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Carved stretch ceilings: features of the application, advantages and disadvantages (20 photos)


Carved ceilings - this is a complex of canvases, folding into levels. At least one of the layers of such masterpieces contains artistic cuts. It can be either futuristic motifs, flower arrangements, images of animals, as well as strict geometric shapes. Want to learn more about the specifics of creating such paintings? Read carefully this article, here you will find all the necessary information.



Design features

When installing the ceiling canvas stretched parallel to each other. To create the desired effect is mounted several layers. At the same time, the upper parts can have bright and saturated colors, and the lower ones - calm pastel shades, and vice versa. The cutouts are made using a high-precision laser, which unpacks the matter so that there is no trace of its effect. The edges remain melted and smooth, so there is no risk that everything will crawl. It should also be noted that over time they do not sag and for a long time (the account has been going on for decades) retain the original aesthetic properties.

Carved ceilings differ in design and number of colors. The thread can have various parameters and shapes. In this case, the patterns can be arranged both symmetrically and randomly with respect to each other.

Often, the upper layers have a matte surface, and the lower ones, on the contrary, are glossy. This combination allows you to create a game of light and shade, emphasizing the depth of the slits. The result is a 3D image.

Installation of carved stretch ceilings involves the use of special fasteners - 3D profiles. Such parts allow you to capture and install several paintings at once. The technology is already patented and is beginning to be actively implemented in other areas of construction and repair.

This section should be given special attention, since this solution allows you to make a carved ceiling unique and original. The light can be both external and internal. You can create any lighting system with the use of classical chandeliers, as well as with the installation of spotlights and LED strip.



A carved ceiling with LED strip lighting is something stunning. Glow, reflected from glossy surfaces, as if makes the pattern bottomless, creating the effect of volume. Immediately refracting many times, the flow creates ornate patterns on the canvas, as a result, the perforated canvas becomes lively and airy.



Areas of use

Decorative carved ceiling fits perfectly into any interior. Patterns on the surface give the situation elegance and sophisticated chic.

  • Large cuts are typical for minimalist styles and high-tech. For the latter direction, black and white tones are preferred.
  • Flower arrangements can be used for provence and classics. It is good if this ornament will be repeated on textiles, for example, curtains or upholstery of furniture.
  • Cream, dairy, brown shades will perfectly fit into traditional interiors.
  • Oriental motifs in design harmoniously complement the ceiling with a thread in the form of appropriate patterns.



Advantages and disadvantages

Like other types of finishing materials, carved ceilings have their flaws and advantages. That's just with the listing of the first we begin.

  • Noise absorption. In the holes, the sounds are dissipated and converted into heat energy.
  • The materials used are not combustible, safe for health and have an antistatic effect.
  • All installation work takes only a few hours, unless, of course, we do not mean carved wooden ceilings.
  • All the irregularities of concrete slabs and communications are securely hidden and do not spoil the view.
  • An incredible amount of variations on the theme of color and shape of the thread.
  • Durability and practicality.
  • Versatility.
  • Can be installed in both large and small rooms.
  • Easy cleaning.

Yes, as you can see, the advantages of carved designs are many, but the disadvantage is only one - a rather high cost. If a meter of standard canvas costs about 300 rubles, then the price per square meter of the carved ceiling varies between 1100-2500 depending on the degree of "gravity" and the number of layers.



At the end of this article I would like to note the following fact: during installation, round holes may slightly change in size and shape. The fact is that all the canvases are attached crosswise, based on the selected angle. If the specialists do not have enough experience, the shape of the circles may shift just in this direction, from which the installation began.



Carved stretch ceilings - this is a new technology, which from the very first day began to actively gain momentum and only increases its popularity. Such national love is due, among other things, to the fact that they can be mounted even in rooms with a height not large enough. Hurry to make your home more comfortable and original, and all your family members and numerous friends will rush into it!