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Armchair hammock in the interior (17 photos): beautiful models and proper placement


Not too often in our apartments you can see such a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture, such as a hammock chair, which can be both a great place to relax and imitate a swing with success. Most often do not allow the size of the apartment. But for comfort with this piece of furniture there is little that can be compared. The article will look at the advantages of the hammock in the interior of a modern apartment, which materials are most often used in its production and other issues.

So, how can we benefit from a hanging chair in the interior:

  • This piece of furniture, like no other, promotes relaxation and rest. Now almost everyone’s life is connected with overload and stress. And the hammock chair will provide nightly rest from problems and troubles.
  • The hammock chair makes the interior cozy and truly homely.
  • The chair is very comfortable. You can sit in it, recline, watch TV, read and do other things. It creates a very comfortable support for the spine, ideally supporting its bend. Drinking tea in the evenings is also much more convenient, sitting in a comfortable chair, and in the fall and winter - also sheltering a cozy blanket.
  • Armchair hammock rattan or synthetic mesh is ideal for summer outdoor recreation. If you live in a country house, then you can put it on the terrace or in the gazebo, enjoy the rest.
  • Children will be especially interested if the hammock chair is suspended. It will be at the same time a comfortable resting place and a swing.
  • The specially calculated cell layout structure thus distributes the body weight so that it creates a feeling of lightness and soaring. The chair of the grid, as a rule, is white, and is intended primarily for outdoor recreation.
  • The chair, resembling a round cocoon, serves as a safe haven when there is a need to be alone.
  • As psychotherapists prove to us, the hammock is the most effective remedy for insomnia, especially if it is suspended. Such improvised swing with a measured rocking creates a soothing relaxation atmosphere, which as well as possible contributes to a relaxed and sound sleep. The hammock chair so effectively supports the body in an optimally comfortable position that this circumstance contributes to excellent rest and relaxation - an indispensable advantage for tired citizens, exhausted by work. The most comfortable models include rattan and bean bag.
  • Staying and swinging in a hammock chair perfectly strengthens the vestibular apparatus. Therefore, if you want your child to be in order, purchase a hammock hanging chair.
  • Rattan swings perfectly remove the accumulated stress, contributing to full relaxation.
  • If there is a small child in the house, the hammock can be a great place for baby rocking and early falling asleep. And when she grows up - a rattan cocoon model will be a great place for solitude and reading.



  • Wicker hanging chair. Often found type of this furniture. It is a device made of a mesh with uniform cells of durable cord, rope or wicker. Maintains a rather heavy weight, ideal for summer and children's fun, easy rest under the cover of trees, replaces the swing. This type also includes rattan models and a chair-cocoon.
  • Springy. In this case, the hammock chair is made of soft material, inside which are hidden small springs, giving the structure elasticity and extra softness. This is the most comfortable furniture option. It is comfortable to lie down, rest, sleep.
  • The type of armchair on the frame protects the spine from curvature.
  • Combined hammock can combine the features of all the above types. It can be made of rattan, or be a cocoon, and a bag-chair, and can be made of fabric.

All these types can provide absolutely comfortable conditions for recreation. Therefore, the choice of a particular design can be determined only by individual preferences.




  • Braided models are usually made from rattan, wicker or jute. All these materials are of natural origin, environmentally friendly and reliable.
  • Frame models are often made of plastic or acrylic. From above they are covered with durable fabrics like linen, canvas or heavy cotton. Such models can have quite significant sizes.
  • The famous chair-cocoon, which is so naturally demolished in the nursery, is usually made of durable wicker or a special synthetic thread. Children often use it as a swing. But another children's model - the chair-bag is no longer used as a swing.
  • If the product is devoid of a dense frame, then in this case it is made of very dense fabric.
  • Sometimes even a hammock chair made of glass. The glass is very durable, it is almost impossible to break and cut. This chair is usually transparent, has the shape of a ball or a drop, can be hung from the ceiling in any part of the room. The clear glass chair is surely supplied with a soft cushion of colored fabric.
  • Rattan swings are most often attached to a special stand, ensuring reliable position and stability of the whole structure.




Consider where the hanging chair for the home would look best in the interior:

  • If you plan to place the structure in the air, it is better to choose a shaded place for this, since it will be difficult to withstand a long time in the sun, and it is not at all useful for health.
  • For children such a design - a great choice. Children just love unusual things, where you can also swing and play. Such types of suspended chairs as a wicker option from a grid, a cocoon or transparent glass perfectly will approach. A small hammock made of exquisite macrame, which is also an excellent decoration for a room, can be suitable for a girl.
  • In the living room, a hammock chair is rarely placed because the size of the room usually does not allow. But if the apartment is spacious enough, a hammock made of thick, soft fabric can be a great place to rest. It can be made to order from the material, the color and texture of which will be in harmony with the design of the living room. In this case, such a swing most organically fit into the surrounding interior.
  • On the veranda or terrace of a country house hanging hammock chair - the interior detail that will look most appropriate.





  • It is not at all superfluous to have several bright small pillows that adorn and at the same time contribute to the greater comfort of the model of the chair.
  • Install a small table next to the hammock that will serve as a comfortable stand for a laptop, books, phone and other things that you will be doing while in the hammock. On the table you can put a glass with a drink, and a desk lamp, if you read in the evening.
  • Choose a robust and durable design. Do not forget that the hammock is designed for many years of service, so you should look for the most high-quality design.
  • On a cool day, an excellent choice would be to install a hammock not from the net, but from thick fabric. In this case, you will be protected from the cold, ensure yourself a comfortable and cozy holiday.