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Two children in the apartment: how to distribute the space (58 photos)


Families with two children often have to huddle in a small one-room apartment. Your personal space should be, like each of the children, and their parents. At the same time, the interior should be comfortable and safe for children's health. Placing in one-on-one with two children, of course, is not an easy task, but, as you know, nothing is impossible and even in such a situation you can find a way out and not one.







Of course, the layout of an apartment for a family with two children depends greatly on the age of the child. If the children are very small, their beds and toy box can easily be placed in the area of ​​the parent bedroom. Until a certain age it is even necessary. The same applies to a certain period after the birth of the second child, when it is better for him to sleep close to the mother and at the same time not to cause inconvenience to the older one. However, it should be borne in mind that children grow up very quickly and soon they will need their own space.




One of the easiest ways to equip a one-room apartment for a family with two children is to create an extra room in which a full-fledged nursery can easily fit. Such redevelopment can be done in several ways.

  • If the size of the room allows, and the layout features, you can move the kitchen to the living room or to the spacious closet, if such housing is equipped, and on the site of the former kitchen to arrange a nursery.
  • It is also possible to create an additional room in a pre-warmed loggia and place either a nursery or a parents' bedroom there.
  • If the living room has a sufficient area, it can be divided into two separate rooms by building a partition or arch. An excellent option would be a sliding radius partition, the design of which will help, on the one hand, to save space, on the other - to bring mobility into space and to unite and divide rooms if necessary and perfectly fit into the style of any room.








Two zones in one room

However, not all one-room apartments are large enough to create a separate room there. Therefore, often the whole family has to live in one room. The best way out in this situation is zoning. At the same time, unlike the apartment layout for a single adult or a married couple, where the division into zones should be done solely according to the functional principle and the activities that are planned to be held in each zone, here the main criterion for the division of space will be the audience for which this part of the room is designed . Thus two zones should turn out: for children and for adults.




Since there are two children, and they need space no less, and sometimes even more than adults, because any child is constantly in motion, and it is very difficult for him to be placed in a small space, the room should be divided exactly in half. Children should take the part of the room that is farther from the entrance, because they go to bed earlier than adults and, as a rule, get up later. This arrangement of zones will allow you to go about your business in the evenings, to enter and leave the room without disturbing the children's sleep.







The boundary between these two zones can be a small rack. It can organize a rather elegant, light and functional partition. And this is important in a small room, where you have to fight for every meter. Such a rack can perform the function of a bookcase, shelves for small items or storage of children's toys. The only thing that should be considered when placing the rack, it should not block the exit from the room and become an obstacle blocking the passage to the necessary and functionally important places of the room.






Parents can also be delimited by using a folding screen or curtains. Mobility and ease of such devices allows you to completely remove them during the day by combining all the space of a room into a single whole and isolate parents at night.




Living in one room with two children, you, as a rule, will not be able to afford to equip a room with a large amount of furniture, as well as to purchase separate pieces of furniture and home appliances for you and your children. Therefore, it will be necessary to manage with a minimum of furniture, distributing it into zones in such a way that each item will be in the area, the inhabitants of which it is necessary in the first place. So in the "adult" zone you need to put a double bed, or it is better to replace it with a sofa bed, which will serve as a bed at night, and will become the center of the guest zone during the day. A coffee table and a small nightstand should be placed on the sofa, in which sleeping and hygienic appliances will be stored. It is better to choose a sofa hollow inside or with a special drawer for bed linen and other not very heavy things. This will allow you to organize an additional container and save space by reducing the space occupied by the cabinets. It is desirable to replace the TV with a plasma panel, which can easily, like a picture, hang on the wall and not take up extra space.




A bed in the children's area is best equipped with a bunk bed. It takes up less space than two regular beds or small children's sofas, and besides, almost all children like to climb and climb the ladder of such beds. This gives a huge amount of children's energy and allows you to strengthen the muscles even doing such daily activities as going to bed. Many bunk beds downstairs also have a special box that can be used to store toys or other children's items. In the "children's area" should also be placed a desk or computer desk, common to both children, or if space allows two small desks.










Room decoration

When making and finishing a room for a family with two children, it should be borne in mind that the room should be a single whole, even if it will be divided into zones. You can combine both zones into one using a single color solution, one type of wallpaper or similar decorative elements. For example, walls can be decorated with uniform posters, paintings or photographs. To decorate the children's and adult parts of the room, you can use curtains made of the same materials, but in different styles.

Finishing materials for the room in which children live, should be selected calm pastel colors, avoiding a large number of aggressive colors. You can only diversify the interior with several bright patches such as lamps, pillows, paintings on the walls or floor carpets.






Two carpets in the nursery and adult halves also perfectly perform the function of zoning. And besides, they provide warmth and softness, allowing children to play right on the floor. As another floor covering, you can use parquet boards made of natural wood: it is environmentally friendly, harmless and retains heat. Wooden decoration is in principle perfect for the room in which children live, because it gives the room an atmosphere of comfort, home and warmth.




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