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Tile with a pattern - decoration of any interior (32 photos)


Ceramic tile with a pattern is considered one of the best options for decorating the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and other rooms. Designers always make a choice in its favor, because it is functional, durable and very beautiful. However, the choice of tile must be approached consciously. If you make a mistake with his choice, it will be uncomfortable in the interior.

What you need to know about choosing a tile?

If you choose such a tile yourself, consider simple recommendations. Any tile with a pattern will be noticeable and will attract attention, so it should be combined with other interior items. For example, if all the furniture in the kitchen is made of natural wood, then tile for wood will be suitable for the floor.



A tile with a geometric pattern, with an oriental pattern, with the right choice, can visually expand the room and seem to raise the ceiling, but here it is important to know the measure. If the tile with a bright ornament is too much, it will be difficult to be in the room - the walls and the ceiling will seem too heavy and will begin to crush.

For spacious rooms with a large area suitable tile options with a large pattern. It can be solid images that consist of several rows of tiles. If you need to visually raise the ceiling, you need to use tiles with a vertical pattern. Tile for the bathroom, which has a small size, should be small. The ideal option would be a mosaic.

And we must not forget the main rule: a decorative tile place or on the walls, or on the floor. If there are geometric patterns on the floor, then the walls should have beige, blue or any other tile, but the main one is plain. Do not overload the space with unnecessary decorative elements. Decorative tiles can even decorate one of the walls in the room, and it will look organic.



The choice of tiles should be logical. The tile, decorated with images of fruit or scenes of village life, is suitable for the kitchen, marine themes - for the bathroom, tiles for wood - for the hallway.

The tile is classified by different indicators. So at the place of use it happens:

  • for rooms with low traffic (bedroom, study);
  • for rooms with high traffic (kitchen, hall, corridor);
  • for bathrooms;
  • for offices, commercial premises, halls.

Buying a tile, you need to know what kind of permeability in this room. If the tile does not differ in high wear resistance, it will not be suitable for rooms with high passability.





The choice of tiles with a pattern for the bathroom should be approached deliberately. In this room you should be as comfortable as possible, so the tile for the bathroom should not irritate and cause unpleasant associations. Yellow, light green, orange and other bright colors in the bathroom should not be much.

To make the bathroom seem wider, wall tiles with a horizontal pattern are suitable for it. It is possible to lay out stripes of all walls from monophonic tile of a contrasting color, or it is possible to use tiles that depict grasses, flowers, and trees for decoration. Strips of such tiles visually divide the room into two parts and expand it. Visually lift the ceiling tiles with a vertical pattern.




In the design of the bathroom, you can combine tiles for natural materials. For example, marbled gray or white and brown woodgrain. Maybe not only marble floor, but also parts of the walls. Marble tiles with gold splashes perfectly frame the bathroom mirrors.

Floor tiles with a pattern is not suitable for small bathrooms. Difficult geometry will be visible only in a large spacious room. A dark tile with a pattern is also not suitable for a bathroom - dried water drops will be visible on it. Better to lay the floor white tiles, also suitable cream, sand and other light shades.



For large bathrooms, a dark tile with a light ornament is suitable. Depending on preferences, this can be a tile with a floral pattern, with marine motifs or complex geometry. In large rooms, it looks good tile with gold, as well as with mirror elements. Those who love eco-style will like the combination of tile with decorative stones, which have beautiful relief. In such a bathroom, you can place decorative items made from bamboo stalk.




In the design of bathrooms are used tiled borders with different relief patterns. Any elements of ceramics will make even the simplest interior more noble. If in the bathroom on the wall just put a solid tile, and about the middle of such a voluminous curb, the room will look very different.

If you have a large house in which there are several bathrooms, then a tile with a children's drawing will be suitable for one of the bathrooms. Also in the bathrooms on one of the walls are often placed tiles with a volumetric pattern. In the three-dimensional image can be any plot: a bouquet of flowers, seascape, abstraction. Plus 3D tiles in that any image looks like a painted picture, so that the space expands.




Choosing tiles for the kitchen and hallway

In the hallway at the door you need to put gray or beige durable tiles. In the corridor is suitable porcelain tile with a picture. It must be of high quality and durable, because in the winter and autumn a huge amount of water and sand will fall on it every day. In their homes on the floor in a spacious hall you can put tiles with rhombuses or squares. The black tile looks solemnly in the large hall on the floor, but it requires daily wet cleaning.




For the kitchen you need to pick up wall tiles and floor. It is a tiled apron above the worktop, sink and hob can be a central element of the interior. For the kitchen in Provence style, tile with pastel or warm colors, featuring field plants, including lavender, also antique dishes, village landscapes and paintings from rural life, are suitable.

To decorate the apron in this and the Mediterranean style, you can use small tiles with a convex pattern. For the Mediterranean, also suitable tile blue shade, Spanish multi-colored mosaic tiles, handmade tiles. Brown tile under a tree will look organic on the floor.

For a loft-style kitchen, a tile depicting a city is suitable; for hi-tech, minimalism or art deco, with blue, red, black and white geometric figures or abstract elements. On the floor, also in spacious kitchens, tiles with complex geometries are allowed. Whatever style you prefer, remember that the kitchen needs high-quality tiles that are not afraid of temperature changes, the constant impact of aggressive detergents.




For floors today, PVC tiles are increasingly used, because unlike ceramics, polyvinyl chloride has greater strength. He is not afraid of moisture, and it does not form mold and fungus. This tile is suitable especially for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you do not make a mistake with the purchase of ceramic tiles with a pattern and choose the right one, it will become a real highlight of any interior. Geometric and floral drawings not only decorate the interior and make it more difficult - they can visually change the space, expanding it. The tile is laid for at least 10 years, so if you are not sure of your choice, it’s better to ask for help from a professional designer who can draw you a project of the future interior.