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Interior of a modern living room (19 photos): beautiful design ideas


Starting a renovation, a good owner plans in advance to design each room in the apartment: the design of the bathroom, the hallway, and the bedroom is of considerable importance. What to say about the design of the main room of the house - the living room. Now you can often hear the phrase: "design in a modern style." What is this modern style and how to arrange the interior of the living room in this way - we will consider this question in the article.

What are the main signs of the presence of a modern style in the interior of the living room:

  • This is a very democratic design. It does not have any too luxurious features, but at the same time, the interior in this style will not be too concise. Great for the usual of our apartments, which for the most part can not boast of huge size and individual layout.
  • The decor in modern style will look good in the living room of any size. He will make a small room more comfortable, and a big one will give style and solemnity.
  • The modern style of the room has some originality. Therefore, if you adhere to conservative views on interior design, it is better to focus on the classical style.
  • Unusual touches attached designer furniture, often bright or bright colors, unusual chandeliers, original curtains. Author copies or their high-quality replicas are used. The most important thing here is not to overdo it, and in pursuit of singularity, not to miss the other important qualities of furniture and interior items - harmony and convenience. An interesting design of the fireplace can also complement the modern interior.
  • Modern style uses the technique of combining space. Often, from a separate small kitchen and lounge make one common living-dining room. This stylish reception expands the space and, indeed, makes the kitchen-living room more modern. Also sometimes there is a combination of a living room with a heated loggia, especially if the loggia is of a decent size. Thus, the living space becomes lighter and lighter.
  • The color design of the living room in a modern style is quite free. A subtle play of tones and shades, also used for design in a classic style, is welcomed.
  • Modern materials along with traditional - a hallmark of such a room. So, often used chairs made of metal and plastic in bright colors, interesting chandeliers, roller blinds and similar ideas - beautiful and original.
  • Laminate or parquet is best for flooring. Eco-friendly mats or carpet of light shade will perfectly fit into the living room interior.
  • Ceilings are often used multi-level, stretch, self-leveling, etc. All the latest modern fashioned design methods are used. But it is perfectly acceptable and the usual flat white ceiling, covered with ordinary matte paint - for the Khrushchev is the most suitable option.



How to choose the furniture for the living room in a modern style:

  • It is preferable to strict, concise, modern furniture of simple, understandable forms without too much decor, light shades.
  • Since the living room in modern style implies a spacious space, the main thing in selecting furniture is not to litter the room. Do not hang huge chandeliers and heavy curtains - they are used in a classic style.
  • Instead of bulky cabinets and even more so in the prehistoric big “wall”, it is better to use the design of shelves and wall shelves, on which you can place several knick-knacks decorating the interior. The fireplace and its upper shelf will also serve as a great place to display photos, awards and other memorable things.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the sofa. It is in most cases the main active object in the composition of the living room. The sofa should be big enough and comfortable. Upholstery and design choose the color of the room. A good choice would be to buy a corner model of light colors. It fits perfectly into the interior even 18 square meters. m and does not take up too much space, which is important for a small living room.
  • Modern living room suggests and modern technology. Moreover, this technique should be quite a lot, and it should be massive. A large plasma screen and tall, stylish audio speakers are great ideas to choose from.
  • If you choose a coffee table, then models with a glass top are better suited for modern style. Glass is an excellent material, ideally corresponds to this direction, it looks good when finishing the kitchen.
  • Do not use heavy curtains in the apartment, the living room in a modern style will look better in a room filled with light. Chandeliers should not be too heavy and massive.
  • Do not use carpets, especially that are reminiscent of the east and the USSR. And even more so it is not necessary to hang such copies on the walls of the room. A small stylish carpet - white or monochromatic colors of a calm, neutral tone - is quite admissible near the coffee table or at the sofa. Decorative skin of a zebra or other exotic animal in front of the fireplace will also fit perfectly into the modern interior.





Consider which ideas of shades and color combinations will be the best choice for a modern living room:

  • If gray color prevails in the living room, it will be easy to relax in such a room. Such a design contributes to the rest of everyday work and relaxation. This color is very modern and suitable for a small living room.
  • If you want clean, bright interiors, and if you do not have small children and pets, you can choose a snow-white design. White furniture and white upholstery of chairs look very stylish. In addition, it will be very easy to choose additional colors in this case - almost the whole palette of colors available in nature looks great with white. Add beautiful flowers in decorative light pots - they will bring liveliness to the slightly chilly interior of the room.
  • If you use blue in combination with beige, you will get a modern living room in bright colors, which will become a cozy and comfortable leisure place for the whole family.
  • If you want to make the interior more dynamic, add red accessories and decor items. Such ideas may include red curtains, a fireplace with a bright shelf, an interesting chandelier design, fashionable furniture.
  • White and black interior is an excellent choice. Such a stylish combination can turn any living room into a modern one, including located in a far from the most modern home. Even the living room space of a small Khrushchev 18 sq. M. m will look very different. And even more so such a reception will be a godsend for a large room.




Wall decoration

How best to arrange a wall covering in the living room of a modern style:

  • For the modern interior is characterized by the use of paint or plaster for the walls. It will look great plaster or liquid wallpaper in bright colors, which have a characteristic interesting texture. Such ultra-modern ideas will give a trendy, stylish touch to the living room, even a small one, up to 18 square meters. m
  • Wallpapers in the interior of a modern living room are used. But they should also be in a modern style: without vintage curls, retro flowers, classic stripes and ornaments. Best of all, or plain wallpaper, or with a modern pattern - stylized large single flowers, avant-garde elements, etc.





A few useful moments that will help to arrange the interior of the living room in a modern style:

  • Focus on any one piece of furniture or stylistic details in the interior. It can be a beautiful corner sofa or a classic fireplace, a huge kitchen-living room window or a glass display cabinet with lighting in which your collection of coins is displayed. Under this item and pick up all the other interior details, as well as color design, decor: chandeliers, curtains, etc. Thus, your living room in a modern style will get a harmonious uniform design.
  • Do not forget about thoughtful lighting. There should be several sources of light, it is advisable to use a spotlight in the apartment - these ideas are relevant even for a small Khrushchev-style building. Candles and candelabra in the living room are not welcome, better - modern stylish lamps made of chromed metal and plastic. They can be placed near the fireplace and in other parts of the living room.
  • If the living room is small, and you want an interior in a modern style, then a good solution would be to combine this room with the kitchen. A rather spacious room will turn out, which can then be arranged in accordance with modern requirements. In a small living room - up to 18 square meters. m - the best looks furniture and decoration in bright colors, which visually expand the space. White color is also welcome.
  • In large-sized living rooms, large-patterned wallpaper and dark colors are permissible.
  • If the ceiling is low, visually stretch it, pasting the walls with wallpaper with a vertical ornament.



What is not recommended for use in arranging the living room in a modern style:

  • Intricate wallpaper, too heaped ceilings with stucco, can interfere with the perception of the idea of ​​modern style.
  • Heavy pompous curtains on the windows. Their use is a prerogative of vintage styles.
  • Walls and other bulky furniture.
  • Traditional wool rugs with matching oriental ornaments. It is permissible to use them in a more concise version, and preferably in front of the fireplace.