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Padding a sofa: how to give a second life to soft furniture (24 photos)


Sooner or later, your favorite sofa will lose its gloss and appeal. It is foolish and inappropriate to buy new furniture only because the appearance of the old one has spoiled a little. Hauling a sofa with your own hands is the most budget-friendly solution to a problem. However, you can update your home furniture, using the services of an experienced master. The main thing is to choose the best option for upholstery.



The main nuances of choice

Textiles - a unique tool for interior decor. With the help of spectacular materials, you can transform any room, totally change the look of the furniture, make the house more comfortable and beautiful. Hauling furniture is a good way not only to return the lost aesthetics to an old sofa or chair, but also to significantly change the situation in the room due to the "magical transformation" of key attributes.



Tissue classification by composition and key qualities

Usually textiles are classified by origin. On how and from what fabric was made, performance and aesthetics of the fabric depend. For sofa upholstery fabrics of the following categories can be used:

  • Natural textiles. Eco-friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic, safe in all respects fabrics like flax, jute, cotton as fibers can be combined with each other or with synthetic analogues. The minimum percentage - 40% of natural components in the canvas;
  • Synthetics. Padding the sofa with synthetic materials is extremely popular because of the high degree of wear resistance of the canvases. Textiles are not prone to shrinkage, do not shed, which is important for the kitchen sofa or children's "books." The disadvantages include low air permeability and the ability to accumulate static voltage;
  • Artificial canvas. We are talking about materials obtained in the course of deep and thorough processing of natural raw materials by industrial means. Textiles have better performance than synthetics, but wear out much faster.

Most fabrics are made by combining all three types of raw materials. Choosing textiles, it is worth considering each type of upholstery separately.




This type of upholstery can be artificial or natural. The most popular and accessible type is Alcantara. Often hauling leather sofa is just using suede. You want to get rid of the unpleasant properties of the skin “stick” to the body as soon as possible, so many people choose delicate, soft, delicate suede instead of coarse skin.

The unusual texture gives the furniture, and the whole room is especially chic and luxurious, gives a feeling of warmth, comfort, security. However, such pleasant textiles require appropriate care. To make the sofa a little longer, it is recommended to use special cleansers designed specifically for suede.

If you plan to hauling kitchen corner, it is better to abandon the suede fabric. This upholstery is especially afraid of moisture and various fluids. Such stains will be impossible to get rid of. A similar rule works in the children's room, if the child often brings food or various liquids into the room.





Velvet - fabric with a fluffy front surface, characterized by extreme softness. A similar material, but with a long nap (from 3 to 8 mm) is classified as velor. Upholstery ennobles chairs, sofas and sofas of complex shape. The more kinks, the clearer and more interesting is the texture of the canvas.

Velvet is valued for its high aesthetic qualities. There are a lot of colors, various decorative examples: embroidery, stamping, printing, appliques. Velor samples are interesting for their performance. Velor is not wrinkled, long retains color and texture.




Jacquard is a lint-free material, characterized by complex weaving, often complemented by a multi-color pattern. It is durable, durable, unpretentious, versatile in terms of stylistic combinations. For example, the waist of the couch can be combined with elements made of jacquard. With a properly selected color and overall design, the composition is quite spectacular.



However, jacquard is considered a rather specific fabric. It is believed that textiles have a certain coldness that fits well with the concept of expensive and classic interiors.




If you have to hauling a corner sofa, which is not very susceptible to operational loads, you can experiment with silk textiles. Silk as a natural fiber is used for finishing upholstered furniture not as often as other materials.