessary so that the base can hold the weight of the rest of the snowman.
  4. Similarly, roll another snowball. In size it should be less than the previous one. Also, the middle part is not so important density.
  5. Build a small snow globe. This will be the top of the snow structure. Simply put, it's a head.
  6. The next step is to collect the snowman. Place the medium ball on a large one and place a small one on top. Do this carefully so as not to drop the snow balls, otherwise you will have to roll them again.
  7. The finished structure must be reinforced with snow at the joints. If the snowman looks fragile even after that, you can insert a stick into the center of the upper ball and lower it to the ground.
  8. Make 2 small balls and attach them to the sides of the middle part. These will be the hands of a snowman. Hands can be made with the help of ordinary branches, but you do not need to specifically pick them from the trees. Use this option if you find already cut off rods.
  9. There is a final stage - decoration. You can decorate a cobbled snowman with the help of available tools. You can wear a bucket or a hat on your head. Wrap a neck with a scarf or decorate with an old tie. How to make a snowman's nose? Stick a carrot, a cone, or even a corn cob. Do not forget about the eyes and mouth. They are made from pebbles, embers, seeds or rowan berries. Choose your own expression of the snowman: he can smile or be harsh.

This is the traditional version of the figure, which is called the snowman. You can show imagination and create a more original character from the snow.






How to make a sock snowman

Homemade snowmen socks look very cute. Such crafts can be used to decorate the Christmas tree in an original way, or you can simply give to friends, surprising them with your ability to create beautiful souvenirs.









How to make a snowman with your own hands:

  1. White sock should be cut into 2 parts. The lower part is no longer needed, it can be removed. A flat top should be turned inside out.
  2. On the side where there was a cut, the sock is tied up with a thread or an elastic band. After that, turn it on the front side so that the thread remains inside.
  3. The sock looked like a pouch. Fill it with filler to the brim, and then drag the top with an elastic or thread.
  4. At the resulting ball, mark the head and tie this place with another thread. So you get a snowman from two balls. If you prefer traditional snowmen, then everything is done in the same way, but the filled billet is divided into 3 parts. Make the lower part wider so that the finished snowman is stable.

The main stages are completed, now you need to transform the white blank, to make it unique. The eyes of snowmen can be buttons or beads. The nose can be glued together from colored paper or again use beads. The headgear can be a paper cap or the heel of a multi-colored sock. Scarves made from scraps of colored matter will be most welcome. Bright fluffy socks make funny sweaters for toys. You can attach arms and legs, hair for snowmen girls.

Decor options are huge. It all depends on how much time you are willing to spend on creating outfits. For example, on snowmen you can embroider the names of friends. In addition, to the ready-made toys, you can attach pieces of paper with congratulations.




Unusual decoration for the house - a snowman from disposable cups. To make it will need:

  • 2-3 packs of plastic cups of 100 pieces. The more glasses, the bigger the snowman. For one product usually use the same size dishes, but this is not necessary. A head segment can be made from a smaller container than a torso segment.
  • Stapler and staples to it.
  • Cardboard or paper in red.
  • Black paint.
  • Scarf, hat, etc. for decor (optional).






Making a voluminous snowman out of cups is easy. To do this, follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Take 25-30 cups and make a circle of them. Gently fasten their edges with a stapler.
  2. Next, make new rows from above, attaching them with a stapler not only from the side, but also from above. To make the base stable, each row should be moved a couple of millimeters back. So make about 7 rows. They will naturally take the shape of a hemisphere.
  3. When the base of the body is ready, you need to take over the head of a snowman. Here everything is done in a similar way, but to create the first row you need to take 15-18 glasses.
  4. If both hemispheres are ready, it's time to bond them together. This will help all the same stapler.

You have learned how to make a snowman out of glasses. After the work done on the product there was an ugly seam. Hide it with a scarf or any fabric tied at the junction. Eyes from crafts are easy to do: you just need to paint two cups from the inside with black paint. The mouth is made the same way. And having rolled up a paper or a cardboard in a bag, you receive a nose.





How to make a snowman from cotton wool

To make a bulky cotton snowman with your own hands, you need the following materials:

  • cotton wool;
  • water;
  • soap;
  • PVA glue;
  • paints, beads, colored paper, etc.

Such toys are very easy to make, so involve the children in the process. Kids will love to make figurines from soft-touch material. In addition, under the supervision of an adult, it is safe.













There is another way to create a souvenir with cotton. You can make a snowman card from cotton pads in a matter of minutes. And even babies will cope with such an application. Each disk is one of the parts of the snowman. You just need to grease them with glue and firmly press against the paper blank. The face of a snowman can be drawn with felt-tip pens. Add a postcard of congratulations, drawings of Christmas trees or snowflakes.

You have learned how to make a snowman. Breathe in the frosty air and sculpt snow figures or create unique decorations for the Christmas tree. The main thing - do it with pleasure!