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How to quickly and effectively clean the carpet: the secrets of housewives


Creating comfort in the house is achieved in different ways, one of them is to buy a carpet. With him in the room it becomes somehow warmer, nicer and more comfortable. However, any carpet requires increased attention. This is not something to wipe the dust from the bedside, because carpets accumulate a lot of trouble inside their nap: dust, sand, stains and harmful bacteria. Also, carpets have a harmful property over time to dim and lose their former beauty. And since the purchase of carpets, especially natural, is very expensive, you have to arm yourself with a brush and detergent. In order for the situation not to be completely out of control, we advise you to regularly engage in cleaning carpets and carpets, to take preventive measures in time.

  • Do not postpone cleaning the carpet in a "long box", do it weekly, or more often with a vacuum cleaner.
  • At least twice a year, take out your carpet "to breathe" on the street, and at the same time follow the steps to knock it out. In snow time, clean it with snow.
  • If a stain occurs, immediately try to remove it, otherwise it will be much more difficult to do it later.
  • There are many tools for the care of carpets, use all available, including folk remedies.
  • In no case do not use hot water, only warm, the carpet can shrink, especially natural. Water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  • After cleaning, thoroughly clean the remnants of cleaning materials with a brush or cloth. If the carpet is wet, leave it to dry. It must be a natural drying, otherwise the deformation of the product may occur.

Now we need to consider in more detail the well-known and tried and tested methods of cleaning and washing carpets. To do this, stock up with everything you need: a brush, a broom, a washbasin, a cleaning agent or several products, a cloth, warm water, a vacuum cleaner, a spray gun and rubber gloves.

  • If your carpet is small, or you need to remove dirt from a certain place, soda will help you with this. It should be poured into a dirty place or around the carpet. Do not touch the carpet for half an hour, then vacuum it. Soda is an excellent absorbent, it will collect all the dirt, remove dust and even smell. By the same principle, you can use potato starch.
  • Vinegar will help eliminate pollution on the surface of the carpet, just three of its spoons per liter of warm water. Wipe the surface or wet, depending on the dirt. The smell of vinegar will evaporate by airing the room.
  • You can prepare an effective mixture of vinegar, baking soda and laundry detergent. Mix in half a glass of water a spoonful of powder, 20 grams of vinegar and one tablespoon of soda. Stir thoroughly with a spray or a brush and apply the composition to the carpet. Then, in a circular motion with a cloth or a brush, clean off the dirt.

How to clean the carpet Vanish

Chemical compositions can be cleaned carpet and need. There are many such means, but all are inferior to Vanisha. If it is not at hand, you can use shampoo, any detergent without chlorine or detergent, it is enough to dissolve them in water. We will talk about the unsurpassed assistant housewives, and how to clean the carpet at home Vanish.

  • Before you begin to treat the surface of the carpet, it must be vacuumed or knocked out, eliminating unnecessary debris.
  • Dissolve Vanish in warm water, in accordance with the instructions, before the formation of a foam solution.
  • Rub the foam into the pile with a sponge, and immediately begin to clean, the foam is easily absorbed into the pile, and will absorb all the dirt.
  • Eliminate any walking on the carpet during this period. Let the foam dry completely. Air the room, then the foam dries faster.
  • Then the vacuum cleaner enters the battle. He will remove the rest of the foam. If there is no vacuum cleaner, clean them with a brush or cloth. You will see how on the eyes of the paint carpet become richer and brighter.

Light carpet is the most problematic in terms of pollution. Any, even the smallest specks and stains, are clearly visible on the surface, and from this the attractiveness of appearance is lost, but you can cope with it.

  • Scatter coarsely cooked salt on the surface of the light carpet. Salt perfectly absorbs dirt and grease. Lightly rub or just wait half an hour. Then with a clean broom, soaking it more often in soapy water, sweep the salt off the carpet.
  • You can use starch infusion. After peeling a few potatoes, grate them in a blender or blender and cover with water. It is necessary that the solution infused for two hours. Then wring out, clean the carpet infusion with a brush. Clean and fresh light carpet provided.
  • You can make a dry cleaning. Prepare a mixture of half a kilogram of starch and five tablespoons of soap (grate on a fine grater). Mix evenly and not rub into carpet and leave for an hour. Then use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Generally, laundry soap is an optimal and economical cleaning method for light-colored carpets. It is enough to make a thick soap solution and wash the surface.

These carpets are very impressive with their softness and airiness, I just want to sit or lie on them, but these beauties are the greatest source of dust, dirt and germs, so they need particularly careful care. The process of cleaning such carpets is laborious, but necessary. Here are some ways to clean the carpet from stains and dirt.

  • In a five-liter bucket of water, dissolve the detergent powder in the amount of three tablespoons and one tablespoon of liquid ammonia. Use a brush to wipe the carpet pile with this solution. Remove the remaining foam from the powder with a cloth. Wipe dry and dry the carpet.
  • You can apply a solution of soda water and vinegar, as well as soapy water.

They require a delicate attitude to themselves, because they are considered aristocrats among the carpets. Carpets made of wool are good and expensive, so walk on them, taking off their shoes; in the room where such a carpet lies, do not eat, do not drink, pets are excluded by definition. They are gentle and capricious, but they certainly deserve respect and attention. Vacuuming them can be processed no more than twice a week.

  • Woolen carpet is recommended to clean the salt on the surface, as was written above.
  • These carpets love to soak up the snow in the winter yard. To do this, just throw snow on it, and then sweep it with a broom.
  • A very exotic, but effective and proven way - cleaning the carpet with sauerkraut. Scatter the cabbage squeezed from the juice over the pile, let it lie down and absorb the dirt. Then brush off with a brush or a broom.
  • The main condition in the processing or washing of wool pile is its thorough drying, otherwise it is impossible to avoid mold or fungus.
  • Do not use a stiff brush in the processing, wool does not like an arrogant attitude towards it, and do not “iron” against wool, only wash in the direction of the nap.
  • Knock him out on the street often and air it, it won't hurt him.

Cleaning a carpet without a vacuum cleaner is somewhat more difficult, but the effectiveness of such cleaning is on the face. It must be remembered that such processing can be carried out by chemical and natural means.

How to clean the carpet:

  • Take a spray bottle and sprinkle onto the carpet, wetting it slightly. Top with fine salt, let it absorb moisture. In a bucket of warm water, dilute liquid soap. Mark the pile carefully. Knock the carpet outside and dry.
  • You can also use a solution of turpentine. It is necessary to rub the soap and dilute 1 tablespoon in a liter of water. Add 1 tablespoon of turpentine to the solution, mix the mixture and apply on the carpet. After 30 minutes, wipe with a cloth and dry.

How to clean the carpet from the smell

Yes, the most unpleasant thing that can happen with a carpet is emptying it, and if the smell of baby urine can be removed, the cat smell can stay with you for a year. How to deal with it?

First of all, clean the puddle with napkins or paper towels.

Children's urine is well opposed by a thick solution of water and soda. You can prepare a solution with vinegar, wetted their place on the carpet. Perhaps the use of chlorine-containing liquids.

But the surest way is to prevent this.

The carpet is not only the warmth and comfort of your home, it is your face. Keep it clean and tidy, and your home will remain cozy and warm.