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Bright curtains for the boy's room: interesting options (26 photos)


A variety of modern curtains makes it possible to pick them up in combination with the overall design of the room for which they are intended. The main types of curtains are:

  • classic (curtains and curtains to the floor);
  • French (curtains of draped translucent folds);
  • English (curtains up to the level of the window sill, consisting of dense fabric, forming lush folds when it is tightened);
  • Roman curtains (fabric construction, rigid horizontal slats and cords to fit the window);
  • Italian (curtains, not sliding apart completely from above, but gathering diagonally from both sides).

Classic or Italian curtains are often chosen for living rooms, French bedrooms are for the kitchen, English or Roman curtains are suitable for the kitchen, and children's curtains are usually Roman.



Fabrics for the manufacture of curtains use a variety. This is silk, tapestry, cotton, linen, canvas, calico or satin fabric. There are options for combining fabrics of different textures. The choice of fabric depends on what type of curtains are planned in the room in accordance with its purpose.

Choosing curtains for the boy's room

Registration of children's rooms requires a more careful approach, since it will be a question not only of the beauty of the interior, but also of practicality and safety. Selecting the curtains for a boy, you need to take into account his age, the presence of allergies to synthetic materials, color preferences, the color of wallpaper and furniture.



A similar option is roller blinds. They are fabric curtains that are raised by winding the web onto a roller, the length of which is the width of the window opening. In height, they also correspond to the height of the window. The roller itself can be fixed inside the window opening or above it.

For boys, convenience and harmonious combination of colors in the room is more important. They are always restless and want to feel calm and peaceful in their room. They, unlike girls, do not need a riot of colors and the presence of quilling, ribbons and other paraphernalia, supersaturated the decor of the room.

As for the fabric design and brightness of colors, it all depends on the age of the child. For example, curtains in a children's room for a boy who is not 7 years old can be with painted characters of children's fairy tales and cartoons. Curtains in the room of a teenager should be more restrained and calm tones. Given the temperament of the child, they can be with a pattern that repeats scenes of comics or monotonous cold shades.




The best, suitable for all age groups are considered to be curtains in the marine style. It can be a white and blue stripe, a lonely large ship painted on a canvas, funny turtles and starfish, anchors scattered throughout the fabric or several yachts competing with each other. A teenager boy can be trusted with an independent choice of such curtains. The presence of a cold blue color always had a calming effect on the psyche and helped to concentrate.

The rule that room designers use is that if there are wallpapers with a pattern, the curtains on the windows should be monochrome, and if there are plain wallpapers, the curtains with a print will help to revive the interior. The main thing is not to overdo it in choosing the brightness of colors. For normal development, the child needs to feel calm, and this is facilitated by a combination of not more than 3 colors in the palette of interior colors.




The game of colors allows you not only to feel comfortable in the room, but also to make it lighter or darker and even to expand the very space of the room. Fabric curtains with vertical colored stripes visually lift ceilings. Blue or green curtains can dim the sunlight, and orange, beige or yellow will make the room brighter.



Rules for the care of Roman and roller blinds

Of course, it is desirable that the nursery had only natural materials. Dyes fabric curtains do not have to be of poor quality and meet all necessary standards.

If there is no allergy to permissible chemical agents, then the fabric for such curtains can be chosen with a special impregnation, which will give them anti-dust and antistatic properties. Protects this impregnation from burnout fabric in the sun. This should especially be considered for rooms with windows facing the sunny side. Caring for them is minimal. Such curtains enough to vacuum once every few months.



The features of operation include the fact that, until the very eaves, Roman curtains can not be lifted, so as not to break the slats. Leave is recommended 25-30 cm from the eaves with short curtains assembled. The presence of a special fastener will make it possible to quickly and easily remove a fabric cloth in order to clean or replace it. This is very convenient, given that children grow, and the curtains can be changed, given the characteristics and tastes of each child, and they, as you know, change from year to year. Decorating the bottom of such curtains will help make them more attractive and combine one theme with all the textiles of the room.




For small rooms or small window openings you can’t think of anything better than roller or roman blinds, which allow you to save space and not overload visually and in fact the general interior of a small room. In addition, with such curtains open access to the window, which can be quickly opened. In this case, the curtains will not interfere. For upper ventilation, lowered curtains will also be a protective barrier against drafts.




Parents want only the best for their children. Starting from small things and ending with serious things, we want nothing to hinder either the health or the harmonious development of the child. With this approach we choose the interior of the children's room and all related products, including curtains for the children's room. It is important that the child himself liked everything in the room, and he could independently regulate the lighting in the room.