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Maroon wallpapers in the interior: luxurious classics and juicy modernity (22 photos)


The trend of recent years in the application of home pastels in light pastel shades is gradually changing. Increasingly color shades are used more often in the design of residential premises, including in the decoration of walls. In the series of spectral colors, burgundy is one of the shades of red. It is believed that he gives the dynamics of the interior, fills the room with positive energy. However, it belongs to the range of natural warm colors that create a special aura in a residential area, so burgundy wallpaper in the interior can be the dash that will make the design of the room refined and individual.



General rules for the use of wallpaper burgundy color in the interior

If you decide to use shades of burgundy to decorate a room, you should be aware that there are several rules for interior design in burgundy tones:

  • they should be used in large rooms with high ceilings, in which the rich color of the walls will not create the feeling of a small space;
  • it is very important that there is enough natural light in the room, otherwise there should be several sources of artificial lighting;
  • for the decoration of the surface of the floor and ceiling is best to use a bright color scheme;
  • furniture made of natural wood, decorative panels on the walls and accessories "antique" will be the perfect complement to the burgundy wallpaper;
  • objects of decor and decor, made of natural materials such as stone, decorative brick or wood of various species, will help to smooth and facilitate the increased energy of the wallpaper of burgundy shades.

According to professional designers, burgundy color is quite democratic, and working with it makes it possible to create a cozy and at the same time very individual interior. In this case, special attention should be paid to the individual details of the room design, their style and color.

Bordeaux color combination rules with other colors

As for the color combinations of burgundy and other representatives of the color spectrum, then, according to the designers, it is possible to combine it with light tones of almost all natural colors. It is very important to correctly calculate the proportions of the combination of different shades and take into account the effect of the color combinations used:

  • white will make the design of the room easier and fresher;
  • pink will allow the interior to look more feminine and elegant;
  • shades of beige will bring unusual tenderness and warmth to the room;
  • yellow will add elegance and aristocracy;
  • blue will make the interior deep, sharp and fresh;
  • chocolate softens the overall impression and makes an element of luxury, making the design of the room more colorful;
  • green brings the design of the room to nature, creating a special comfort;
  • orange makes the atmosphere of the room more sunny and positive.

Made a special tandem maroon wallpaper with gold. This combination in the design of the walls is often used in classical interiors and such stylistic directions as modern or baroque.




Why is the combination of gold and burgundy so popular:

  • it is the embodiment of luxury in its historical sense, a reminder of royal and knightly solemn halls;
  • golden drawings on the wallpaper, reflecting the light, completely eliminate the darkness inherent in the color of burgundy.

Today, this combination is gradually becoming the most popular in the interiors of both office and residential premises. The use of such wallpaper for wall decoration requires the presence of decorative objects in the interior, which correspond to the design of the room. To eliminate unnecessary pomp in the design of the room, it is enough to paste only with a single wall with burgundy wallpaper with golden flowers or ornaments.

Burgundy wallpaper in the rooms, different in purpose

Historically, burgundy is considered a color intended for the decoration of pompous and solemn rooms. He is associated with medieval castles and royal palaces. However, modern designers are increasingly using burgundy wallpaper for a variety of designated rooms.





This room, where the energy component is the highest in the house. Here, the process of cooking is constantly going on, jets of water are murmuring, dishes are ringing out, so burgundy wallpapers in the kitchen will be most welcome. However, choosing a wallpaper for such a room, you should consider:

  • that the walls of this color will be in harmony with the furniture of light (possible with a shade of gray) tones;
  • availability of high-quality artificial or natural lighting, both general and local;
  • the quality of the wallpaper must comply with the conditions of their operation, they must tolerate moisture, elevated temperatures and easy to wash.

The burgundy color activates the appetite and inspires the preparation of culinary masterpieces. The undoubted advantage of wallpaper in the kitchen design of the walls is that they are not too clearly visible pollution.




Burgundy wallpapers look especially aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen room, made in modern tech styles, for example, high-tech. Geometrically correct strict forms, the absence of smooth lines and the abundance of glass and metal surfaces successfully counterbalances the expression of burgundy shades of the walls in such an interior.

Living room

The front room in each house is a living room. Here the whole family gathers in solemn moments, friends are invited. The walls in the living room, decorated in the color of Bordeaux, will be a suitable choice for such a room. It is recommended to take into account several techniques that will help avoid excessive pathos:

  • if you plan to use burgundy wallpaper with a gold pattern, it is best to use only one wall for this;
  • in a small room you can paste one of the walls with neutral wallpaper of gray or white color;
  • the color of the ceiling and flooring in such an interior should be chosen in light pastel colors, this combination will bring additional comfort to the living room hall;
  • Decorative elements and accessories are very important. They should fall completely into the overall style of the burgundy color of the room and at the same time their color spectrum should balance the increased energy of burgundy walls.

It is believed that the vertical location of the pattern on the wallpaper in the interior of the living room allows you to visually increase the height of the ceilings and push the space.






In hallways and children's rooms, burgundy wallpaper, especially dark shades should be chosen with great care. Hallways, as a rule, have a small area, which can lead to a gloomy atmosphere. The nursery is a special territory in the house that does not tolerate the use of too expressive tones.

Despite the fact that burgundy tones belong to the dark colors of the spectrum, with its proper use, you can create unique interiors for a variety of different purpose and style of the premises. Professional designers offer a large number of techniques, with the help of which burgundy wallpaper will make the interior truly individual and cozy.