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Narrow curtains: features of use in the interior (22 photos)


The main functional purpose of the curtains is to cover the room from prying eyes and protect it from the penetration of sunlight. In addition, the curtains on the windows can not only transform the interior, but also adjust the design features of the room. Such products are an integral part of the interior of any style, and they are represented by many varieties. Among them - and narrow curtains on the windows.



Features of the use of narrow curtains in the interior

Making a standard window opening is not difficult, because in the design world there are many stylish and original ideas, but to choose curtains for a narrow window is a rather complicated task, which is often only possible by professional designers.

There are various design techniques for the design of narrow windows. The following options for curtains are excellent for such structures:

  • fabric curtains;
  • various types of roller blinds;
  • Roman curtains.

Often, designers for narrow windows choose Roman curtains, while, according to experts, should prefer bright monochromatic products or prints in the form of small horizontal contrast stripes. Small flower drawings are inappropriate for narrow curtains, such a print makes them look like roll wallpaper.




Interior styles

Narrow windows can be decorated in different styles. The most winning options for such window openings will be the following styles:

  • Classic - choose a long curtain of rectangular shape, reaching to the floor. At registration you can use lambrequins, but here you should not get too carried away with the decor.
  • Australian style. This style is characterized by the use of narrow curtains with a large number of folds, resembling an accordion.
  • Roman curtains. This is a lifting version of the curtains that are fastened with velcro to the lifting mechanism. Other curtain lifting models - French, London, Chinese, roll, pleated - will also be good options for narrow windows in the living room.




Despite the variety of styles, the most common is the classic design. The narrow curtains of the classic style are two woven stripes located on both sides of the window. As a decor, a lambrequin can be placed above the window opening. Classic curtains are the most versatile elements of the interior. They can be used in such rooms:

  • kitchen;
  • living room;
  • bedroom;
  • work rooms.

Cafe style is another actual design option for narrow curtains. Such products are straight dense stripes with lambrequin on top. Fabrics of bright colors are preferred.




Living room and bedroom design

In the bedroom and living room, narrow curtains connected with a ribbon will look beautiful and harmonious. When using this model of curtains on the window, two narrow curtains are hung at the sill level. This option would be appropriate only for spacious rooms with high ceilings. With the help of such an unusual design, the interior of the room will become more elegant and attractive.

Narrow versions of the curtains on the grommets are quite common. Grommets are called plastic rings on which fabric webs are attached. These rings curtains and mounted on the eaves. The best material for curtains on the grommet is light tulle, mesh, organza, silk.



In the kitchen, you can use so popular today Roman blinds. At the same time for this zone of the house, located in the northern part, it is desirable to choose products from light materials, well transmitting light. If your kitchen faces south, you can choose kitchen curtains for narrow windows in any color scheme, taking into account the overall style of the room.

It is not necessary for the kitchen to choose long curtains, they can reach the window sill. Often, the hostess for this room use two sets of Roman curtains - separately for the warm and cold season.




For winter, light translucent curtains are suitable, which will allow daylight into the room well. For the summer period it is necessary to give preference to dense materials that can protect the hostess from exhausting heat.

Blinds are another good option for the kitchen. They are represented by such species:

  • bamboo;
  • wooden;
  • tissue.

When choosing narrow roller blinds for the kitchen, you should consider exactly which zone they will be located on the windows. If you need curtains for the dining area, you can choose fabric products. When making a window in the zone where the process of cooking will take place, it is advisable to use bamboo and wooden rolling mechanisms.

Narrow curtains - an interesting and fairly common version of products for the decoration of windows. They are widely used in interior design with narrow windows.