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Roller blinds without drilling: design possibilities (22 photos)


What are the curtains without drilling, and how to install them independently interests many consumers. This is a fairly simple design that provides ease of use and simple steps when closing and opening. The most popular are roller blinds on plastic windows without drilling, which, if desired, can be installed independently.

Varieties and design features

Before you hang the roller blinds on the window frame, you need to read:

  • with existing designs;
  • with the principle of their work;
  • with features of mounting systems.



Sun protection in the form of curtains on plastic windows can be of several types. Only having learned the features of each design, it will be possible to decide on the choice of one of the following options:

  • Mini (Mini) - an open roll-type system with a drum on which a canvas is wound;
  • "UNI" and "UNI2" - closed systems with canvas, located in the cassette.

Roller blinds on the "Mini" windows belong to the budget option, their fastening is carried out without perforation of the frame. The simple design consists of a movable shaft holder, on which is fixed a special blade. Due to reliable fixation on one side, the material can be straightened, folded and stored in the assembled position.



Increased functionality is provided by cassette roller blinds "Zebra", consisting of alternating strips - blackout curtains (from a very dense fabric) and dimata (from a translucent fabric). Both types of canvases are shifted, as a result of which the intensity of the luminous flux changes, and the window can be made "deaf". It is enough to fix the curtain, and the sun protection system is ready for use. The canvases are shifted to the side without full lifting, and thanks to a snug fit to the window, reliable protection against burning out of curtains, curtains, wallpaper and upholstery of furniture is provided.



Installation Methods

To fix the blinds on the glass in two ways:

  • by means of cap brackets, which are mounted on the frame in the open position. The installation principle is identical to a clamp or a standard paper clip;
  • using double-sided adhesive tape (thick tape).

In the first case, the installation of roller blinds without drilling is carried out using a special bracket, which captures the window sash from above. This method is specifically designed for mounting the system "Mini". Roller blinds on wooden windows can also be installed.



Fastening of roller blinds in the second case is performed with double-sided self-adhesive tape, which is placed on a cassette or drum at the production stage. During installation, the protective film is removed from the adhesive tape and applied to the frame surface, degreased with a special solution. Those who install blinds for the first time should know that before you hang the curtains, you need to very precisely mark the points where the system fasteners will be placed. Knowing how to fix roller blinds, you can carry out installation yourself.

Fastening curtains in the winter is performed with a pre-heated frame hair dryer.



Roman blinds without drilling

Simplicity is different roman blind, without drilling fastened with a universal cornice on the frame or in the window opening. For curtains of this type is suitable telescopic cornice, which is placed directly in the window opening and is adjustable. The canvases are assembled in the up-and-down direction by the "accordion", the degree of compactness of which is adjusted as desired.





Modern methods allow you to attach ready-made roller blinds to the frame, without making much effort. Such systems have received increased demand and due to numerous advantages decorate window openings:

  • Cassette-type curtains can be hung close to the window, as a result of which they are one with the profile.
  • Suitable for any room and interior style.
  • Do not occupy the window sill.
  • Differ in simple leaving and operation.
  • Enhance the aesthetic characteristics of a large or small window.
  • They can act as an independent decorative element in the interior and are perfectly combined with traditional curtains, tulle curtains.

Knowing how to install different types of curtains on a plastic window, you can cope on your own without the help of experts. Fastening systems are very convenient and are installed easily and simply, without spoiling the appearance and integrity of the plastic profile.