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Burgundy curtains - a reflection of wealth and elegance (22 photos)


Several colors are usually involved in creating a stylish interior, but the advantage of two or three shades characterizes the owner. Sometimes color becomes the main idea of ​​creating and decorating the room. And the first impression about the design is made directly from the color solution of the interior. A distinctive feature of burgundy tone is diversity (an unexpected manifestation near different colors).



It is well known that colors affect a person by setting a certain mood. Burgundy color is a deep and rich shade of red and refers to a warm range of colors. Bordeaux in the interior demonstrates delicacy, solidity, confidence. Negative attitudes to hue may occur, so when using it is advisable to dose the color saturation. Diluting the density and density of the burgundy with light tones, you can soften its overwhelming features.

Not every room is ideal for these rich and rich colors. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account some subtleties of the situation:

  • the area of ​​the room should be large, otherwise the curtains will look gloomy and cumbersome;
  • lighting should be a lot;
  • the overall presence of burgundy accessories and items is desirable to minimize.

Sometimes it is difficult to resist temptation, and you want to see in the design a noble and capricious shade, despite the modest size of the room. An excellent solution to this contradiction is to hang light curtains with decorative burgundy elements (podhvaty, edging, pattern / ornament).

As a rule, the main color of curtains is supported by accessories, upholstered furniture. Naturally, all shades should be organically combined. Bordeaux looks beautiful with close warm tones - milk, cream and beige.



A unique combination that gives the impression of luxury and wealth - wine shades with gold. In this case, the Bordeaux is desirable to make not the dominant color, and scattered over the interior details - curtains, pillows, carpets. The decor will look natural if the golden colors are presented in the same volume. A worthy member of this magnificent ensemble will be a light olive shade.



Gorgeous bedroom

Burgundy thick curtains in combination with pink tulle will create the desired atmosphere of tenderness and comfort in the sleep room, because shades of pink will soften the richness of burgundy. Such a connection is appropriate to use in the interiors of the classic, modern style.

For compact bedrooms, an excellent option would be a combination of beige and light curtains made of tulle and Roman or rolshtor of a subdued shade of paprika.

More than fabulous and luxurious look bedrooms in the Oriental style. Velor and velvet burgundy curtains in the bedroom - a mandatory attribute of an expensive and solemn atmosphere.

The combination of burgundy curtains with golden patterned wallpaper will give the room the look of a royal apartment. Luxurious holders decorated with tassels with gold will complement this feeling.




The sophistication and luxury of the living room

As a rule, burgundy color does not completely form the interior of the room. It is quite enough to use some of the details of textiles to the influence of the wine gamut manifested in the design. Ideal - curtains of thick silk, which will bring notes of aristocracy and mystery to the hall.

Silk curtains with patterns, effectively shimmering in the light, will give solemnity of the decor of the main room. It is also appropriate to decorate the window opening with maroon curtains of dense velvety fabric. Curtains can be floor-length or lay folds on the floor covering. Hang textile fabrics better on double curtain rods. For a stylish window decoration of spacious rooms, the length of the eaves should be 0-50 cm wider than the window opening.






Comfort in the kitchen with burgundy mood

Burgundy curtains in the kitchen should be concise and neat. A great option for small rooms is to place Roman or rolling curtains in the window opening. To give a more solemn mood, you can additionally hang white-cream tulle on the grommet. The original combination of bordeaux with pink tones will create a joyful and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

If the walls of the room are monotonous, then bright curtains with medium-sized burgundy pattern or ornament will look spectacular.




When creating the interior of any room, it is worth using a vivid burgundy color with an eye. So that the shade does not create a depressing impression, it is desirable to complement the decor with small interior details of the same color range (sofa cushions, lamp shades). The key to a harmonious interior will be the use of colors that are most compatible with luxurious burgundy.