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The interior of a light green bath (21 photos): positive for every day


Lime bathroom carries spring freshness and refined delicacy. This juicy bright color, not often found in modern interiors in the "total" format, will become an inexhaustible source of energy and vigor for the inhabitants of the apartments. "Greens" looks luxurious and in translucent textures, and in blurry drawings of ceramic tiles, and in rich dark emerald tones that involve the atmosphere of the Amazon jungle.

Emerald colors in the interior: how to make an impeccable "spring" design

Making the bathroom in fresh green tones, you should remember the following features:

  1. In the interior of the room do not use only one shade. It is always better to combine several shades and textures. For example, the basic color of the interior can be pale green with watercolor texture. The furniture can be a dark olive color with a matte surface, and the plumbing fixtures are in white and emerald tones. Another winning option - a mosaic of ceramic tiles with color gradation (using different shades of the palette);
  2. The ceiling is usually not colored. Perfect color is white;
  3. The floor is formed from contrasting segments, or it is shaped similarly to the ceiling - in white and beige tones;
  4. The dark green colors and translucent salad textures, underlined by white elements, look good in the bathroom interior;
  5. For the design of the bathroom, it is important to use several materials that are radically different from each other. For example, wall panels in white and olive design, bright vinyl wallpaper, watercolor motifs of ceramic tiles, muted "greens" on the matte canvas of furniture with wooden elements (the wood must be thermally treated);
  6. As the main accessories in the interior of the "spring" bathroom using live plants. Pots are better to choose a neutral white or white-olive color.



Style Games

Light green color can not only affect the human consciousness in a special way, but also intricately transform the main elements of the interior depending on the stylistic direction. For example, a total poisonous green or matte dark green tone will turn the most fashionable and progressive design into a room with a styled style of the 60s.

For modern trends in the interiors of bathrooms it is better to use light shades with bright tints. Designer compositions in the marsh colors look very impressive.

The simplest design of a bathroom in shades of rich greenery can be arranged on the principle of the simplest gradation. To do this, each wall make out a tone darker than the previous one. It is better to move in a circle, rather than from top to bottom and vice versa. So, as transitions can negatively affect the space in the room.

Win-win for modern bathrooms

Light green color is perfectly combined with a yellow and orange palette. For example, walls can be decorated with emerald-colored ceramic tiles, and the sink and other sanitary ware can be purchased in a rich lemon design.



Features harmonious lighting in the bathroom

Lighting in the "spring" interior of the bathroom plays a crucial role. The main rule - the light should be as natural as possible.