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Corner kitchen in the interior (20 photos)


Spacious, bright, spacious apartment with a large kitchen - the dream of every hostess. We want to arrange here the necessary amount of furniture, convenient drawers and shelves, cabinets and drawers, a spacious table that fits the whole family. But often our dreams don't come true, and instead we get a room with a modest footage. At minimum, it is most effective to place a small corner kitchen set. It is capacious, functional and easy to use.

This type of furniture, such as ready-made corner sets for the kitchen, is suitable for rooms of different sizes: they can be small and large, can be made to order, or are offered for sale in classic dimensions. Thanks to the headset in the kitchen, the hostess will be able to find a place for every little thing. This furniture is for those who value comfort and order, to whom every square centimeter of space is dear. For a small room, we advise you to choose a corner mini-kitchen of light colors, this contributes to the visual expansion of the space, it is filled with soft light.



Advantages of corner kitchens

When organizing and planning the space in your kitchen, it is important to use it with benefit, without cluttering it with unnecessary objects. The main advantages of corner kitchens:

  • such furniture will help to use those areas in the kitchen that were not previously used and empty;
  • corner kitchens are compact and ergonomic, have increased functionality;
  • with the help of such furniture it is really possible to hide the ventilation and water supply systems in the house, because they are often placed in the corner;
  • cabinets of different sizes can be arranged on two levels, which facilitates access to kitchen furniture;
  • You will equip a comfortable working area, as well as the necessary ventilation and lighting of the kitchen.

Modern models of corner kitchens have a beautiful design, they are offered by manufacturers in different versions, suitable for any premises, unlike ordinary direct headsets. You can buy a ready-made set or make furniture to order, then it will be made on the basis of the exact dimensions made by the order performer. The beauty and convenience of such furniture is its main advantage.





Array Corner Kitchen Set

Choose furniture for your home, made from materials that are natural. Kitchens from the array will serve the owners of the apartment for a long time. The furniture is made from natural materials that do not contain chemicals harmful to humans. It gives the scent of nature, smells of natural wood.

Due to the variety of furniture that is different in design, color, shape, you can choose the perfect kitchen for your apartment. Depending on the style of the room, buy a red or white corner from the array, products from wenge, oak, beech and other wood species are of particular value. The choice depends on your taste and financial possibilities of the family.



Types of corner kitchen sets

Angular type kitchen sets differ in their design and installation pattern. They can consist of several modules - angular or linear, acquire L-shaped or U-shaped types. In the first case, the furniture is located under the two walls of the room, in the second - under the three walls of the kitchen. The structure of the L-shaped headset includes wall-mounted cabinets and wardrobes-cases, mini cabinets, floor cabinets, the upper part of which is a table top or sink. In the corner headset kitchen appliances can be placed separately or be built.



You can equip your kitchen at will. An angle in the room can take such components as tile, sink, closet, a small chest of drawers with drawers that extend, a rack. In the corner you can also install built-in appliances. It all depends on your desire.

Ready-made classic kitchen sets are on sale at online stores. In electronic catalogs, you can choose a white set or furniture of dark shades - select it for the design of the room, the color of the walls, floor, curtains and other furniture. The scheme of the angular headset adapts to your room. Of particular value is furniture made of solid wood, but its cost is much higher than the price of furniture made of synthetic materials. Model angular kitchen set is easy to install in the room. Over time, you can change the location of the modules, giving the room an updated look. There are furniture options for a small or large kitchen. A small corner set of a classic look will fit into the design of any apartment.