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Cascade bath mixer: the elegance of waterfalls (26 photos)


How nice it is sometimes to take a bath after a hard day's work. That is why it is very important that the bathroom is properly equipped. Today's world of sanitary products has hundreds of non-standard solutions that allow you to create real paradise in bathrooms. Every year world designers offer various novelties that change ideas about standards and forms, and mixers are not left aside.



One of the latest innovations presented is a cascade bath mixer. Water from such a mixer is poured out in a dense stream, imitating the flow of waterfalls.

Mixers of this type are different in width and in water pressure, but all models are individual in price and in performance. This may be a sculptural ensemble or a budget option with a small flow of water, but each makes the bath more beautiful.

The main difference between cascade mixers and other water faucets is the lack of a common water distribution part (gander). Water is supplied through a special tray, different in width: the river bed, a thin stream. In any case, the water flows in an even flow of water. There is no aerator and the water is clear.



The large diameter of the supply pipes for installation allows you to increase the capacity of water.




  1. This is embedded equipment. For its installation it makes no sense to hide pipes in the wall, it is mortise. The pipes are carried out in the lower part of the bath; it is easy to get to them for repair.
  2. Possibility of installation on any pipeline. In addition, parts of the mixer can be placed on different sides of the bathroom.
  3. Gaining a bath in the usual way, spend on it about 10 minutes, and using a novelty - a few minutes.
  4. Absolutely unusual versions of this water fittings are made. Spout disguised as a natural stone, on which water flows. Apply and highlighting. Such a composition is built into the walls, and no longer a bath, but a mountain river flows in the bathroom.
  5. The main criterion is often not the power of the water supply, but the shape of the jet itself and the elegance of all the details. Different colors, materials, design solutions - all this contributes to increasing the demand for a cascade mixer-waterfall.



Basically, mixers of this type are made of brass with various colors applied. But there are simple forms for the sink, which uses the usual materials. Mixers can be made with two control levers, like on old two-valve mixers, often equipped with a shower head.



Cascade Basin Faucets

With a cascade sink mixer, daily washing turns into a truly sacred ritual ablution. Water from such an installation soothes, tones, and relieves the stress of everyday work.

Most often, cascade mixers are installed on conventional and hydromassage baths. They are mounted on the wall next to the bathroom on a stand or mounted in the side of the bath. Often, at the request of the customer, the spout is placed in the headboard so that water flows over the head. Hydromassage baths are immediately equipped with a bathroom faucet, in order not to search for and install water fittings.



And for sinks, there are different mounting options: the mixer is mounted on the wall, the surface of the sink or the countertop of the sink stand. Here the choice is mainly influenced by the type of washbasin itself.

Often, mixers of this type are installed and embedded in vertical panels. You can not distinguish a wall mixer from other tiles on the panel - it looks like an inclined plate in the middle of which a slot is made.

Open mortise mixer, waterfall comes to life. Materials for this invisible use natural. No imitations, and decorations for such a bathroom and the design of the faucet itself must be in harmony with each other. Often used for decoration artificial and natural crystals.

This operation is simple, quite feasible. Despite external refinement, the cascade mixer differs in simplicity of a design. The lack of eccentrics make installation easy and does not require special skills.

Mounting method and the main stages of installation.