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Calathea as a decoration of the house and apartment (34 photos)


Luxurious greenish foliage and amazing flowering of calathea can not leave anyone indifferent. The captivating beauty of this plant is increasingly being used in interiors in order to transform the interior space of a room. There is a sign that the calathea should be given to the wedding of the newlyweds, as it is a symbol of love and prosperity.



Even experts in Feng Shui argue that Kalathea should become an indispensable attribute of the interior indoors, because this plant will help in private life and in trade. If a person doubts his abilities, this plant will give confidence. In the house in which this flower stands, there will always be a positive, cheerful mood.

First of all, it is worth noting that there are many species of this tropical flower. All varieties differ in color and leaf pattern.

  • Maranta bachem. Can meet in the Brazilian rainforest. It is a stemless plant with oblong-lanceolate leaves up to 25 cm long, up to 9 cm wide. The leaves are slightly narrowed at the top, have a greenish-silver color, leathery. The flower is collected in spike inflorescence. This sort of Calathea is considered highly decorative.
  • Calathea Wich. The plant can grow up to 90 cm. The flower has oval-shaped leaves up to 30 cm long and 15 cm wide. Slightly pointed at the top. The color of leaves is dark green, has light yellow-green stripes. It blossoms in white, Wicha refers to a highly decorative look.
  • Calathea is wonderful. The plant has a long narrowed leaflets up to 27 cm long, up to 5 cm wide, the leaf blade has a wavy edge, the petiole of the green color has no pubescence. The leaf is decorated with dark green ovals, both large and small. Sheet pillow and the bottom of the leaflet are purple in color.
  • Zebra's Calathea. The plant can grow up to 60 cm in height. It has elliptical, basal leaves, their length can reach up to 40 cm, and its width is up to 16 cm. The color of the leaves is green on top, decorated with light pinnate stripes, and red on the bottom. The flower is collected in a dense, almost round or ovate form, spike-shaped inflorescence of white or lilac color.
  • Leopard Calathea. The flower is stemless, can reach a height of up to 50 cm. The foliage is elliptical, lanceolate in length up to 12 cm, in width up to 5 cm. The color of the leaves is light green, decorated with oblong spots. The flower is collected in the spike inflorescence of yellow color.

Before you get a plant, you need to know how to care for Calatheus at home.

Flower care requires special procedures. Indoor Calathea has a second name - "prayer flower" - which it received for its ability to lift leaves to the top with the onset of sunset.

When choosing a variety of kalati, you need to build on your capabilities to create the necessary conditions for the flower, because each species requires the implementation of special procedures for care. But the most demanding are flowering varieties.

And the most simple and unpretentious is the cultivation of kalatei Makoyan. The plant does not require special care, it is much easier to grow it at home than other plant varieties.



Watering plants

Watering of all varieties should be carried out with soft, well-settled water, the temperature should be 3 degrees more than room temperature. About when you need to water the flower, you can determine the state of the leaves, if they start to lose the pattern, the plant must be moistened.



But what needs to be done, and how to save the plant from drying out? First of all, stop watering, wait until the soil dries 3 cm deep into the ground and wait for changes. If this did not produce results and the leaves did not rise, then the soil must be replaced and the rotten roots removed.



On average, it is necessary to water a plant 3 times a week in the summer period. With the onset of winter, reduce the frequency of watering to 1 time per week.



Content temperature, transplant and soil

Regardless of the time of year, the temperature regime for a calathe must be from 18 to 25 degrees. In this case, in no case can not allow the formation of drafts and a sharp temperature drop, as this can lead to drying of the leaves and the death of the flower.



One of the most important stages of plant care is the selection of the right soil. The plant has a superficial type of root system, it grows in breadth, so you need to choose the right pots. In a deep pot you need to create a large drainage layer to prevent acidification of the soil. You can buy a ready-made substrate for Kalat, but be sure to add coarse sand.



As the plant grows, it needs to be transplanted by carefully separating the rhizome when seated. The most common is the division of the bush in two, making the cuts with a sharp knife, be sure to disinfect the fresh cuts. After planting the plant should be covered, create a microclimate in the leaves with mandatory ventilation. After the flower has got accustomed and has started to let out new leaflets, the shelter needs to be removed. During this period, you should strictly adhere to the temperature regime of 25 degrees.



Pruning and fertilizer

At home, fed only flowering varieties of plants. For this there is a specially soluble fertilizer, which contains a small amount of nitrogen and calcium, it will benefit the flower.



The main feature of Calathea is the ability to change the composition of the soil, to change its acidity. In this case, the best feeding is the renewal of the substrate. For a young plant, transplantation needs to be done every year, already an adult plant needs to be transplanted 1 time in 2 years.