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Eco-style in the interior of an apartment or house (41 photos)


Modern man more and more surrounds himself with innovative technologies and synthetic products, moving away from nature. But many are beginning to realize that nothing can replace a pleasant walk barefoot on dewy grass early in the morning or fresh breath of coniferous forest.

  1. City dwellers who do not have the opportunity to often get out for a walk in some ecologically clean area. Having added lively motives to the design of their apartment, it is easier for people to get rid of the depression and bad mood that office workers often harass.
  2. Summer residents, flower growers and simply nature lovers will transform their home into a real paradise, placing a real "oasis" in the walls of the blood house.
  3. Those who seek diversity and new motives. After all, the design in the eco-style hall or other rooms does not have clear instructions and rules, and can be supplemented by even the most daring ideas. The main postulate for him is the use of natural decor and natural colors.
  4. People who care about the state of ecology and their physical and spiritual health.

Among the most important advantages of this style in the interior are the following:

  • the presence of a relaxing and comfortable environment that acts as an antidepressant on the sensitive psyche of a megalopolis resident;
  • maximum use of natural materials in interior design;
  • the presence of natural components that are beneficial to the mental state of a person;
  • the lack of specific frameworks that limit the imagination of the owner in the design of the premises;
  • decor items can be made with your own hands, which contributes to the self-expression of a person.
    • Despite the fact that in the modern world of technology it is impossible to abandon such convenient for us kitchen appliances as a gas stove, microwave, refrigerator or dishwasher, yet it must be admitted that the eco-style kitchen looks very natural and harmonious. Applying the appropriate decor in the design of the apartment you can bring more environmentally friendly materials. Discard the majority of synthetic and unnatural materials in favor of safe dishes, comfortable furniture, environmentally friendly technology and chandeliers. They must contain natural alloys that do not emit chemicals. To support the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle, we advise you to buy water filters and hoods.



      Eco-style living room

      When planning an eco-style for a living room, you need to be very responsible when choosing a project for it so that the interior is perfect. It is necessary to carefully consider the quality of furniture and materials, the choice of chandeliers, the color of the walls, the floor and the overall decor of the living room.

      Home decoration can be started from the hallway, which serves as a unifying space for the whole family. She must first carry comfort and warmth to the apartment.



      And a few more nuances

      Lighting should be a lot. Make sure that the chandeliers illuminate the entire room, emitting a natural yellowish color. Generally, in the eco-style is not very widely used massive massive chandeliers. The best option is recessed lighting. If the dream of unusual lamps does not leave you, choose stylized chandeliers that will fit into the overall surroundings.

      A bed or sofa (if it is a bedroom) is desirable to look for from wood, it is possible - with metal parts. You can choose any type of wood, which is only for the soul. At the head of the bed on the wall, make a painting in the form of a delivery woman or take wallpaper with a pattern imitating plants or grass. Near the bed, put a coffee table in the form of hemp. Take care of good lighting - nightlights will not hurt if they flaunt themselves on the walls of your room.

      If you live in a studio apartment and do not have such a large number of rooms as in a private house, then combine the living room and the hall in one room. Projects for rooms of this type are a bit more difficult to do, because you need to connect the hall, the studio, and the bedroom. But it does not take away space. The sofa can fold out and become a bed, which will save space. Thus, at night the hall will turn into a bedroom. Technique in the hall can be slightly covered by putting it on the shelves in the built-in closet.

      Eco-style in the bathroom

      To create eco-style in the bathroom, follow these five simple tips:

      1. Introduce the natural color range - shades of brown and green with additions of white should prevail.
      2. When choosing a tile, pay attention to its texture: images with imitation of wood, shells, and stone are good. Place a mat tinged mat on the floor. To decorate the walls in the bathroom, purchase a pebble, an installation made of bamboo or tree trunks. Hang the glass with painting.
      3. Addition to the design of the bathroom will be the use of hand-made articles. Put a woven laundry basket instead of the usual plastic.
      4. In no case do not forget about the plants. They are in the bathroom perfectly refreshed interior.
      5. On the window, if it is, hang curtains made of natural fabrics: cotton or flax. If with ornaments, then plant motifs.




      Children in the eco-style

      Parents who want to protect their children from exposure to chemicals as much as possible, choose the eco-style in the design of the children's room for their little ones.

      It should be ensured that the room has a large window and good lighting. Cover the walls with plaster, wood paneling, wallpaper with a light vegetative ornament. If you want something exotic, then buy straw or bamboo wallpaper. For a more elegant children's design, take a photo wallpaper.

      Make an eco-house project in advance. It is better to contact experienced architects and designers who will help you to equip each room, make a description of its design. Exquisite wooden staircase, which rises to the second floor, is sure to become the property of the room. Walls and ceilings should be made in each room of natural materials, in beautiful color combination. Sofa, cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs are in a wide selection in stores. Before you buy them, you first check out what materials they are made of. Choose those that do not contain harmful substances.

      Natural decor, exquisite design, the right combination of colors, natural wood furniture will make an apartment or house pleasant for living. Even the natural aroma in the room will delight you with freshness and purity.

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