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Interior bathroom with marble tiles (20 photos)


Details made of natural marble give the product a refined and unique style. The natural energy of the stone is capable of providing bliss and relaxation, and its high cost gives the room its status. Furniture and furnishings made of marble, have a high cost due to the complexity of the processing of the mountain range. But the natural texture of the material, the pattern of which does not repeat exactly, makes the design of the bathroom truly unique. Marble as a material is in some sense universal. Its use is relevant not only in the manufacture of tiles, which revet the floor and walls. Also, furniture and various decorative elements are made of it.

In order to accurately understand whether to decorate a bathroom with marble, you need to think carefully about all the advantages and disadvantages of the material. Of the advantages it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Beautiful appearance. If you plan to create a luxurious and elegant interior, then marble is simply irreplaceable here. The surface of the material is riddled with streaks and curls that give it a unique look. When laying tile you will not find two identical. In addition, it has a glossy texture, so that the floor and walls of the room reflect the light, making it visually brighter and more spacious. Marble is produced in various shades, so almost any design can be implemented;
  • High durability. This material has a high margin of safety, which allows it to withstand shocks from the fall of various objects. If you use it in the interior of your bathroom, you can be sure that you will not do the repair here soon. This applies to both tiles laid on the walls and floor, as well as the material from which the furniture is made.




What elements of the interior can be made of marble

This material is mainly used to form tiles. Moreover, the range of different manufacturers offers a large number of different models, differing in both color and shape. Such tiles can revet both the floor and the walls of the room. But for the design of the ceiling its use is impractical. This is due to the high weight of the material, as well as the fact that visually such a ceiling will crush, reducing the space of a small room.

Furniture in the bathroom can also be made of marble. In particular, we are talking about working surfaces. They are carried out using a seamless technology, which makes it possible to create the appearance of a single slab of marble in which a sink and a mixer are built.




The main advantage of using marble is its decorative variety, which can be traced both in design and tone. It is color that determines the functionality and quality characteristics of the material.

White stone in the interior of the room looks the most luxurious and gentle. Here the presence of various impurities is excluded, and the structure itself is distinguished by softness and plasticity. This is what provides the flexibility of the material in processing, which is ideal for shaping various products. Work surfaces and the floor with such material should not be lined, as it is more difficult to care for.




Worthy material imitation

If you want your design to look elegant, but the cost of marble stops you, then there is a worthy replacement for it - an artificial stone, which is based on marble chips. Also in the composition there are acrylic resins, various hardeners, coloring pigments. Such a stone is composited into slabs and then covered with a colored or transparent gelcoat. It is he who gives the picture depth and provides protection from water.