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Corner wardrobe in the interior of the bedroom (51 photos)


Buying a new apartment or repair often require the purchase of new furniture. In the recent past, interior items were made bulky, and they usually did not have enough space in them. In short, sheer inconvenience.






The demand for functional and roomy furniture bore fruit - the active release of corner cabinets began. One of the best options for organizing space was the corner wardrobe in the bedroom. Why you should prefer this type of furniture?

  • The wardrobe of a compartment has the compact sizes and differs in big spaciousness;
  • Perfectly masks all construction failures, such as uneven corners or unnecessary grooves;
  • The best option to save space, which is very important for small rooms;

Corner wardrobe is a versatile item that allows you to choose it for almost any design. Especially good angular wardrobe for small bedrooms, because it is here, as nowhere else, is relevant the most famous catch phrase that size does matter.

It is especially important to place a swing corner cabinet, if you can not organize your dressing room. It will perfectly accommodate a huge number of all kinds of things, clothes, bedding and underwear, household appliances, there is a place for small things in the form of socks, ties and belts.






Types of corner cabinets

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom is of two types: built-in or cabinet.

Built-in wardrobe corner cabinets are the most spacious, as they do not have rear and upper walls, thus filling the entire space, which is especially important for a small bedroom. Basically, such furniture is made to order, taking into account all the wishes of the client, whether the whole size, the presence and number of drawers, shelves, hangers for clothes, as well as the exterior design can be mirrored or made of other material, doors - hinged or coupe. Cabinet design can come up with yourself, and you can use the services of specialists or find ready-made proposals. The main disadvantage is that the built-in furniture is "afraid" of moisture, so it is important to constantly ventilate the room.






Cabinet wardrobe corner cabinet, as opposed to built-in, you can buy ready-made, but you can also make to order. How is it not convenient? The fact that the thickness of the walls often "takes" much-needed centimeters, and it is more difficult to choose a suitable model. However, if square meters allow, then it is quite possible to choose a good large swinging corner wardrobe, which will perfectly harmonize with the overall design of the room.

As a rule, the price of furniture to order is higher than the finished one. But it's not always the case. It all depends on the manufacturer, materials, design complexity.




As materials for corner cabinets with hinged doors or compartments, as a rule, MDF or chipboard are used, which have long established themselves as one of the most reliable and sturdy plates for furniture production. And most importantly, they are environmentally friendly, which allows you to store clothes in such closets and not be afraid for your health. Such cabinets are not very expensive.

Much more expensive are swinging cabinets from a wooden array. Such furniture is practical and gives the design of the room exclusivity. The most popular wood is oak, beech, pine. Corner light-colored cabinets with vertical mirrors will visually lose their massiveness and become an ideal option for a classic bedroom.

One of the newest directions is the creation of plastic furniture that imitates wood or metal. Corner closet of such material will be original, will allow you to create a bright, distinctive interior.

Another novelty is a wardrobe made of acrylic glass. Glass - the material is not durable, so not everyone can afford to install such a corner cabinet. Best of all, this type of furniture looks in large bedrooms and preferably in bright colors.







Choosing a wardrobe is a very serious matter, in some ways even creative. Everything will depend on the subjectivity, taste, design of the apartment or room. If trendy cabinets do not always meet all the wishes, and the budget is also limited, then it is best to get a large swing corner wardrobe in the bedroom of the classical configuration. As you know, the classic in fashion will always be. It is advisable to buy a closet light, with mirrors, because it visually expands the "horizons".







Corner cabinets, as a rule, are not designed to move, so before buying you should determine exactly where the cabinet will be. Only after specifying the place, it will be possible to determine the size and design; it will be light or dark, and may be colored; will have hinged doors or compartments.

The corner wardrobe in the bedroom makes it possible to significantly save space in the interior due to the special design of the doors. Wardrobe with hinged doors is more suitable for large bedrooms.






Regardless of the configuration, corner cabinets are triangular, trapezoid-shaped, diagonal and radial (the doors of such models are curved).

  • Wardrobes in the shape of a triangle represent a mini dressing room and are very spacious. Not convenient because they do not occupy the entire space of the wall, but only part of it. Thus, the useful area of ​​this type of furniture is not large enough, especially if the doors of such a cabinet are hinged;
  • Trapezoidal wardrobes differ from triangular ones in that they have no sharp corners. As rules are divided into three parts: the middle and two side. This modification saves space in the room;
  • Diagonal or L - shaped models of corner cabinets are considered the most advantageous option, regardless of the size of the bedroom. A large wardrobe with mirrored hinged doors will surely fit into any interior. Bright doors give such a closet lightness and weightlessness.
  • The most unusual shape of the corner cabinet is radius. The doors of such a cabinet are hinged and have a wave-like shape; they can be either concave or curved. A great solution for those who prefer an exclusive design and follow the fashion.






What is the best way to place a corner cupboard in the bedroom?

The main location of the corner cabinets is, of course, along the walls. Modern interior design allows you to place it in the middle of the room, but better in the old manner - and more space, and somehow familiar. Of course, if there is only one room in an apartment, then with the help of a closet it can be divided into sleeping and guest areas, but this option is good only for apartments of individual planning. In any case, the correct placement of furniture should be rational, with the greatest coverage of the usable area.

Design options for bedrooms are many. Everyone can choose for themselves the most advantageous. As mentioned earlier, if there is only one room, but you want to make two, then the best way out is zoning the room. The bedroom area can be allocated by the side wall of the corner cabinet. To expand the space it is best to use light furniture with mirror inserts.





Color palette of corner cabinets

Design and color palette are closely interrelated. How better to determine the color of the corner cabinet?

  • In order for the corner cupboard to harmoniously be written off to the interior, the first step is to start from the coloring of other pieces of furniture.
  • A good design solution can be a contrast. A dark closet with light wallpaper, like a light closet with dark ones, will look elegant and stylish.
  • Creative individuals often choose bright, rich shades of furniture, combining them with modern designs.
  • For small rooms it is better to pay attention to the light shades of furniture. White color will look good. It will create a feeling of freshness, lightness and spaciousness.