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Rocking chair (19 photos): a cozy resting place for anyone


How many pleasant associations does this simple piece of furniture cause, how many positive emotions. And most importantly, how magically the rocking chair affects the human psyche, his emotional state. Sitting down in such a chair after a long working day, you immediately immerse yourself in the memories of childhood, of the cradle of mother. Thanks to this chair, you can again feel like a child without falling into childhood.

Types of rocking chairs

Below we consider the most common types of rocking chairs:

  • Openwork, manual weaving, the smell of natural wood, the unique atmosphere of comfort. This rocking-chair from a rod, willow rods one of the most widespread materials. It is in the chairs of this model that the older generation prefers to sit. Such a rocking chair is a classic of its kind. However, these chairs are unstable to moisture.
  • Rocking chair made of rattan - flexible creepers. Such a rocking chair is a classic of a modern country house interior. Such material does not allow the use of fasteners on screws and nails, only adhesive contact and knitting. Therefore, the rocking chair of rattan is very inferior to the classic version of the rod. However, the vine is more durable than the vine, and therefore holds its shape better. A convenient option for use outside the home, on the veranda or balcony.
  • Now the fashion has become the so-called soft rocking chair. A great option for those whose work requires a lot of time to sit in a sitting position. For upholstery using a variety of materials. The natural desire of man for comfort has transferred this model of the chair to offices. Naturally, more massive models are used for office space. Most choose new fashion trends and bold design decisions, but some prefer to leave everything in the already familiar classical style. In office style, as a rule, appear solid leather upholstery, or alternative - eco-leather. Strong and stable models. To create modern chairs use a variety of materials, from natural wood to hybrid options with metal and plastic. The most common furniture from Italy with the use of arc supports. More rarely, but still there are models with a round base. New design solution in the design of rocking chairs - an additional footrest, providing additional comfort.
  • Designer hybrid chair is now at the peak of popularity, more sustainable, with soft upholstery and metal bars. An interesting and bold option to refresh the design of the house. The furniture of this model allows you to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. However, there is an increasing tendency to perform hybrid rocking chairs in the classical style. The most common version of the upholstery in these chairs is leather or eco-leather, less fabric.



Buying a rocking chair

To choose the rocking chair that is ideal for you, you must first decide for what purposes it will be used and where to stand. For outdoor recreation, cottage or on the plot, they usually choose metal or plastic, using various types of synthetics. Such models are quite resistant to the vagaries of the weather and they do not need special care. If for the rest in the fresh air, you still decided to choose a rocking chair made of wood in a classic style, then it is important to remember that such models are afraid of moisture. Protect them from rain and moisture. But for home use, they are great, a great option to dilute the situation in the bedroom, living room or on the balcony. In any, your favorite recreation area.

Rocking chairs can be divided into several groups according to the characteristics of use. Chairs of this model in the classic version, as a rule, are more dacha variant. They are relatively lightweight, do not have complex shapes and are relatively inexpensive.

The most important thing in a rocking chair is the material from which it is made of natural wood or metal. All this should be considered when choosing a product. What tree is made of the chair, affects its price. The greatest value are the chairs made from rare species of trees. The backs of such chairs, as a rule, are upholstered with natural leather, sometimes an alternative option is used - eco-leather, less often fabric.

In variants of wicker chairs, in the classic version they use the most common soft woods. Like for example rattan or willow. The price of such a product is quite high, as weaving is done by hand. Usually those who can afford such a purchase for the home, choose the familiar rattan. These chairs look quite elegant and can withstand any weight.

The most important rule is to use the chair only for its intended purpose. Then the product will please you for a very long time.

Chairs that are not intended for the garden, in any case should not be taken out of the house, they are not intended to be exposed to direct sunlight, and in fact there is no special protective coating on them. Even the furniture that is intended for outdoor use, in inclement weather, it is better to bring into the house or hide under the film. This will help not damage the product ahead of time and keep its appearance for a long time.

Rocking chairs are designed to create comfort and bring peace to their owners. Therefore, their design is so diverse. After all, how many people, so many opinions. And although many are accustomed to consider rocking chairs appropriate only in retro - interior, they fit perfectly in the ultramodern.

Buying a rocking chair is not only a successful addition to the interior of the house, but also taking care of your health. Doctors believe that rocking chairs have a beneficial effect on human health. Here are some facts to confirm:

  • During a slight rocking in a rocking chair, brain activity increases, and a peculiar hypnotic, soothing effect is created.
  • If you are annoyed and cannot cope with anger in any way, dimensional wiggle will help you to restore the internal balance.
  • Returns the tone of the muscles of the legs and back.
  • Heart rate returns to normal and vascular elasticity improves.
  • In diseases of the musculoskeletal system is very useful to relax in a rocking chair.

The rocking chair looks great in almost any interior of the house. It is only necessary to choose a suitable model. For example, a rocking chair classic perfectly complement the interior of the house in the style of Provence.

What else is associated with a rocking chair if not with comfort. And simplicity and comfort are practically synonymous with Provence, which means province.