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Properly choose a ladder for home and garden


Many household chores cannot be done without the help of a stepladder. It is needed to hang curtains, wipe the dust on the closets, get something from the shelf, climb into the attic of the house or harvest from the top branches of the tree, so it is important to make the right choice of stepladder. Buying it, you get not just a tool, but a reliable and indispensable assistant who will be needed almost every day.

The question of how to choose a ladder, many have already asked in the hardware store. When choosing a ladder you need to look at:

  • the material from which it is made;
  • step widths;
  • distance between steps;
  • the presence of fences and railings on the site;
  • the presence of devices that prevent slipping;
  • the presence of deep relief on the steps.

Also, when choosing a home step-ladder, you need to pay attention so that it is easy to assemble, has a small weight, is compact and mobile. Most importantly, the ladder was stable.

It is desirable that this was a stepladder with wide steps with rubber linings on the legs, which will not allow it to slide on the floor. Gum should be on the steps and on the handles, for which you need to hold during work. If you are worried about your safety, then choose a model only from stepladders made according to GOST.

Stepladder for the house, first of all, should be the optimal height for your apartment. Choose a stepladder so that from it you can reach the ceiling in the largest room. There is no sense in taking too high a stepladder. It will cost more, and you will not have to use it completely. Also in the apartment will need to find a place to store such a staircase.

If you live in your own home, you will need a garden stepladder. There are no strict height restrictions. However, if you plan to collect, standing on it, cherries from the top of the tree or climb it to the attic, then you will need a higher staircase.

In the kitchen, simply irreplaceable chair stepladder. It simultaneously performs two functions: you can sit on it and you can climb and remove cans from the top shelves of kitchen cabinets on it. If guests come, and there are not enough chairs, it can be used as a stool. The main advantage of this ladder is that it is very compact, that is why a stepladder for a kitchen can be low, and it is better to buy it as an addition to the first one.

Today, ladders are made from a variety of materials. The most popular are:

  • aluminum;
  • tree;
  • steel;
  • duralumin;
  • fiberglass.

The most popular option is an aluminum stepladder. Due to its low weight, it can be easily moved from place to place, folded and unfolded. Aluminum does not break, almost does not deform, does not rust. This ladder is best to buy for the apartment.

All stepladders are divided into two large groups:

  • professional;
  • household.

The first type of stepladders is used in large-scale production, and the second is acquired by ordinary users for working at home and in the garden. They have a lower height and weight and are not designed for excessive loads.

If you need a metal stepladder, during its selection, pay special attention to the steps. For any work you need exactly stepladder with wide steps steady, compact and mobile. It is also important that the stairs have embossed elastic bands - with their presence, the use of such a ladder becomes safer.

Look for wooden and metal double-sided ladders with restrictive belts. They securely fix the ladder and eliminate the possibility of its possible folding during operation. The legs of these stairs are also different. A metal stepladder with pointed legs is suitable for working in the garden, and a stepladder on castors (it will be easy to move) for repair.