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Pavement in the country: a variety of materials (18 photos)


In any private house or at the dacha should always be high-quality garden paths made of concrete, stone or any other material. Unusual compositions, unique in its kind design elements, bold and extravagant decor should organically fit into the landscape design, performing a practical mission as well.

Much depends on the choice of material: cost options, nuances regarding the installation of decorative tiles, performance. It is very important that both the design and the decorative solution itself do not enter into discord with the basic landscape design on the site.

There are the following categories of materials for creating sidewalks and curbs in the country or garden plot:

  • A rock;
  • Gravel;
  • Wooden fragments;
  • Plastic parts;
  • Classic pavement tiles;
  • Brick tracks and borders;
  • Paving stone imitation;
  • Jewelery for giving from rubber.

In addition to the pricing policy and aesthetics of the future functional decor for the garden, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the site itself. First of all, focus on the type of soil and humidity levels.


Based on what type of soil on the site, the so-called "cushion" is selected for laying future tracks and curbs. With a high level of humidity, they build a massive foundation that prevents the garden path from sinking.

With a very high groundwater level, it is better to make heavy tracks. For example, from brick or concrete slabs, which are then further strengthened with high-quality durable concrete. Thus, it is possible to create a massive coating that does not sag and does not collapse under the influence of increased moisture and constant "movement" of the soil.

In such conditions, do not use simple gravel or a mosaic of plastic elements on a bad foundation. There is a danger that such a decoration will simply disappear over time or it will be deformed very much.

Garden paths from paving slabs are a relatively expensive, but the most beautiful and practical option for arranging country locations. Today, the range of such products is incredibly wide. A potential buyer can purchase goods of any shape and size. There are various types of tiles in style, made in a variety of color formats.

Self-laying tile associated with a number of specific difficulties. Creating a complex mosaic can be entrusted exclusively to experienced craftsmen. It is better to refuse products if the site is marked by high humidity.




Garden paths made of wood: the main ideas for a cozy cottage

If the first place is aesthetics, you can safely choose garden paths from wood. There are two most popular types of sidewalks from wood for giving:

  • From the boards;
  • From churbak.

Boards do not allow you to particularly creative and sophistication in creating a unique landscape design, but it is convenient to work with them, and they are appropriate in any area. From wooden wood blocks it is possible to form beautiful patterns.

There are the following types of concrete tracks:

  • The paths filled with concrete;
  • Paths formed from concrete slabs.

Paths made of concrete stone, reminiscent of pavement, are often used for landscaping sites. This is the perfect solution for those who love an exclusive, self-made design.

Elements can be made by hand, as well as purchased in finished form. It is quite possible to create a beautiful mosaic from small fragments.

Whatever the main coating on the site is a complex mosaic or imitation of paving stones, cast concrete walkways or a colorful pattern of wooden blocks, it is important to correctly combine all the elements in order to get a striking picture of the landscape design. Everything is taken into account: color, shape, style, character of lines, volume ratio and size.

Even the most simple and boring track coverings can be made beautiful and even elegant. The easiest way is to plant flowers along the central passage and around the perimeter.