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Sofas from pallets (pallet) do-it-yourself (21 photos)


A durable sofa made of pallets will harmoniously fit into the interior of a spacious room and will become a functional item on the terrace, outdoor area or on a green lawn. There are several variants of structural solutions - it can be a regular straight model, angular or made in the form of a ladder. If you make furniture from pallets to order, then all the main work is taken on by professionals, from design to sewing soft pillows. When self-assembly should be guided instructions, where the entire process is described in stages.



Features and benefits of pallet furniture

Inexpensive and practical furniture liking many consumers. Items that are based on wooden pallets have a lot of advantages and are different:

  • Simple construction.
  • Short production time.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • Aesthetic and originality.
  • Wide application area.
  • The ability to transform any interior, making it an individual feature.

To begin with, the material is acquired, and then future furniture is formed from it. These can be sofas and armchairs, which are included and complement each other, as well as a bed and a table. And if the base consists of wood, then the top should be soft, for example, a solid mattress or individual textile cushions. The manufacture of furniture attributes from wooden pallets can be done independently, and for this basically you need desire. But in order not to spoil the material, you should follow the recommendations.



The process of making furniture from pallets

For example, it is enough to consider how to make a sofa out of pallets with your own hands, a step by step description of all the steps. The elements are fastened together with the help of joiner's tools, and also nails, screws or screws will be needed.

Before you begin work, you need to prepare tools and fixtures:

  • a hacksaw;
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • grinding machine or sandpaper;
  • hammer;
  • roulette wheel;
  • corners;
  • brush and roller;
  • pencil and ruler.

First of all, a base is created that performs the same functions as in a sofa, in a bed, an armchair or a table. For the manufacture of this part are taken ready pallets. To improve the aesthetic performance and remove defects, you can use sanding paper, but a grinder can do the job better, which will allow you to do the job quickly and efficiently.



When the surface of the pallet is processed, you can proceed to the preparation of parts in accordance with the desired size. This will require a sharp hacksaw, which will not create a ragged edge that degrades the appearance of the product. Otherwise, you will have to perform additional processing.

All received parts must be painted or varnished before they are assembled, this will help protect all areas and those that will be inaccessible to the brush or roller. The choice of paintwork material depends entirely on where exactly the sofa of the pallets will be used. If indoors, then the paint is suitable for interior work. Furniture items that are planned to be placed on the street or terrace should be covered with waterproof paint for exterior use.



After the paint is dry, you can proceed to the next stage - the assembly. First going base. The size of the sofa depends on the number of pallets - from 2 to 4 in length. For fastening pallets, fasteners such as screws, screws or nails are used. But the first option is more reliable and practical, since you can take a drill for help. The version with nails does not give strength and over time they can be pushed outwards with the caps and the furniture will begin to creak and shake. In order to avoid splitting the board, it is necessary to pre-drill the hole with a drill of a smaller diameter than the screw used.

It is necessary to fasten the back to the prepared base. This part is made of whole or sawn pallets in the longitudinal direction. On sofas from pallets, the back can be installed directly or tilted. When performing the second option, it is necessary to create additional mounts, which on one side will have the desired angle of inclination. The back should be well fixed so that it can withstand the load of those sitting on the sofa.



In models with armrests also used pallets, sawn in size. For convenient movement of furniture, special furniture castors can be attached to the base. Also, it can be equipped with legs, so it will be easier to clean the room, because you do not have to pull over enough heavy furniture. The legs are best cut from the bars, which will give stability. They are placed on the sides and in the middle part at the joints between the pallets.




The use of furniture from pallets in the interior and exterior

Before you make a sofa out of pallets, you must decide on its shape and functionality. Furniture attribute can be:

  • straight construction;
  • angular;
  • U-shaped;
  • folding;
  • any other original form, as far as the material and own imagination allows.

What type of furniture to choose mainly depends on the area of ​​the room or on the open space where its placement is planned. In order for furniture made from a pallet to fit into the surrounding space, there must be a harmonious combination with other objects and the color of the walls. The mood is created not only by the wooden frame palette, but also by a soft top, sewn from textile material.



Its bright appearance will attract the street version of a set of furniture consisting of a sofa, armchairs and a table. Such attributes create a cozy atmosphere and comfort in the recreation area, which is located on a green lawn or near a mangal / barbeque framed with natural stone.

The corner sofa fits perfectly into the space of the hall and living room, the interior of which is designed in a loft style. In this case, special attention is paid to the color solution of the frame and soft top, as it plays a major role in creating the interior design.

It is also accepted to consider furniture attributes from pallets as a garden option. They are installed in the gazebo, on the terrace, therefore, ideal for giving for several reasons:

  • inexpensive;
  • practical;
  • conveniently;
  • original and relevant.

In the country version of the model basically have a simple design that can be made in a few hours. If you use a folding sofa, it will not be difficult to provide a spacious place for a comfortable rest. For the manufacture of such a design will have to make more effort.




To install the furniture from the pallet to the balcony, you will need to cut the wooden structure in half, which will save on material. At the final stage, the wooden frame made of pallets should be overlaid with soft pillows or foam mattress on top.

Thanks to a large variety of furniture items from pallets, it is easy to decorate and add functionality to any room and open space.