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Gray doors in the interior: everything ingenious is simple (31 photos)


Many undeservedly underestimate the doors of gray. For some reason, it is believed that this color is too dull and faded, but this is an unfortunate mistake. In fact, the gray doors in the interior - a real find for designers, because it is gray that serves as a good background for other colors, making them more vivid and rich.



Why buy gray doors?

When designers offer their customers to try to consider gray doors as an option, many, before they hear the rest, refuse right away, because most people immediately associate this color with the so-called “mouse” shade, but the palette of gray shades is limitless. These include:

  • smoky;
  • pearl;
  • gray silver;
  • deep gray;
  • ashen;
  • dark (almost black) gray;
  • gray blue.

These are very beautiful shades that are combined between themselves and other colors. If you choose gray-blue doors, then the interior will seem cold and strict. If you install dark gray doors and put a beige laminate on the floor, the room will immediately become warm and cozy. In addition, almost all shades of gray can emphasize the depth of cherry, brown, green and blue. There are classic combinations of gray and with other colors, which designers constantly remind us of.

Buy interior gray doors need last. First you need to coordinate the interior design, to decide on the purchase of laminate, furniture, wallpaper. And when everything is ordered and purchased, you can purchase interior doors in gray. They will be the final touch that will complete the interior of your apartment.

Immediately give up a completely gray interior. If your apartment has a gray floor and walls, then the doors should be completely different colors. Also it is necessary to abandon the combination of gray with brown or black paint. These colors will be well combined, but they will make me feel sad and melancholy.



Gray doors will look great in the interior in pastel colors. It is with their help will be able to push the space. If in such a bedroom there is a fully glass gray door or a wooden one with glass of original design, then there will be even more air in the room.

To make the interior more warm and truly homely, gray wooden doors can be installed in a room in yellow tones. Against the background of gray, this color will become even more sunny and juicy. Also, gray perfectly emphasizes the beige and sand shades - this is the perfect combination for the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The gray veneer door will look amazing in a white interior. From a calm shade, it will turn into a pearl. Generally, this is a win-win interior combination. You can do the opposite: paint the walls and floor in shades of gray and install white doors.



What material to choose?

When you have decided on the color options for the interior, it is worth considering what material to order the door. Today they are made from:

  • natural wood;
  • veneer;
  • MDF;
  • PVC

Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, gray doors made of natural wood look rich and elegant. They are very durable and reliable, but at the same time oak or other solid doors are rather heavy, they are afraid of sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. If the door is poorly glued, with time it can lead, or cracks will go on the places of gluing.




For those who love natural wood, but are not ready to pay big money for it, designers recommend ordering interior doors in gray oak. They are made of a lighter material and plastered with laminate or veneer of the desired shade. Oak in the interior always looks noble and elegant.





If you want to save, you can buy PVC doors. This material is very popular in the market today. Buyers are pleased with the perfect combination of quality and price. PVC is a light wooden sheet covered with a polymer film. The film can be of any color, so gray PVC doors can fit into any interior.

Another cheap material is MDF. The base is made of wood waste, and then the canvas is covered with veneered colored veneer. Compared to natural oak, MDF doors will be very cheap, but with all the cheapness of materials such gray doors look decent and will look equally good in interiors of different styles.



You can choose solid doors from any of the listed materials, and you can order doors with glass. They will make the interior richer and more refined and visually expand the space.

Gray doors with glass will suit absolutely any room: kitchen, study, living room, bedroom, bathroom. You can choose a frosted glass with the original design, and then this door with glass will become part of the interior.

Gray doors are universal, so they will fit into the design of interiors, made in styles:

  • loft;
  • classic;
  • Provence;
  • vintage;
  • minimalism.

It is very important not to be mistaken with a touch. For minimalism, a cool gray with a steel shade is suitable. Already in the corridor, only with the help of doors of this color will your favorite design be created.




For dusty choose dusty gray - this is the color of aged wood. To make the design complete, you can add other gray details to the interior. For loft-style apartments, the doors of a calm gray color are also suitable. They also paint the brickwork and the floors in the room. For a classic interior, you can order gray doors of any shades and tones - there are no restrictions and special requirements.




Gray doors in the interior - a successful designer find. When you enter the room, you simply do not notice them - so calm and concise color, but if they are removed or replaced with brighter ones, the interior, thought out to the smallest detail, will become screaming and uncomfortable. So that your guests could appreciate the beautiful color of the sofa, floors and walls, put gray doors in the apartment, which will be the ideal background for your unique designer finds.