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Wooden countertops for kitchen premises (29 photos)


In the process of choosing a product such as a kitchen table top made of wood, most buyers first of all focus on the design of the item and its value. It is important to remember to ensure that the tabletop is very durable, with a long shelf life and high functionality.



In this article we will try to sort out several issues in detail:

  1. How to choose a countertop in the bathroom from a tree or in the kitchen?
  2. How to choose a tabletop for white kitchen?
  3. Tabletop shape: is it better to choose a round tabletop or a rectangular shape?
  4. Features of dark and light wood countertops.

Initially, almost every worktop under the kitchen set was made of wood cut. However, after the emergence of new innovative production technologies, as well as new materials, the ways of finishing kitchen countertops made of solid material have become much more diverse.



There are many materials used in the process of manufacturing a product.

Wood tops

Countertops for wood, namely chipboard, with finishing of plastic. This type of countertops at the present time is considered the most popular on the market. This demand is due to an acceptable cost, high level of strength, a wide variety of colors, as well as finishing textures.

Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is used mainly in the design of kitchens of a professional sample, because the use of a piece of furniture from such material may not be entirely appropriate. Coatings of this kind in the conditions of an apartment may give the kitchen décor too official appearance.

Worktops from solid wood

With the help of a solid wood countertops made of natural wood. Such products require a very attentive care and care.



How to choose the right product?

During the selection of kitchen worktops, the following points of the main character should be taken into account:

  1. Moisture resistance. This parameter is very important, because the tabletops are washed quite often.
  2. The surface of the countertop must have an exposure when using aggressive detergents.
  3. The ability to install coverage on his own. Applying for services provided by carpenters will not be necessary.
  4. Now a high level of popularity were able to acquire countertops, created on the basis of an array of solid. A small number of joints of the butt sample gives the main surface a high level of strength, durability, and ease of use.
  5. It is necessary that the basic design of the product is harmoniously combined with the basic design of the room.

Due to the fact that in most cases, household appliances will be integrated into the worktop, it is necessary to take note of the fact that the surface must withstand temperature differences (near the stove). Also important is the presence of high moisture resistance (in the washing area).

Installing the countertop in an independent way, the installer is recommended to watch a video with instructions, and this can make the installation process as easy as possible.

The material on the basis of which the countertops are made, is selected according to the style of the basic design of the room, as well as the possibilities of a financial nature.

Varieties of kitchen countertops are presented in a huge variety. In stores of construction and furniture type, you can find options that best fit the user's budget and its requirements.

Worktops on the basis of chipboard, with plastic finish, represent the most affordable option for kitchen coatings.



Production technology provides a guarantee that the material will be durable, and will also be moisture resistant. On a chipboard sheet under very high pressure, a plastic layer is applied.

For the reason that the technology should provide for covering a tile of a continuous sample, such an order of things can provide excellent water resistance as well as heat resistance of the surface layer itself.



It is important to know that a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers prefer to laminate only the front and top of the main panel; other parts of the panel are completely unprocessed. The cost of these tabletops is quite small, but the period of their service is quite short.



The most striking advantages of such countertops are the properties of the following nature:

  • High hygiene during operation. There is no absorption of third-party odors, there is simplicity in washing when using different detergent preparations.
  • High level of resistance to moisture and various types of shock.
  • Acceptable cost.
  • A large variety of options for the implementation of the decor.
  • The ability to carry out the installation of the table top.
  • The possibility of using a drip pan, i.e. a special rubber gasket that prevents the penetration of fluid into the gap between the main joints.



Countertops based on artificial stone

This type of product is created on the basis of 2 different materials. It is agglomerate and acrylic. This mixture of substances of the mineral sample is impregnated with special resins.