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How to place a refrigerator in the kitchen (54 photos): interior design and layout


Usually the kitchen becomes the most problematic place in the house in terms of proper organization of space. And one of the most pressing issues - Where to put the refrigerator in the kitchen? - tormented by many, especially the owners of small apartments. But there are many options for organic placement of the refrigerator in your home without harm to the interior.






You can place the refrigerator in the kitchen in a straight line, angle, embed it in the set, mask under the cabinets, and also make an art object of your kitchen - there are different schemes.

Which refrigerator to choose?

If you have not bought a refrigerator, do not rush. Consider the features of the design and design of your kitchen when choosing appliances. For example, for a Khrushchev refrigerator of a large size does not fit exactly. It is important to comply with the color scheme. If you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing, there is an option to turn a refrigerator into an art object.

When buying guided by the following questions:

  • Will the refrigerator be a built-in model or a common design object?
  • How much will the “convenient” option cost me?

Fortunately, now manufacturers offer us a diverse range of models, both for large and small premises, color refrigerators are increasingly appearing on the market, which solves design problems. Therefore, everyone will find something for themselves, even in an inexpensive price range.






Basic rules of location in the modern kitchen

The importance of the correct location of the refrigerator is determined by the fact that the kitchen is the most visited place in the house. Here everything has to be extremely practical for every family member. The refrigerator should be installed so as not to disturb anyone, because its door constantly opens and closes. Usually there are no strict rules for installing a refrigerator, but several factors should be taken into account:

  • The shape and size of your kitchen is a defining aspect;
  • The washing, processing and storage area should be located at some distance from each other, depending on the layout of the kitchen and its square. meters;
  • Ceiling height;
  • Size and location of windows;
  • The presence of a balcony in the kitchen;
  • Is the kitchen a walk-through room;
  • The nearest outlet and so on.



Do not install the refrigerator:

  • Near a stove or radiators - such placement leads to improper operation;
  • Near the window, because the refrigerator will be heated from direct sunlight, aimed at its body;
  • In too wet a room (more than 80%).

Tip: if you choose a stainless steel refrigerator, be sure to add similar elements to the interior, so the refrigerator will not be noticeable, but will become part of the interior.






Location options

In order not to wrestle with you, deciding how to fit the refrigerator in your modern interior, the designers have prepared for you a lot of ready-made solutions. Everyone will find something for themselves, and the owner of Khrushchev, and the owner of a country house, and the owner of an apartment-studio.

The corner is a valuable place.

The angular location is ideal for a small kitchen, for example, in a Khrushchev, where the area usually does not exceed 6 square meters. meters Such a choice does not hurt the design and fit into the layout. The refrigerator is placed separately near the entrance. He seems to continue the kitchen set, but at the same time he keeps the set distance from the sink.



The location of the refrigerator in the free corners of the kitchen will significantly save space and leave you free square. meters If you choose the right refrigerator under the dimensions of kitchen furniture, it will line up in a common line and will not interfere.






Choose a line

Linear direct arrangement, in contrast to the corner, is suitable for a kitchen of spacious sizes, where it is not necessary to calculate the square. meters The linear principle is the installation of a headset, a refrigerator and other equipment in one common straight line. Usually the line is built along the walls. The refrigerator can be embedded in the furniture itself, then it will be surrounded on both sides by home appliances or a cutting surface, or put it separately on one of the edges of the headset.




Building in a straight line is the most popular way to install a refrigerator. We also offer such an option - put the refrigerator on a small podium, and hang an extra locker on top. It is important to remember one rule: do not install the refrigerator near the sink or stove - its work may be disrupted.






Kitchen with dining area

In such kitchens it is much easier to arrange all appliances and furniture due to their rather large sizes. Absolutely all models of refrigerators come here, it is only important to justify such a presence.

Since the refrigerator is bulky household appliances, it is necessary to balance its presence. Buy a cupboard, cupboard or rack of the same size, they should be combined with a refrigerator in width, height and length. Sometimes this arrangement disrupts the rule about the areas of the refrigerator, washing and processing, but if you prefer the beauty of the design, the kitchen owner will have to bypass the extra square meters. meters






Built-in fridge

The “fridge in a niche” is usually chosen for a large kitchen, as it can take a few extra square meters. meters Remember that embedding the refrigerator in the furniture, you need to leave space for air circulation (the gaps between the walls), otherwise the equipment will quickly break. In contrast to the corner and linear layout, such a refrigerator does not stand out at all and is not visible when the doors of the upper kitchen cabinet are closed. It is important to guess the size, so that the unit fits neatly into the niche.






Disguised fridge

An interesting option for the interior - to disguise the refrigerator under the cabinet. So you absolutely do not have to break the design of the kitchen, because you can order a wardrobe from any material and paint it in any color.

Also, the refrigerator can be hidden under the cutting surface of your headset - in the drawers, which is good for a small kitchen. Such miniature refrigerators are usually the size of a washing machine - a mini-kitchen for a studio apartment.

Advantages of embedded refrigerators:

  • Fit perfectly into the interior, merging with it;
  • Savings due to additional wall insulation;
  • Less noise at work;
  • Such a refrigerator is protected by damage.







Sometimes the owners of a small kitchen place refrigerators in other rooms, but if this is not possible, it is worth trying these options:

  • Pre-order (or change the existing) kitchen set with a niche for the refrigerator;
  • Discard the stove by replacing it with a multivarker / steamer / microwave;
  • Replace the usual built-in stove, and in its place to install a refrigerator;
  • Instead of the usual refrigerator, buy a table-top (mini-refrigerator 50-60 cm) and put it under the table;
  • The above angular solution.

Of all the above tips, we can conclude that placing a refrigerator in the kitchen is not the easiest thing. Of course, there is no one general instruction for everyone, so try as much as possible to measure all the parameters, take into account the aesthetic characteristics of objects, consult with experts and rely on the experience of professionals.