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Lilac curtains in the interior: romantic options (25 photos)


Lilac color has always been a symbol of luxury and prosperity. Only wealthy people could afford to buy fabrics of this color, because lilac dye was expensive. Times have changed, and today everyone can buy curtains of lilac color. This color is not combined with all shades, but if you think through every little thing, the interior with lilac curtains will turn out to be refined and sophisticated.



What material is better?

Curtains in the interior perform several functions at once. They protect from the sun and decorate the interior, so choosing curtains, you need, first of all, to decide on the material from which they will be sewn. Curtains sew from:

  • cotton;
  • flax;
  • silks;
  • polyester;
  • viscose.

All these materials have their own characteristics. Lilac curtains in the kitchen should be made of natural materials: cotton and flax. These fabrics do not fade quickly, are easily washed and "breathe." Even if the kitchen is on the sunny side, fabrics under the influence of direct sunlight will not lose their colors. Kitchen curtains need washing more often than others, because here on the stove something is constantly fried and boiled.



How to combine lilac curtains?

When you have decided on the choice of fabric, you can think about whether to use plain curtains of lilac color or combine them with other colors. Lilac curtains in the interior are easily combined with:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • black
  • wine red;
  • coffee

Lilac with beige and white is a classic and very popular combination. In this case, the walls are painted in light beige tones, beige or white furniture is also selected, and the window framed by beautiful lilac curtains becomes the bright accent of the interior. They can have any shade - beige will be an ideal background for any lilac curtains.

The combination of lilac and red will appeal to creative people. In these colors usually make out living rooms, offices. Thus, the walls can be made wine-red, and on the windows to hang purple curtains with a red ornament. At first glance, such an interior seems too bold and ambiguous, but it is this combination of colors that inspires and gives strength for new creative accomplishments.




Romantic interior can be created by combining lilac color with pink, peach, beige and salmon. All these colors or a combination of only a few of them can be immediately present in one interior. So, for example, walls and furniture can be in pink colors, and curtains - pale lilac.

The ideal and versatile is the combination of coffee and lilac. Despite the fact that coffee belongs to the brown color scheme, it has a cold shade, so on its background lilac seems warmer and deeper. The design of the companion curtains of coffee and lilac flowers always looks original and elegant and is suitable for any interiors.

It seems that lilac curtains are combined with everything, but there are colors with which they should not occur in the interior:

  • scarlet;
  • blue;
  • emerald;
  • Gray;
  • sky blue;
  • bright orange;
  • ultramarine.

These colors interrupt the beautiful lilac, and on their background, it truly fades and becomes dimmer. If you want your window to have an original design, do not experiment, but contact a professional designer.




Create a refined interior

Curtains of lilac color can fit into the interior of any room - it all depends on the individual preferences and financial capabilities of the customer. In the kitchen, we are charged with energy and vigor for the whole day, so here it should be cozy and comfortable. If you want a quieter interior, choose lilac curtains for the kitchen in combination with white or cream tulle.

Curtains with small lavender flowers are suitable for kitchens in Provence or Country style. You can also pick up cotton or linen lilac curtains, decorated with any other floral prints.

A universal option for any kitchen interior will be a roller blind - a compact and very practical. The main thing is that kitchen curtains are made of natural materials that “breathe”, do not accumulate dust and are not afraid of frequent washes.






Lilac curtains in the living room should be sewn from more expensive fabrics, because it is usually in this room that friends gather for which you want to make a pleasant impression. For the living room are ideally suited dense monochromatic lilac silk curtains. They can be threaded into beautiful gold pegs with large tassels, and then the window will become the center of your interior. If you are a supporter of eco-style in the interior, you can hang in the living room and cotton lilac curtains with large flowers, but do not forget that curtains with large floral print are permissible only in spacious rooms. Small rooms with them will seem even smaller.




If you want to create a refined interior, pay attention to the lilac curtains. They come in a variety of shades, they are sewn from natural and synthetic fabrics of different density. Curtains of lilac color can equally well fit into the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery or office. Lilac color is very difficult, so in order not to be mistaken, it is better to contact professional designers for help in window decoration.