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How to choose a desk for the student?


A writing desk is not just an integral part of a modern and functional student room. This is the workplace of the child, where he learns lessons, reads and is engaged in creativity. That is why choosing a desk for the student is not always easy and simple.

In order for the student's table to become a harmonious part of the children's room, it is necessary to focus not only on the pricing policy, but also to take into account such factors as:

  • the size;
  • functionality;
  • spaciousness;
  • design;
  • security.



Optimal size

The size of the student's table directly affects the physical condition of the child. In order for a long sitting at the table not to have a negative impact on the health of the student, the depth of the working surface must be at least 60-80 cm, and the width not less than 100 cm.

Check how the desk is suitable for student growth is very simple. If the child’s elbows are placed on the tabletop, and his legs, bent at a right angle, touch the floor, the choice is made correctly. The distance between the tabletop and the student’s knees should be 10-15 cm.

Form and design

Making a study area for a child, many parents often prefer computer tables. Of course, traditional computer desks are ideal for offices and study rooms, but in the student’s room they will not always be relevant, since they do not imply a lot of space for writing and placing school supplies. A computer desk for a student will be convenient only if it has a separate niche or cabinet for a computer and a laptop, and the working area for writing is large enough and wide.

The best option to the student’s room will be a standard rectangular writing desk with a drawer and drawers. Such a table can be placed both near the window and near the wall, it will fit well into any interior, and the simple design of the model will make it easy to arrange a place for writing and a niche for a monitor.

However, choosing a desk for children, do not become attached to the traditional rectangular models. Original and unusual in the interior of the children's room will look compact transforming table for the student. This table allows you to adjust the height and tilt of the tabletop, so it is perfect for both younger students and teenagers.

A practical option for a small room will be a corner desk. The corner table will help free up space in the room for the child, and its various variations (corner computer desk with shelves or superstructure) will allow you to create a convenient and comfortable working area.

Built-in tables with drawers and shelves are considered very popular and fashionable. Such models can be the basis of the interior room for schoolchildren, and their simple and convenient design makes it easy to organize the space, having equipped the necessary lockers and niches.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of desks with a sloping tabletop. Very often, the slope in such models can be adjusted, so desks with a sloped tabletop are ideal for primary school age. A necessary addition to any student desk, especially school desks for younger students, will be a comfortable chair with an orthopedic backrest.



Capacity and functionality

For a desk to become a comfortable and convenient workplace for a child, it is necessary to take care that it is not only beautiful, but also roomy. To do this, you can use all kinds of shelves, cabinets, niches, cabinets and drawers, in which the student will be able to put their notebooks, books, pens and pencils. All drawers and cabinets should be easy to open. The more convenient the child learns lessons at the table, the more productive and better his work will be.

The most functional and roomy are the tables with a superstructure, which allow you to fit all the necessary school supplies. However, when choosing a table with an add-in, it is important to remember that additional designs do not block out natural light.

Materials and colors

Choosing a desk for the student, you should not forget about such an important criterion as the safety of the materials used to make it. Of course, we are not talking about buying a desktop from an array of rare woods, but cheap plastic tables, which may have a toxic smell, should not be chosen either.



How to choose a table for two children?

When organizing a working area in a room for two children, it is very important to ensure that each student has his own workplace.

For a house where 2 students live, a desk for two in the form of a solid tabletop on the whole wall can be a good solution. You can divide the working area on such a table with the help of a drawer, various shelves and drawers.

An interesting solution, which is supported by modern psychologists, can be tables placed against each other.

For two children fit folding, folding or corner table, as well as built-in wall work area.

The most unusual ideas

To work the corner reinforced the student's thirst for knowledge, became the center and bright detail of the room, for its design, you can choose the table of unusual shape. Original and creative in the interior of the children's room look round and oval student tables, as well as tables with a pencil case or a curved table top.



An interesting idea would be to personally drawn pictures, watches and other little things that can decorate the space around the desktop. The main thing is not to overdo it, because a desk for a student is, above all, a place to study, which should stimulate the child to new knowledge, and not distract from lessons and lessons.

Where to put the school desk?

Student desk should be placed only in a well-lit place. A safe option would be its location near the wall or in the corner. Of course, the desk can be placed near the window, however, provided that the student’s room has thick curtains. To the student was comfortable and comfortable in the work area, around the desk should not be placed any other furniture.