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Curtains in the style of loft - lightweight and light (22 photos)


Loft is a relatively young style that quickly gains more and more connoisseurs. Attic, housing right under the roof, decorated with deliberate disregard for such trifles as the ceiling and walls. Initially, creative people settled in such not fully adapted premises, but the advantages of this style were very quickly appreciated by people with good earnings - combined with stylish furniture and modern technology, the loft turned out to be incredibly comfortable.



The room itself should give the impression of abandonment and neglect, while there is a lot of air and light in it - because it is of a factory type, the windows in it are large and wide, sometimes from floor to ceiling, even the walls can be windows.

It can really be a factory room or a rather expensive imitation - the common features are the same.

Curtains in the loft style as an element that brings warmth and comfort in this style are not provided, since this is a rather cold and hard style. However, there are acceptable patterns for comfort.
To create a clear loft, blinds are optimal, which also protects from excessively intense sunlight. This is the best option to maintain minimalism and overall mood.




However, fabric curtains are also permissible, and it should be remembered that no decorations - frills, hooks, fringe - are used in this style. Cloth curtains in the interior of the loft, even with all the limitations of the design will bring some soft lines and comfort.

The following curtain models are recommended:

  • narrow curtains of thick materials that will be draped in clear vertical columns;
  • the simplest curtains on metal rings, floor-length;
  • Roman curtains in a variety of variations;
  • Japanese, similar to the panel (for them special cornices are bought).



How should the curtains look

The loft style is characterized by clarity and conciseness of the lines, it is an industrial style, although its use for dwellings somewhat softened the general attitude.

  • Decorations do not apply, so no frills, ruffles and ribbons.
  • Applied fabrics should be light - organza, tulle, thin linen or cotton linen.
  • Straight lines - classic simplicity.
  • Dark colors are undesirable, as a gloomy atmosphere can be created. The ideal color for this style is white (with light shades), pastel, and shades of gray. Metallic smooth fabrics look great.



Same for all zones and rooms

In this style there are no features that would distinguish the kitchen curtains from the curtains in the living room. Indeed, ideally, a loft does not at all imply the division of a room into separate rooms — there is one spacious area that can be zoned in a certain way:

  • using color transitions;
  • by thoughtful placement of interior items;
  • curtains (Japanese curtains panels are especially good for this purpose).

Loft-style curtains in the interior are used as partitions, which appear and disappear if necessary. Japanese-style panels do an excellent job of this task, but they require a preliminary calculation. Cornices for them occupy a fairly large area, especially if there are several panels.



Sleeping area

Curtains are selected taking into account the color of the upholstery and the main color of the zone, if zoning was carried out by color. Without contrasts, in general tone, the ideal option is smooth whites that suit any tone.

You can use roller blinds that can be raised and lowered as needed.

You can make curtains not only in the floor, but with a margin, then they will lie carelessly on the floor.

Loft in the bedroom can be expressed as a simple canopy over the bed. It is not necessary to use a separate construction for it - if the ceiling beams are not hidden, the curtains are attached directly to them.

You can also use a simple construction of rails or pipes.






Curtains in the loft style do not require any special skill - this is a piece of monophonic material, it will be possible to put grommets along the top edge - this can be done on your own or in a workshop, in any case it is very inexpensive.

Eaves for curtains can be ordinary metal pipes, securely mounted on the walls.

The style itself is easy to reproduce - even if there are no windows in the entire wall, correctly selected curtains will create the necessary impression.