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Corner sofa in the kitchen - a convenient and indispensable thing (24 photos)


A small corner sofa - just a godsend for kitchens with a small yardage. Its installation helps to solve several problems at once - to make the kitchen cozy, place a large number of people at the table and increase the number of beds.

How to choose it correctly?

When choosing a sofa you need to pay attention to it:

  • dimensions;
  • price;
  • frame functions;
  • quality upholstery;
  • the composition of the filler;
  • convenience;
  • the naturalness of the materials used;
  • design.

Before you go to the store, measure with a tape measure the dimensions of the angle in which you want to put a soft sofa in the kitchen. Before you make a purchase, you should know exactly what size sofa you need. It should not be too bulky or small. The perfect kitchen sofa is proportional to the size of the table. For kitchens in "Khrushchev" and studio apartments came up with mini-sofas. They occupy the space in the room as much as the three stools, but fit into the interior of the kitchen more organically.



In the store you like to sit on the sofa you like. Rate how soft it is or, on the contrary, hard. The price for many is the determining factor, but if the sofa is cheap and it is uncomfortable to sit on it, you should not buy it.

It is also important that the sofa was made of environmentally friendly materials: the frame itself, upholstery and filler. Cheap materials have an unpleasant smell that does not erode over the years. For a kitchen sofa, environmental friendliness of materials is especially important, because in the kitchen, where it stinks with plastic and cheap leatherette, you will definitely not be able to eat and eat.



Sofa functions

Folding sofas in the kitchen can perform several functions at once. Namely to be:

  • seating position;
  • a place to store things;
  • extra bed.

A corner sofa in the kitchen with a bed can be an ideal option for families who often have relatives or friends on a visit. Depending on the size of the sofa bed can be single, one and a half or double. In such a transformer, one of the sides in a disassembled form, as a rule, is not less than 180 cm. On this basis, it is possible to calculate whether such a folding sofa can fit in the kitchen or not. Today, you can find a variety of models of transformers that can be folded out from a sitting position, and when assembled, their width does not exceed 60-70 cm.



The transformer can be of the following types:

  • eurobook;
  • withdrawable;
  • "dolphin";
  • "Verona";
  • couch;
  • "tango".

All these sofas are laid out in different ways. The most optimal and suitable option is the dolphin model. It unfolds very simply: just pull the lower berth from under the seat. If the mechanism is qualitative, then it can be folded and folded in one motion. Also for the small-sized kitchen suitable transformer "Verona". When assembled, it almost does not occupy space, but is decomposed into a full double seat. Disassembled such a sofa has a length of more than 2 meters, so buying it, expect: whether it fits in the kitchen.




A sofa bed can also be an extra place to store things. Under the seat of such sofas there is a box, whose height is 30-40 cm, and a minimum width of 40. Here you can put kitchen utensils that you don’t use every day, as well as towels and bed linen. Some people make a bar out of such a box, which is also convenient, but, of course, there is no need to put plates and pans there - you will get tired of opening and closing the sofa several times a day to get the necessary dishes.

Important design elements

How long the sofa will serve you depends on the strength of the material from which the frame is made. He might be:

  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • DSP;
  • MDF.

The metal frame is considered the most reliable. It will not break even from a sharp blow or from a large load, but a sofa with such a frame has a lot of weight, so in order to decompose it, you need to make an effort. A wood-framed sofa weighs less. And if wood is of high quality, then it is not inferior in strength to metal. A sofa with a frame made of chipboard or MDF will cost much less, but it will also serve less. These materials do not have the necessary strength.




The sofa for the kitchen should not be as soft as for the living room or bedroom. It should have a rigid packing and a straight back with a thin layer of filler, then it will be comfortable to sit on it and have lunch. The cheapest models of sofas stuffed with foam. It is soft, but over time it can crumple and deform. A higher quality filler is polyurethane foam, to which special fibers are added. They make the filler more elastic and durable. Corner leather sofas for the kitchen can be with a thick layer of filler and strong springs, but they are expensive and have large dimensions, so they are not in such great demand as sofas with polyurethane foam.




Upholstery for kitchen sofa

Today, upholstered sofas use different materials. The most popular are:

  • leather / eco-leather;
  • jacquard;
  • chenille

The eco-leather sofa is considered to be the ideal solution for a kitchen interior. Spilled tea or soup can be wiped off with a flick of a rag. High-quality eco-leather is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, so nothing will happen to it after it boils. Cheaper eco-leather has a limited service life: over time, it begins to crack, peel and become useless.

A serious drawback of such sofas is that it is impossible to sit on them in the summer, their legs and arms are sweating and just starting to stick to such a sofa.

In winter, you need to transport this sofa according to special rules. It must be wrapped in several layers of dense fabric, because at low temperature even the highest quality material can crack.

Cheaper option - fabric upholstery. For the kitchen sofa need a fabric impregnated with a special water-repellent composition. From this material, fruit juice, fat, vegetable oil, wine and other stains should be easily removed. The appearance of food stains on the couch can not be avoided, no matter how hard you try. Fabric for kitchen corner transformer must be with a short nap - it is easier to remove dirt from it.




Choosing a color and design

The color of the kitchen sofa-transformer must be chosen for the interior, but at the same time attention should be paid to dark shades. It is extremely impractical to put a white sofa in the kitchen - it gets dirty very quickly, but it will be difficult to remove the dirt from it. For a kitchen sofa with a berth it is better to choose upholstery of gray, sand or any dark color.

You can also choose a beautiful fabric with an ornament. Moreover, this fabric can match the color of the floor, curtains and pillows on the chairs. You can order a monochromatic dark sofa and sew on it bright pillows, suitable for the interior. For a kitchen sofa, pillows should be small and thin. Otherwise, they will take a lot of space, and it will be uncomfortable to sit on it.

Sofas made of dark or light wood with fabric upholstery suitable for interiors of a variety of styles. For example, they will fit into a classic kitchen, as well as Provence or Country. Monochromatic upholstery is suitable for classics, and for rustic style - upholstery in small florets.




In the kitchen in the style of minimalism, you can install a sofa with chrome legs and eco-leather armrests. The back of it can be light, and the seat - black. Wood and metal elements should match in tone with other kitchen furniture. If you have a kitchen set of natural wood, you do not need to buy a sofa with chrome legs.

It is quite simple to choose an angular sofa for the kitchen, because most of them have a neutral color and can fit into any interior. Another thing is important: not to be mistaken with its size and to choose the right upholstery and filler. Today, you can find a budget version of the sofa, but you shouldn’t save on it much, because the kitchen is the place where friends and family members are most often. That is why there should be a comfortable, beautiful and modern sofa of good quality.