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Flower beds in the country with their own hands (51 photos): design of flowers and design of fences


Country culture is widely developed in our country. With the onset of the first summer days, a lot of people rush to their country houses to do something there: plant, grow, carry out their decorating floral ideas. Not only healthy vegetables, berries and fruits are grown in the country. Most want their small island of nature to look functional and correct, as well as beautiful, so that its design brings aesthetic pleasure. For this and there are flower beds and flower beds in the country, which can be created with your own hands.













  • Immediately tune in to the fact that after you plant the seeds in the ground, you will have to constantly look after them, help the sprouts to grow and flourish. Therefore, we will have to work constantly, but this is a pleasant arrangement, and if there is free time, it will not make much work. You also need to think about the design for the fencing of the flower bed, and flower arrangements, and arrange everything so that the overall look is harmonious.
  • If ideas come to you and really make a “candy” out of your garden plot, then how anywhere the single flowers scattered around the plot will not deliver proper visual satisfaction. But a beautiful flowerbed, where design of stones or wood, fencing and flowers is thought out - yes. Therefore, it is necessary to think about this issue, perhaps, to call on the help of someone from the household, to help to arrange the site. For example, help will be needed to make beds of bricks or old tires.
  • Before you engage in planting seeds, be sure to review at least approximately what kind of flowers you get - annuals or not, how long they bloom, whether they grow quickly, how long they will have, how unusual and original species and other nuances they are. This information will allow to choose the right varieties of colors for the composition, it is possible to create simple but interesting ideas for your garden, to make its design more professional.
  • Plant flowers freely, do not crush the seeds in one place, only in the center or near the fence. Otherwise, it may turn out to be a chaotic incomprehensible design instead of the conceived idea of ​​a beautiful composition.
  • Beautiful design involves regular pruning of plants and dressing the soil in a flower bed.
  • Think about how to arrange the design of the fencing for the flower bed. Often used for this junk items, or construction debris, which was lying around at the cottage. Remains of bricks, old tires, even bottles or remnants of boards will do. All this can be beautifully painted, original design. And here you are ready to fence for the flower beds, made with their own hands, which no one else has.










What choose flowers

Let us figure out which varieties of plants should stop the choice of novice florist:

  • It is better to choose decorative perennial flowers. They have many advantages over annuals, will decorate the view outside the window and on the lawn for a long time. And although many of them will not bloom in the first year of planting, but in the future there will be less trouble with them, and you will not have to update the flowerbed and stone fences every season with your own hands. For the most lazy designers advise to organize the device site, calling for help plastic flowers.
  • If you want to start blooming flowers in the garden with the first warm spring days, choose flowering bulbous flowers. Their flowering season begins earlier than everyone else, and there are many variations of form and color. However, although they are very beautiful and bright, tulips and hyacinths bloom for a short time, giving way to later varieties. Scilla, for example, will delight you with its beauty in March, then a line of delicious crocuses, and then they will be replaced by haughty daffodils and chic tulips. It is worth pampering yourself with such aesthetic pleasure, and make on the site design in the form of a flower bed with bulbous.
  • If you decide to create a flower bed with tulips, then they will look best in buildings of circular shapes, where hand-made fences made of stones or wood are also round.
  • A graceful, unpretentious primula looks wonderful on a summer cottage. This beautiful flower is in perfect harmony with violets.
  • Roses wonderfully combined with elegant phlox. Such ideas are especially appreciated by professional designers.
  • If you decide to make a flowerbed of stone with annuals with your own hands, then you can experiment every year with a palette of shades, play with shapes and color combinations, please yourself with bright decisions, show your imagination and invention. Such annual flowers as marigolds, petunia, balsam, dahlia, etc. are especially good for the summer cottage. They are also very unpretentious, which will allow busy people to leave for business or work in the city and feel at ease, knowing that decorative flowers perfectly survive without their constant participation.












How to break a flower garden in the country

Consider what ideas can help do a simple flower garden at your summer cottage with your own hands.

  • First, decide exactly where you will have the flowerbeds located on the lawn behind the dacha window, what forms and fences they will have and what flowers you will plant in them. It is necessary to know what exactly you need to purchase in the store: materials, seeds, various plastic care products, types of decorative stone, etc.
  • For a flower bed well suited to the sunlit space. The right soil should be fertile, you can enrich it with suitable fertilizers.
  • For the first time, take unpretentious plants. When you have gained experience, then it will be possible to experiment with more difficult to grow flowers to make a more sophisticated design and implement more professional ideas.
  • If possible, make a garden in the garden of stone in two or three tiers. Such forms will help to create a very beautiful composition even from simple colors.
  • Take similar varieties of flowers. It is important to choose their harmonious combination.

There is nothing particularly difficult in creating a flower garden with your own hands. Therefore, we compile a list of necessary purchases, develop simple options for action - and go ahead to decorate our summer cottage.










Flowerbed Ideas

  • Design of old car tires. We all saw such flower beds outside our window. Pensioners-enthusiasts with their own hands decorate the courtyards and space on the lawn near the urban high-rises. You can take this simple example into service, supplement it with “author's” strokes in the form of painting and decor - without special expenses and with minimal time loss, you will have original decorative flowerbeds for flowers ready.
  • And you can not just cut the tire in half, and whimsically bend it in the form of a vase. To do this, however, will require a certain skill. Then this "pot" can be painted in a bright color or whatever, and everything can be filled with earth and plant beautiful flowers. Looks like it will be on plastic products. Also, tires are made of multi-level flowerbeds, which will need tires of different sizes.
  • If an untrodden stump remained on the plot, then a beautiful flower garden can be made from it, just like from a stone.
  • Self-made flowerbeds from old furniture, which is unsuitable for use for its intended purpose, look particularly decorative. But in the winter they would be better off in a cool, closed room. Otherwise, by the spring of the flower bed, little will be left.