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Luxurious golden kitchen design: preparing a royal meal (24 photos)


Rarely will any hostess agree to design the interior in gold, although fashion trends are increasingly pushing it to this color scheme. Golden color in the interior is a sign of luxury and wealth, and the design of such a kitchen can be unique and inimitable. In our article we will look at several options for how you can arrange the kitchen in this color.




Styles design kitchen in gold

Golden cuisine can look great in a variety of styles.

In order for the kitchen of golden color to cause only pleasant emotions, you should follow these rules:

  • Avoid excess of these colors, the ratio with other colors should be 1: 3.
  • The best option would be to use color only in decorating: furniture, plumbing or furniture items.
  • Kitchen with gold patina looks great only with an expensive finish. This is a classic, when gilded parts are in harmony with the marble top, or gilding on kitchen facades combined with natural wood.
  • Select in the interior should be compatible tones. Patina is in harmony with brown and various warm tones, with white, black and gray, as well as with all the blue shades. She does not like too bright tones, since the emphasis is placed on the gilded color.
  • Golden kitchen should not contain complex, large ornaments or gloss. The best option when gold looks advantageous is neutral shades.




What can be applied patina and gilding?

A classic kitchen with a golden patina does not have to be all in this tone. You can use this color only in the interior details.




On the walls, you can use additional lighting, because the gilded surface is a good reflector. To do this, you can paste one wall with gilded wallpaper or use decorative plaster.

Apron - the most suitable place where you can use a patina. This may be a different mosaic or tile of gold color.

The ceiling can also be made gold, for this you can use a stretch fabric. White-gold kitchen with white ceiling and golden baguette or stucco looks great.



Kitchen furniture

Facades of patina headsets should not have surplus; the simplicity of the forms and shades that harmonize with each other is the main condition for the interior of the kitchen with taste. An excellent option would be a white and gold kitchen, the light tone of the furniture goes well with gold handles.




Interior features

In order to make a golden kitchen with taste, you should consider these features:

  • Do not mix gold and silver. In no case in such a kitchen will not look stainless steel sink, it is better to replace it with ceramic. Also do not look chrome and metal faucets. Household appliances can be built-in or in harmonious colors.
  • Excess shelves also spoil the impression of such a kitchen. All the necessary products, which should always be on hand, are best hidden in a convenient locker.
  • If you do not like this color, but want to create a noble interior, only some elements can be made gold. The effect will be the same if only the legs of the chairs and the upholstery or the decor on the headset are gilded.
  • Aristocratic atmosphere will help to create interesting ornaments in a noble color on the facades of furniture.
  • You can use antiques, forged candlesticks or specially designed antique frames for photos or paintings.
  • It looks good apron, made in gilding, in combination with a tabletop with gold accents.



Golden palette looks elegant and noble in the design of the kitchen. Properly selected elements of the interior will help to create a unique design of the warmest room in the house. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you get a complete bad taste.