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Water mattress for a comfortable stay (25 photos)


Water mattresses have the best orthopedic characteristics - this is the maximum comfort for the body during sleep and rest. It’s not quite easy to choose a decent model of a miracle design, since we have recently started producing products in large quantities, and consumers are still poorly informed about the ambiguous functionality of the product.



Device Features

Water mattress design is a tank with a substance based on water. What he really is:

  • polyvinyl chloride shell filled with liquid;
  • the perimeter of the structure is framed by a spring frame;
  • outside the design is equipped with a dense fabric cover.

The internal capacity is strengthened by stabilizing layers to reduce the intensity of oscillation of the liquid medium. Modern water mattresses are equipped with a heating system for up to ten positions.



If you are not sure of the merits of this progressive device, test it in a specialized store or showroom. Spend a few minutes on a heated water mattress and feel the difference between a traditional bed with fixed components and an extraordinary sleeping device with circulating filling. Slightly rocking the base soothes and gives a feeling of weightlessness. The load on the spine is reduced, the muscles relax, the body envelops the heat - favorable conditions for a good rest and sleep are provided.

In order to choose the best variant of the product correctly, you should understand the offers of the manufacturers of orthopedic constructions. The range of products includes a range of products for adult consumers and a children's audience. The following types of water mattresses are distinguished:

  • single chamber;
  • multichamber
  • with or without frame;
  • with polyurethane block;
  • with layers of other fillers;
  • children's water mattresses;
  • for newborns.



Single chamber water mattress is designed for users with low weight. The liquid substance under the weight of the reclining freely circulates inside the polymer cover. Due to the design features on such a bed, it is difficult to sleep together. Sitting on it is almost impossible - does not allow the area of ​​weight distribution. Products are sold in the category of economy class.



The current offer from manufacturers of innovative solutions for the bedroom is a multi-chamber water mattress with a polyurethane block and a coconut layer. The device has the following advantages:

  • the surface is both stable and takes on the anatomical shape of lying on the bed;
  • the weight of a person is distributed evenly over the area;
  • there are no large oscillations of the liquid base when turning the case from one side to the other, the person does not interfere with the sleeper;
  • spine and back muscles are well supported.



Children's orthopedic mattresses with a water filler are made on the basis of several chambers, equipped with an additional softening layer. Modifications for newborns include an integrated temperature control unit.

The advantages and disadvantages of water mattress

In contrast to the usual types of devices for sleep and rest, innovative orthopedic constructions with liquid have a lot of advantages:

  • the surface bends under the weight of a person, the load on the back is reduced;
  • due to the comfortable location of the body, full muscle relaxation is provided;
  • the phase of deep sleep on a water mattress significantly exceeds similar parameters when using orthopedic bases with other fillers;
  • there is no discomfort during rest and sleep, even with a cool microclimate in the bedroom - the device is constantly heated;
  • the elasticity of the bed is selected individually;
  • the product does not cause allergies, the risk of mites and bacteria is excluded, dust does not accumulate;
  • the products are not demanding to care; the outer textile cover is easy to refresh by machine wash;
  • durability - properly selected water bed with proper operation will last up to 20 years.

If necessary, it is also easy to choose a model of orthopedic products with lumbar support function.



Among the drawbacks of the sleeping construction are the following points:

  • a big minus of budget modifications is the need to periodically change the liquid, the problem does not apply to similar premium goods. The functionality of innovative models provides for liquid filling, which is updated every 2-3 years. In some modifications, a special conditioner is added to the water to combat microorganisms;
  • for comfortable operation the bed with a water mattress must be connected to the mains. Without the correct heating function, sleeping on it is fraught with undesirable consequences, especially in a cool climate;
  • heavy weight of the structure - it’s not easy to move to another place, difficulties at the apartment level, the need for additional costs for the services of transport companies;
  • the high cost of the goods - the cost of the purchase range in the range of $ 500-2000.

The cost of an orthopedic bed with liquid filling somewhat confuses the buyer with an average level of wealth. In fact, given the fact that the state of the body is largely dependent on comfortable rest and good sleep, you should use high-quality functionality for the bedroom.