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Window decoration (22 photos): beautiful design options


A window in any room of a residential house, apartment or cottage has long ceased to perform the basic function of protection from light. Multiple decoration methods allow you to make it a bright piece of interior, along with any other. At the same time window decoration with curtains is not the only option that you may like!

Before you begin to decorate the window in a particular room, it is necessary to determine the objectives. And then the chosen decor will bring not only aesthetic pleasure from contemplation, but also benefit. The tasks are as follows:

  1. Protection of the room from exposure to ultraviolet light by limiting the ingress of light into the interior.
  2. Creating a certain degree of confidentiality.
  3. Improving sound insulation characteristics of the room.
  4. Reduced heat loss.
  5. Decorative component that affects the mood and their own plans.






Living room - individual energy, interior, color solutions. Choosing a way to decorate a window in one of these rooms, you should pay attention to:

  • material of which the frame is made. Wooden and plastic windows can be “beaten” completely differently. For example, for the first case, only tulle, light curtains, drapery, curtains made of natural materials are characteristic, but the second option is “accepted” by combined fabrics, various ways of fastening curtains, blinds;
  • the overall style of the room and the basic color touch. To choose textiles, to express an idea with a stencil, other elements of decor means to find a single center between finishing materials, furniture items and the desires of the room owner;
  • desired result. You want to make a bright accent on the window - express it with fabrics (and not only!) Of contrasting shades, a decorative component that attracts attention. Want to divert attention from the window? Decorate it with pastel-colored textiles without patterns, embroidery, lambrequins.

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    The design of the windows of other rooms: an infinite number of possibilities

    Window decoration in the bathroom, living room, hall or kitchen should begin from an understanding of the functionality of the room. For example, the design of the window in the living room is transparent fabrics and only pastel shades, a large pattern, a "cafe" option - to the middle of the window or from the ceiling to the floor in order to attract maximum light into a small apartment room, as well as visually make the room wider or higher.



    Balcony and Loggia: not a single style

    An interesting and original design of a bay window (or panoramic) is required only when the loggia or balcony does not serve as a closet, but only recently turned into a full-fledged recreation area, or active sports, or a place for a banquet tea. In this case, the design of the window is the main, if not the only option to create the necessary energy in a small area, to make it lively and bright, warm and family-friendly.

    If wooden windows are on the territory of a loggia or a balcony, it is an opportunity to create an interior in the style of Provence, eco, ethno, rustic. The originality and naturalness of the style is an opportunity to decorate the window not only with high-quality textiles, but also with decorative forged elements or hand-made objects.

    The plastic window, most often, implies a classic shade of white, silver, chocolate or black. Such an embodiment is a practical, functional quality, therefore, a sea of ​​possibilities for modern styles. Often, the plastic window of a loggia or balcony receives the only decoration - blinds, sun-protection systems as a laundry, reliable and easy-to-use tool for varying the amount of daylight in the room.

    If you have atrium or panoramic windows - an option in the form of Roman curtains with automatic control will be most welcome. It remains to add only the portyerny option to your own taste - and the balcony windows will “sparkle” with new colors. Textured transparent fabrics with a large number of embroidery, original texture and texture, an outstanding pattern are acceptable for panoramic windows. The main purpose of such a window is to discover the beauty of the outdoor landscape. Accordingly, the design of the window should emphasize this possibility and not obscure the appearance. Kapron, tulle, veil will create a single color scheme with the main shade of the room, accessories in the form of stickies, buttons, fasteners will help draw attention to details.

    And window decoration will be an exciting experience, the options for which are many!