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Fabric ceilings: installation, pros and cons, care (25 photos)


Fabric stretch ceilings are a material impregnated with a special chemical composition. This composition ensures the resistance of the fabric to fire and increases its strength. Externally, the fabric ceiling looks like a perfect paint or evenly applied plaster. Only the process of stretching ceilings takes much less time. The advantage is the variety of colors, as well as the ability to translate any ideas. Apply any image manually in watercolor or use the services of photo printing.



Installation of fabric ceilings

Installation of fabric stretch ceilings does not cause difficulties for specialists or beginners. Unlike PVC films, the fabric does not need to be heated.



Recommendations for choosing a stretch ceiling

The range of tension canvases is great. It makes people spend a lot of time to decide what kind of ceiling texture is needed in a certain room. We offer several recommendations that will help with the selection.



For bathroom

Fabric stretch ceiling in the bathroom should be selected depending on the size of the room. Too motley drawing will visually make a small room very tiny. The size of the disproportionate bathroom can be adjusted. For example, too high walls can be balanced by a dark ceiling surface. So the room will not resemble a well. The maximum light shade of the ceiling will visually increase the height of the room.



For kitchen

Fabric stretch ceiling in the kitchen can be seen not often. This is due to the fact that the fabric absorbs odors and harder to clean. Designers usually advise glossy ceilings that reflect light and, due to the mirror effect, make the room more visually. As for the color range, light shades prevail. They also increase the space. You can add diversity using patterns on the ceiling. Although you need to experiment carefully. The main rule - the smaller the kitchen, the smaller should be the pictures on the ceiling (or be completely absent).



Advantages and disadvantages of fabric paintings

Before buying fabric stretch ceilings, you need to learn more about their positive and negative features.

Pluses fabric ceilings

Stretch ceilings on a fabric basis have several advantages:

  • Strength. Fabric, especially in comparison with film ceilings, has a much greater resistance to mechanical damage. So it is almost impossible to damage a stretched canvas by accident. Caution should be exercised only when using sharp objects (knives, scissors).
  • Resistance to temperature extremes. Fabric stretch ceilings are frost resistant. This allows you to install them in unheated rooms (balconies, garages, cottages, etc.). For comparison, PVC film begins to crack when the thermometer shows less than 10 degrees. Fabric from temperature fluctuations is not deformed.
  • Seamless installation. Fabrics are produced in rolls, the width can reach 5 meters (the film is only 3.5 meters). Due to the large size, even wide spaces can be closed without seams. Experts say that the seam is the weakest place where the ceiling can break. So, ordering a stretch ceiling made of fabric, you will avoid unexpected ruptures.
  • Decorative function. It is possible to make a unique masterpiece from a fabric cloth. Stretched fabric can not just be easily repainted in any color, it can be originally painted. You can also use the services of photo printing. The applied drawing does not darken over time and does not fade in the sun.
  • Easy installation. The installation does not require the exact dimensions of the room, so the installation time will not be delayed due to an error in the measurements. It is not necessary to heat the canvas (unlike PVC film), so there is no need to move or carry out interior items that could be deformed due to high temperature. The fabric is simply attached to a special design, and then stretched. This can significantly reduce time costs.
  • Hypoallergenic. This material is safe for homeowners. The fabric does not emit toxic substances, has no smell.
  • Improved sound insulation. Such stretch ceilings have good sound insulation, and in combination with heaters and completely relieve tenants from extraneous sounds.



Care Tips

Fabric stretch ceilings, like any surface in the house, periodically need to be cleaned. Many people know that PVC-based cloths can be washed with plain water by adding a few drops of detergent. But is this method suitable for fabric ceiling trimming?



Wet cleaning

Care of a cloth from fabric, using cleaners, is necessary only at strong pollution. To wash you need to make a soap solution. For this washing powder or soap is mixed with water. Concentration should not be large, so as not to injure the delicate material. It is forbidden to use window cleaner or any other alcohol-containing detergent in order not to destroy the fabric structure.