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How to use the wall clock in the living room interior? (33 pictures)


The practical significance of the watch is indisputable, but no less successfully they cope with the function of an art object. Wall clocks in the interior of the living room can be the main focus or support the overall stylistic orientation of the room. The main thing - to choose a model that will look appropriate and harmonious. This will help the information presented below.




Types of wall clocks

The classification of a wall clock may be based on different criteria: material, type of mechanism, style, etc., but for those looking for a clock in the living room, it is better to focus on the following models:

  • classic watch (model of a geometric shape without additional functions);
  • clocks of abstract forms;
  • picture clock (one or several full-fledged pictures with a built-in clockwork);
  • pendulum clock;
  • antique clocks;
  • Designer watches (made in small batches or to order).

Now at the peak of popularity of the original watch with a "blind dial". That's just a quick glance at them you can see everything except the exact time, so before buying a similar model, think what is more important for you, decorate the interior or watch the time.




Clock and interior style


For an interior in a classic style, both modern wall clocks and antique models are suitable. You can safely stop the choice on wooden samples, especially when it comes to valuable wood species. The only taboo is an electronic scoreboard.




Ideal in this design will look strict models, devoid of fancy decorative elements, but it is important that they give the living room a certain chic. Preference should be given to models of geometric shapes of metal or glass.

High tech

In this case, you should pay attention to the ultramodern models. The high-tech will perfectly fit the electronic scoreboard, which can show not only the time, but also the date. Organic in such an interior will be the brilliance of the metal, the colorful plastic and sparkling glass.




Country and Provence

Rustic-style interior is hard to imagine without a clock with a swinging pendulum or weights. Cuckoo clocks will look great too. An element of sophistication in a rustic interior will bring hours of pastel shades with an artificially aged surface or dial with painting. No less organically fit the model in a metal case with forged accessories.

Rococo, Baroque and Empire

These styles require beautiful richly decorated watches. The models designed using gold, porcelain, bronze, precious woods and crystal will look more organic. Living rooms, decorated in these styles, often replete with paintings. In this case, you can restrict the desktop clock.





This style requires non-standard accessories. It fits well with watches made in marble, bronze and silver. Retro is hard to imagine without sleek shapes and fancy decor.

Wall mounted large original clock for the living room in retro style is one of the best solutions. Organically will look and antique watches or artificially aged models that display the chosen style of the past.




Hours and laws of composition

To accommodate the clock in the living room is ideal space above the fireplace, table and sofa. The main thing is that the selected wall surface is not overloaded with another decor. With a wall clock, small pictures or photos look good.

A huge role is played by the size of the room. In a large room, a small clock is easily lost. Having added them to other elements, you can increase the scale of the composition, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the result will irritate the eyes, so the best option is a large clock. Massive models look very impressive in tandem with a TV or a fireplace. Even if the room is small, you can take a chance by ordering a model of impressive dimensions. With such hours and the room will seem more.

It is recommended to determine the location of the watch before it is purchased. This will facilitate the selection process. Rate, as the selected model will look in the proposed interior of the living room, it is possible in a graphical editor.




How to turn the clock into the original element of the decor?

Unusual clocks can not only decorate the living room, but also bring individual dynamics to it. There are several simple techniques to achieve this effect.

The combination of several hours in one space is one of the freshest ideas. It is not suitable for everyone, but if you put a philosophical meaning into such a composition, the result can be impressive. There are no special rules here. Watches may vary in size and design, asymmetrically or in one row. The background for such a composition may be a contrast wall.




Watches from improvised means. If you have a clock mechanism and fancy, you can create a wall clock from anything: from plastic spoons and crocheted napkins to a bicycle wheel and seashells collected during the holidays. All that is required for the implementation of such an idea:

  • clockwork;
  • hour and minute hands (you can take from the old clock or make yourself);
  • decorative base.

Even a classic model that doesn't stand out is easy to turn into an exclusive thing with a bright knitted cover.




Clock with photo frames

They can be made with your own hands or purchased in finished form. To build such a clock yourself, enough clockwork with arrows and 12 photos in the framework. If you are more attracted to the finished version, pay attention to the samples in which the photos can replace each other at a certain time.

Street clock

They can be stylized or be the real street clock. But keep in mind, the more different colors in the living room, the fewer colors should be in the design of watches. Do not be afraid to experiment, such an unexpected thing will bring a note of freedom into your home interior.




Imitation hours

The clock can be imitated in a wall appliqué or pattern. With the same purpose, modern designers use furniture that is shaped like a clock. Even a small round window with an appropriate stained glass window can cope with this role.

Wall clocks are a versatile decorative element that, with the right approach, can transform any room. It is especially important to choose the right clock for the living room, because this is a place to demonstrate the most attractive accessories available in the house.