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Sofa "Amsterdam": characteristics, features of the device and use in the interior (22 photos)


The sofa Amsterdam is produced by the furniture factory “Divanoff” and belongs to the average price segment - people interested in the best match of price with quality can afford it.

Elegant appearance, ergonomic design, orthopedic mattress and the ability to choose a corner sofa Amsterdam or a straight Amsterdam sofa make this piece of furniture consistently in demand and popular.



The main characteristics of the sofa

Regardless of the specific model of the sofa, the main characteristics always remain similar. The following parameters are characteristic of a sofa Amsterdam.

Bed size

Meter sixty two places - the standard size double bed, which can comfortably fit two people. At this size it is easy to find bedding, it is comfortable to sleep on it and there is never a lack of space.

The size of the sofa itself

When folded, the length of the sofa is two meters forty centimeters, and the width is twenty meters. It can also comfortably accommodate several people during a meeting of friends, watching TV or a family feast. One person can even sleep on it.




As a padding, there is usually a cloth "matting", which has received a certain fame in Russia only in the last five years. It consists of tightly intertwined threads - the result is as simple, durable and eco-friendly, featuring a number of individual merits:

  • the fabric does not crumple and does not lose its shape even with long use;
  • the fabric is strong enough to be hard to mechanically damage;
  • fabric does not cause an allergy, thanks to naturalness of the used raw materials;
  • the fabric does not absorb odors and is completely natural - even a small child who is sensitive to the environment can be put to bed on the sofa;
  • It is easy to care for the fabric - it is enough to vacuum it or wipe it with a soft soaped cloth;
  • The fabric comes in a wide variety of colors - as a result, the Amsterdam sofa can turn out to be white, black, beige, brown, and of any other color.


It is made of solid solid wood, which affects the performance extremely positively - both the Amsterdam corner sofa and the Amsterdam direct sofa are resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion, can last for many years and do not cause allergies.

Frame upholstery

If we are talking about the sofa Amsterdam, eco-leather is exactly the material that will be covered with its frame. It imitates natural leather, but it is made artificially, it is much cheaper and looks no less elegant. Resistant to rupture and mechanical stress, environmentally safe, does not cause allergies. Also very pleasant to the touch.

The result is a sofa on which it is comfortable to sleep, which is convenient to put both in the corner and against the wall, and which fits well into any interior. In addition to the general characteristics, the mention is also the mechanism of the sofa.




Sofa set

Sofa Amsterdam - eurobook. This means that its device is so modern and comfortable that there is practically nothing to break in it.

To the sofa came to the sleeping position, just pull the special handle at the bottom of the seat. As a result of this manipulation, the seat will drive off and you only need to press the back so that it lies in a horizontal position. This design - it does not matter if it has an Amsterdam corner sofa or a straight Amsterdam sofa - has its advantages and disadvantages.



Among the benefits are usually distinguished:

  • Small sizes. The corner sofa - the eurobook generally takes almost no space, and the Amsterdam sofa is straight in the unfolded state not much more than in the folded one. In a small room, he will literally be a salvation.
  • Low price The device of the sofa is very simple and it affects the price - the sofa Amsterdam always remains affordable even for the poorest segments of the population.
  • Easy to repair. If the mechanism of the sofa fails, not because of wear, but because of mechanical damage, even a person without special education will be able to fix it.
  • Additional design features. Eurobook Amsterdam has free space under the seat, which is not used during unfolding. They put a box in which you can remove any things - most often there is bedding stored during the day.

But any things there are drawbacks, and the sofa book Amsterdam is no exception. Usually they call only two points:

  • The need for extra space behind the back. The design of the sofa is such that there must be extra space behind the backboard - otherwise it just won't work out, the back will be buried in the wall. And although the space can be quite small, in small rooms, it is unused, can be a problem.
  • Heaviness To decompose leather sofas Amsterdam, you need to make a significant mechanical effort, pulling the seat to itself. Only a completely healthy person will be able to cope with this - for a child, a pensioner or a person with a sore back, the task will be daunting, and with osteochondrosis, the effort may even aggravate the problem.

Nevertheless, despite the shortcomings, the sofa Amsterdam is a good solution, especially if you have one, to whom it is laid out, and if it fits into the interior.



When choosing furniture, you should always pay attention to how it will fit into the final interior of the room. Even the most delightful sofa, placed in the wrong place and framed with the wrong items, will look bad, therefore several factors should be taken into account.


In a small room, it is better to push the sofa into a corner, otherwise it will reign over everything, taking up space and forcing people to stumble over themselves. In the large opposite, push out from the wall to take up the excess space. If it is supposed to read on it - move it to the window or under the lamp, if you have lunch or do paperwork - provide a table. If he plays the role of a bed, it is worth expanding it and see how it will look in a disassembled state. That is - to choose a place for the needs of the most energetic.





In order for the sofa to be combined with everything else in the room, it must match its color. The basic rules should be followed:

  • Amsterdam black will not fit into a room full of warm tones and cozy knick-knacks, but will look amid light cold tones and moderate minimalism. It fits almost everything, especially if the interior will be accessories of the same color. However, it should be remembered that if there are animals in the house - especially with long fair hair - you will have to vacuum the sofa almost every day, otherwise it will not look advantageous at all.
  • The sofa Amsterdam brown looks serious enough to fit well into the office - its skin and the noble tint of the upholstery are definitely the place. The rest is well combined with shades of brown, yellow and red, and poorly - with certain bright shades of green, blue and purple.
  • Sofa Amsterdam beige. Gentle, nice looking option that will suit almost any setting. Especially well with warm tones, with white, light yellow, pleasant pink. Not bad fit into the bright spacious rooms, it will look quite gloomy in the dark and small. It is important to remember that beige is easy to stain - if there are small children in the house or poorly educated pets (or if the sofa is supposed to be put in the kitchen), it is better to choose a different color.
  • White. The most paradoxically universal option. White, with its purity, will fit well into any interior - in warm colors it will look warm, in cold it will look like snow. A good solution for the bedroom, made in the northern style of minimalism. However, the white one is the most easily soiled of flowers - any spilled liquid, any touch with a dirty hand, any hair from a cat will be very noticeable on it. It is worth choosing it, only being ready for constant cleaning with a vacuum cleaner - if not completely dry cleaning.

Sofa Amsterdam - a great solution for a small bedroom. Compact, comfortable, with an orthopedic mattress, it will be an excellent substitute for a bed, and in the afternoon it will be possible to sit comfortably in front of the TV or during a conversation with friends. The main thing is that he should take his place in the room, fitting into the interior and for many years pleasing the eye to everyone living in the house.