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Door mat - a combination of style and quality (23 photos)


A rug in the hallway is necessary in order not to bring dirt and dust into the room. All the dirt collected on the shoes, you leave on the mat, and do not carry the entire area of ​​the house or office. If you put such a rug in the corridor, then you will see how clean your apartment has become, because the dirt will not spread to all rooms, and the microbes will also remain on the bedding, and not spread to your home. Such floor mats in the hall on a rubber base are simply indispensable in the autumn-spring period, when there is constant dirt on the street. If you use them correctly, your floors in the house will be clean.



Nuances of choosing a rug

First of all, you need to make sure that your rug is not only in the hallway, but also directly near the entrance door. It must be strong and reliable. It is advisable to choose products with coconut fibers or PVC. It must be deep and reliable to absorb snow, water and dirt. For example, a large rubber mat would be a versatile option.

It is not difficult to clean and care for such products, and at the same time they bring the maximum benefit. Door mats help you keep clean.

To understand which option is closest to you, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. So, the most popular types of rugs are:

  • Shaggy;
  • Rubber mats;
  • Foam coatings;
  • Rubber floor mats.



Features fleecy products

Fleece products not only help to protect the house from street dirt, but also create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in your home. Such door mats for the hallway look very nice indoors and are used to protect against dust, moisture and dirt from the street.



Features of rubber mats

Door mat, moisture-absorbing, gray for the corridor is universal, and many consider it the best option in all respects. The rubber base has excellent wear resistance and allows you to use the mat for many years. You can order an individual rug with the inscription.

Synthetic floor mats include those that are made using polyamide and polypropylene. These materials do not deform during operation and do not change color due to exposure to direct sunlight. Their characteristics are distinguished by positive reviews. They absorb moisture and have a special coating.

The gray door mats will be excellent at dealing with dust and dirt from the street. They can even not be washed, but it is enough to periodically vacuum and remove the accumulated dust.

Their only drawback is that they are not very colorful and bright, they are unlikely to fit into your interior and add harmony to the room. Therefore, they are usually used in front of the entrance door, where they serve perfectly and do not spoil the interior.

The gray door mat moisture absorbing foam material differs in comfort of operation. It performs its functions very effectively and will please you with reliability and practicality.




  • high level of wear resistance;
  • do not rot and do not get wet;
  • do not slide on the surface of the tile;
  • create an excellent grip for the legs;
  • easy cleaning

Their disadvantages include the fact that when the temperature in the room decreases, they can crack, so this option can be chosen only for home use. Such products are often used in the bathroom. They are well tolerated moisture and damp. If you choose the original door mats with a pattern, you can originally diversify the interior design of your room.



Features rubber floor mats

The gray rubber doormat is not only functional, but also safe. The backing of rubber mats is made of rubber. This means that the material used is environmentally friendly and completely harmless to your health. It is durable, reliable and durable. Much faster you will get tired of the gray door mat, rather than damage it.

The rubber is able to withstand temperature fluctuations in the range of -40 to +140 degrees. This indicator allows you to use the material both indoors and outdoors in any weather. The moisture absorbent door mat will be an excellent option for your home.




  • ability to retain moisture and dirt;
  • possibility of quick cleaning: washing, washing or vacuuming. With this material, all options are available to you.

The only disadvantage is the rather high cost and a small selection of colors and sizes.

The best option would be to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. It is enough to do this procedure once a week. But know that if you spilled the liquid, then it should be removed immediately, otherwise there is a high probability that the stain will remain. You can use dry powders or shampoos to clean carpets and remove stains. After applying them, wash the product with a damp cloth or sponge. After finishing the cleaning, place a paper towel on the carpet and press it down with something heavy and leave it for several hours. After this procedure, go through the vacuum cleaner on the product again.

Choosing a rubber mat in the hallway, pay attention to its pile and methods of cleaning.