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Living room in the country: we make out a country dwelling (27 photos)


In the warm season, many city dwellers leave for their country house. For some, this is just a modest corner where you can relax in solitude from the working rush. For others - a place where it is not a shame to meet guests. Today we will talk about how to arrange the living room in the country, so that it will be a pleasure to rest there.



Tips for interior design living room in the country

Since the cottage is different from an ordinary residential building, during the repair it is necessary to take into account some features:

  • Summer house is designed for temporary residence (usually in the summer). In order to keep the dacha unchanged in the cold season, it is necessary to choose the finishing materials correctly. The best choice is wood and stone.
  • Typically, the situation for the garden - this furniture, moved from a city apartment. It may be old interior items that have not lost their functionality, but simply went out of fashion. Either something broken, with which the owners are hard to part with. In the first case, the furniture can be updated and left, in the second - should be ruthlessly thrown away.
  • Often the living room in a country house combines both a lounge and a kitchen area. To keep the room from looking cluttered, stick to the principle of minimalism. The rustic-style kitchen design will successfully complement the stove and painted crockery.
  • For the walls it is desirable to use calm colors (white, beige, light gray, olive). They create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Wooden walls are covered with transparent varnish to leave their natural shade. Monochromatic color range diluted with bright accessories.
  • Take seriously the choice of curtains. Curtains of airy fabric visually expand a small room. If there are no problems with the area of ​​the room, pay attention to the thick curtains that will prevent the penetration of sunlight on a hot day. If the living room and kitchen are combined, the curtains should be the same or be combined with each other.

To the interior of the cottage pleased you, do not be afraid to experiment!

The living room in the country is a place where gatherings will be held with family and friends. For everyone to feel comfortable, you must carefully consider the interior of this room. We offer to get acquainted with the main styles that are used by designers to design the "heart of the summer house".




In Provence style, preference is given to natural themes and natural materials for decoration. For flooring the living room is best to use wood or stone. You can also select zones with tiles or bricks. A prerequisite should be the effect of antiquity. If the materials are new, they can be artificially aged by their own hands. For example, wooden boards can be lightly cut, in some places tiles should be chipped.



At registration of a ceiling in style Provence light pastel shades are used. It can be milk, bleached olive, pale pistachio, light blue or white. Against the background of such shades as if burned out in the sun, massive wooden beams will look great. Sometimes they are painted in the tone of the ceiling to make a lighter poorly lit room.

The walls of the living room in the style of Provence sheathed wood with the effect of wear and easy cohesion or wallpaper. Wall-paper can be monophonic (pastel or natural shades), with contrast strips or flower motives. In the latter case, pay attention to the details combined with decorative elements.



If space dimensions permit, then build a fireplace. Depending on the building structure, it can be decorative or heating. The fireplace in Provence style is made U-shaped from natural or artificial stones of soft tones. It is decorated with forged metal parts. A living room with a fireplace, where firewood will comfortably crackle, will become a favorite place for guests and members of your family.



Complete the creation of the interior Provence in the living room massive furniture and an abundance of decor. Since the room is dominated by calm natural shades, it should add bright accents. On the sofa you need to throw cute pads in colorful covers. On the window hang linen curtains with floral motifs. Bouquets from wild flowers will create a special atmosphere. The effect of disrepair will give old books, watches or candlesticks. If you are designing a living room combined with a kitchen, add pottery and a tablecloth with ruffles or ruffles.



Country music

The interior of the living room in the country-style cottage is a combination of maximum practicality, closeness to nature and uncomplicated rustic comfort. Designers emphasize simplicity and functionality. Making the room in this style, you need to avoid cutting-edge finishing materials, as they are not combined with the concepts of "naturalness" and "rural life." The color palette as close as possible to natural shades: white, beige, brown, terracotta, yellow, green. As the main palette, it is worth defining 3-4 colors, and adding color to the room with the help of rich accessories.




The walls in the house can be covered with wallpaper in a strip, checkered or with floral and floral ornaments. You can apply decorative plaster, trim with stone, brick or wood. It is not forbidden to combine the above options. The main thing - everything should look simple, no frills. The flooring is most often made of natural color boards, but can also be made of stone or ceramic tiles. The ceiling, like in Provence style, is painted white and complemented with wooden beams.

When arranging furniture and decorative elements, avoid symmetry. Everything should look a bit careless. The furniture should look a little rough, but be comfortable. Wood surfaces should not be polished to a shine. The finishing touch - accessories made of aged metal. Well fit into rustic style wicker furniture. On the walls are allowed to hang pictures with landscapes or images of animals. It is important that they are in simple wooden frames.





Scandinavian style

The design of the living room in the country in the Scandinavian style involves the decoration of the walls and ceiling materials of the lightest shades. So residents of the Scandinavian countries correct the natural injustice - the lack of natural light. In our reality, when you design the interior in this style, you can get a much more spacious room from a small dark living room.



Scandinavians for the decoration of the premises prefer white color. Strictly adhere to this rule is not necessary. Beige or milky would be appropriate. Dilute light shades can be black. Traditional ornaments will take their place on blankets, pillowcases and carpet. Use textiles neatly, its surplus visually make the room smaller. The window frames should also be white. The windows themselves can be left open or decorated with transparent curtains.



Give preference to wooden or plastic furniture. It can be folding multifunction models. If the room is used as a dining room, instead of the usual chairs, you can use the benches. The fireplace in the living room of the Scandinavian type will be the highlight of the room. In this interior, you can use both modern models and traditional ones.

We assure you that if you create a cozy living room in your country house, then you and your loved ones will often visit it.