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Laminate Tarkett - a collection of unsurpassed quality (27 photos)


Laminated floors produce dozens of companies in our country and abroad. One of the industry leaders is Tarkett, which has been offering its products in Russia since 1999. Among the flooring laminate Tarkett attracts attention with high quality, a variety of collections. The company manufactures products 32 and 33 classes, designed for use in the home and commercial sphere. Particular attention is drawn to the moisture-resistant laminate Tarkett - this is a classic panel with an additional impregnation of locks with silicone, and vinyl laminate. All types of coating attract realism imitation of natural wood. The oak texture and the elegant shades of wenge are reproduced in detail.






Features of Tarkett laminate

One of the main reasons why Tarkett laminate is purchased is the perfect quality of flooring. It is characterized by durability, durability, long service life.








The whole structure becomes monolithic in the process of pressing under high pressure. The laid panels easily cope with significant mechanical loads, including the impact of falling objects.

Tarkett Laminate Collections

Due to the variety you can use Tarkett laminate in the interior of any style. The manufacturer offers the following collections of flooring:

  • Cinema - the collection imitates aged wood, attracts attention with its vintage character;
  • Estetica - the visual characteristics of this collection are impressive experts, the designers applied the effects of manual processing, aged wood and optical chamfer. Panel thickness - 9 mm;
  • Artisan - 14 shades of oak and teak are presented in this collection, an attractive design of a chrome-plated surface. It creates the effect of solid wood, and matte panels fill the house with warmth and comfort;
  • Intermezzo - laminate with a facet and deep embossing, impressive effect of the endless massive board;
  • Lamin'art is a collection for those who prefer a patchwork, a combination of black and white in the interior. Among the characteristics stands out the presence of the castle system 5G;
  • Vintage - a floor covering with effective manual processing for exclusive interiors;
  • Woodstock Family - a cozy collection with a chrome surface and a wide selection of shades;
  • Fiesta is a modern and stylish collection with an embossed surface;
  • Holiday - a collection in warm colors with high technical characteristics;
  • Pilot - laminate with a deep and expressive embossing texture, 4-sided bevel. Thanks to the effect of manual processing is ideal for luxurious interiors. The panel has a narrow format that allows you to use in small rooms. 8 shades of oak are offered - from light gray to brown;
  • Navigator - the characteristics of this collection allow you to use it for commercial purposes, it has a deep structure and 4-sided chamfer. Thickness is 12 mm, protection on the Tech3S technology against moisture. 8 shades of oak are presented - from white to dark brown;
  • Robinson is a collection for fans of the exotic, customers are offered 17 shades of 8 mm laminate from white spirit to tanzanian wenge. The floor covering attracts with glossy shine and high level of protection against abrasion;
  • Odissay - all the luxury of oak is represented in this collection, attracting high quality embossing surface;
  • Riviera is an elegant collection of laminated floor with a relief surface, attracting with the refinement of the texture of the beige shade of the oak Savona and Nice;
  • Monaco - luxury collection with cramped surface, a wide selection of dark shades of wood for laying in bright rooms;
  • Universe is a collection for those who want to improve the acoustics in their home or office, the panels are 14 mm thick, feature chamfering and deep texturing.



Laminate Tarkett Navigator Bosporus is the ideal solution for office and retail premises, Robinson impresses with wenge shades, and Lamin'art is an original design concept.




Tarkett company offers three collections of vinyl laminate, impressive not only for its characteristics, but also for its design. Buyers can choose the following flooring:

  • JAZZ vinyl laminate - a variety of colors from bleached oak to black ash, two collections that imitate stone;
  • LOUNGE vinyl laminate - 27 design solutions for wood and tile, 4-sided chamfer, high-quality waterproof laminate class 34;
  • NEW AGE vinyl laminate - an impressive authenticity of an exotic wood and stone tile surface.

The characteristics of Tarkett vinyl laminate make it possible to use it in bathrooms, bathrooms, and on outdoor terraces.






Regardless of whether the laminate Tarkett is light or dark, with the texture of natural wood or stone, it will be easy and pleasant to lay it. Often buyers have a question - how to lay a laminate of PVC? Tarkett did everything to work with this innovative material! All types of flooring from this company are ideal for underfloor heating systems, including vinyl laminate designed for bathrooms.