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Two-door refrigerator: characteristic, additional functions, pros and cons (23 photos)


A two-door refrigerator is an excellent solution for private homes and spacious kitchens. A large family will appreciate the spaciousness and functionality of a modern invention. No need to tamp any food on the shelves or place them directly on the lids of the pots. Each type of food will acquire its own separate space, thereby improving the safety of the contents of the chamber.




What is "side by side"?

Translated from English, this phrase translates as "side by side." Refrigerators manufactured according to this principle are equipped with main compartments and freezers, which are located at the side of each other. Doors swing, open in different directions.

In addition to their intended purpose, huge refrigerators have other useful inventions:

  • faults are diagnosed independently, and the corresponding code is displayed on the display;
  • In many models on the outside of the door there are dispensers of ice and cold water;
  • control is carried out with the help of electronics;
  • equipment with infrared lamps allows longer to store products of any kind;
  • a variety of modes for freezing products, including fast and wet;
  • more expensive models have built-in bars, they are able to prepare cocktails, without having to open the refrigerator itself;
  • in order not to damage the standing furniture, the doors have stoppers when opening;
  • equipped with built-in smell absorber, which eliminates the need to buy additional funds and spend energy to eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • there is a shelf for storing bottled beverages;
  • Internet connection is configured: you can control the on and off of the refrigerator compartments through the worldwide network, you can also change the temperature mode;
  • There are models with a monitor on the outside of the door.

The set of functions is growing every year, because inventive and technical progress does not stand still.



Volumes of the refrigeration unit are impressive. Freezer size about 200-300 liters, the main chamber - 355-370 liters, depending on the model. Most side-by-side freezing units are equipped with such useful options:

  • the sound of the signal of an open door is triggered by a certain amount of time during which one of the doors is open;
  • a time-limited temperature drop is a useful addition if you need to freeze a lot of food at once;
  • protection of the control panel from inadvertent pressing or children's hands.

There are many models and some have non-standard sizes. For example, there is a technique with a small depth, suitable for a kitchen in a city apartment.

It is worth noting that models with a depth of more than 72 cm do not always pass through doorways, so you may need to remove the doors or handles.




Cooling system

Most often in such refrigerators there is a cooling system "No Frost", which assumes the presence of one compressor. This is good, because the price of the unit decreases. For example, Samsung equips its refrigerators only with a dry cooling system, explaining that it is more efficient, because air is constantly circulating. The undeniable advantage of the "No Frost" system is that there is no need to defrost the camera. Condensate accumulates in special compartments and evaporates. Dry freezing allows you to quickly freeze semi-finished products without sticking.

Economical use of electricity is important in the modern world. Two-door refrigerators are a new invention, therefore they assume a high class of energy consumption, as a rule, not lower than А +.




Built-in two-door assistant

If we are talking about the built-in refrigerator, it is assumed that the unit will be located in a special niche. The facade will be hidden from the eyes by doors, made in the general style with all the kitchen.

The owners of houses and apartments for whom every detail in the interior is important, as a rule, choose this type of refrigerators. It is difficult to imagine how the modern doors of a conventional refrigerator will fit into the Provence style. Therefore, embedded technology is a great option for many interior styles. Especially if such a cabinet is planned to be located in the office or in the hallway.

The built-in two-door refrigerator has its advantages:

  • more advanced software stuffing;
  • technical level more reliable;
  • improved thermal insulation, which means energy saving - the walls of the furniture create enhanced thermal insulation, and the less the impact of external temperature, the longer it takes and the less electricity the unit consumes;
  • the heat exchanger is equipped with a dust repellent function, which means there is no need to clean this part of the unit;
  • noiselessness: the walls of the niche and the doors muffle the sounds of working equipment - this is a significant plus if the refrigerator is bordered by a lounge, bedroom.

There is also a minus: the built-in two-door refrigerators are much more expensive than their fellows. Not always the option of the unit in the closet is the same roomy. Therefore, it is worth considering what is more important: the appearance or capacity of the compartments.



What to look for when choosing?

A large-size refrigeration unit has its own characteristics, which every competent buyer needs to take into account before an important purchase.

  • The heat exchanger is located at the bottom of the unit, so it is strongly recommended not to install it on floors with any type of heating. Otherwise, the life of the refrigerator will be reduced significantly.
  • It is necessary to make measurements of doorways in the home, because the refrigerator is of non-standard dimensions, and it may simply not reach the destination. However, removable unit doors can solve this problem.
  • In "side bye side" there can be two systems no frost or combined.

If among the additional functions there is ice making, then it is necessary to take into account the possibility of connecting the equipment to the water supply system.



Type of compressor

Modern manufacturers offer two-door refrigerators with an inverter compressor only. Due to this, there are no sharp fluctuations in temperature in the chambers, the noise emitted by the mechanism is minimal, and power consumption is economical. As a rule, these compressors have a long service life. Manufacturers give a guarantee of at least 10 years. There is one minus of inverter compressors: they are sensitive to mains voltage drops. Serious manufacturers necessarily care about the special protection for such refrigerators.

Modern two-door refrigerators have compartments in which different temperatures are provided for a specific product. Often there is also a zero zone in which fresh products are stored for as long as possible, while retaining all their beneficial properties.

Shelves can be rearranged and change the distance for a specific dish. As a rule, they are made of glass that can withstand up to 20-25 kg of weight.

In the main and freezers, you can set any suitable temperature. If there is no food in any compartment, then you can set a minimum value and save electricity. In most models, the electronic adjustment panel is located on the outside of the door.

The price of two-door refrigerators

In conclusion, it can be said that the quality of all two-door refrigerators is high. After all, the production of such solid units are engaged only in serious firms.