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Loft bed for adults and children: what is its advantage? (50 pictures)


Bed attic - furniture design with a berth on the second tier, which allows you to effectively organize the space in the apartment. It is in demand to optimize the usable area in small-sized housing and at the same time is in demand in the original design of rooms with large footage.






Loft bed in the interior: application features

The design is of interest due to the wide potential:

  • the space under the loft bed is used as an extra space in a compact bedroom. This site can be equipped as a comfortable leisure environment or to equip a multifunctional working area;
  • in spacious rooms, the construction is used as an original complex, which is able to give the interior a particular dynamic, emphasizing the unusual design of the space;
  • The children's loft bed in the baby's room allows you to create wonderful conditions for fidget, who will like the unusual design with many interesting features.

With the help of interesting configurations, it is well to equip the guest area, creating a comfortable space for sleeping and relaxing, without cluttering the room with other furniture.



The design is a two-tier complex with a sleeping area at the top and a base, which, depending on the model, is equipped with useful functionality.

The most common elements found are:

  • frame - made of wood, metal, using high-quality polymers;
  • ladder - vertical, at an angle or from the modules in the form of drawers;
  • storage system - cabinets, chest of drawers, shelves, racks;
  • tabletop - a table for children's classes, written or computer, depending on the purpose of the model;
  • sports area - the Swedish wall, rings, crossbars, rope, rope ladder;
  • children's game modules - slide, swing.

When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the age characteristics of the user, height and weight parameters, and taste preferences. Pay special attention to product safety:

  • environmental friendliness of materials;
  • structural stability;
  • reliability of fasteners;
  • availability of a protective rim of appropriate dimensions.

When choosing furniture for a child, keep in mind that this is not only a sleeping place, but also an area for active games, and a design of increased resistance and strength to intense loads is required.




Furniture in this category differs in the following characteristics:

  • by appointment;
  • by device;
  • on production material;
  • the location of the bed;
  • by the presence of additional functionality;
  • according to the possibilities of using the space under the sleeping area.

To properly equip a room using a furniture system with a unique potential, it is worthwhile to carefully study the features of the current solutions that are offered by modern manufacturers.






Types of loft beds by appointment

By appointment, there are the following types of structures.

Loft bed for young children

In the furniture catalogs are presented models for kids from 2.5-3 years old, which are made taking into account the age features of karapuz. The complex is a device of small height, most often up to 1 meter, with sides and a ladder. The base of the bed is equipped in the form of a small dresser with drawers for accessories. The furniture system is completed with a children's wardrobe, shelves for toys, and a small table.

Complete solution for preschoolers

The children's bed attic from 5 years has expanded functionality. The height of the model for preschoolers varies between 1.3-1.6 m, the space under the sleeping area is designed as a playground. The package includes comfortable and functional furniture for sleeping, active games and developmental activities. Here the compact storage system for baby clothes, toys, accessories and accessories is relevant. The working surface is a table with drawers.









Adult loft bed

Constructions for adult users are made in the height of 1.8-2 m. The model range is represented by solutions in the form of single, one-and-a-half and double modifications. If you wish, you can choose a furniture system with a height of 1.3-1.6 m. This is the optimal solution for organizing a bedroom in a room with a low ceiling. Only in this case, the potential of the area under construction is significantly limited, and provides only for the arrangement of storage systems of thumbs, drawers or shelves.

Types of loft bed on the device

According to the device, bedroom furniture in this category is classified into the following types:

  • Stationary structures. Children's models of sleeping systems are presented exclusively in stationary version. This will protect the child from the risk of injury when handling the structure with carelessness. Stationary models are characterized by high strength, ease of operation, durability;
  • Bed attic-transformer. The device has a mechanism by which it is easy to push it in or fold it, give it a different position, adjust in height or length. An interesting idea from the French developers - a model with an elevator. With the help of a lifting mechanism, the structure is removed under the ceiling; when it comes to bedtime, it is lowered to the desired height;
  • Embedded models. When arranging modern interiors of exclusive design, they often order built-in bedroom furniture - an attic bed in order to advantageously use the potential of the living space;
  • Cabinet furniture. A wide range of proposals will allow you to choose a product with optimal characteristics for organizing a comfortable sleep area with additional useful functionality;
  • Modular loft bed. Multifunctional furniture system is easy to assemble from ready-made modules. The idea is attractive by the fact that over time the bundling can be diversified by adding new elements;
  • Angular modifications. This is probably the most profitable solution for a studio apartment where it is necessary to allocate a functional area for the bedroom with additional features in a common space.

If you are looking for a solution in a children's room for two or three offspring, choose a loft bed with a double bed for sleeping and an additional transformer module. In the catalogs of furniture production can be found multi-seat models for adult users. In them, the upper tier consists of two single structures with a single system of stairs. The lower space is equipped with a folding sofa that can be used as an additional place to sleep.




In the production of sleeping structures used materials that have high strength characteristics, environmentally friendly and reliable in operation. Finished furniture complexes are presented in the following categories:

Tree loft bed

The products are distinguished by impeccable performance properties, environmental friendliness of the natural base. Wooden loft bed is made from an array of valuable species - for example, from beech, oak. The material is resistant to external factors, withstands intensive use, the surface is pleasant to the touch.

The loft bed from the array looks presentable, able to decorate even the most luxurious interiors, emphasizes the special status of the home. The only drawback of furniture from the array - the high cost of production. If you buy a pine loft bed, you can save a budget and enjoy the fresh scent of pine needles for a long time.

Sleeping complexes from a chipboard

Products based on chipboard do not have high strength to external influences. To eliminate the risk of purchasing low-quality goods, choose among the offers of proven furniture manufacturers with an impeccable reputation in a competitive environment. Domestic brands with many years of experience in the core market offer high-quality loft beds made of various types of chipboard at affordable prices. Be sure to purchase furniture from chipboard, make sure that the certificate of environmental safety.




Metal loft bed

The design is strong and durable, able to withstand significant loads. Choosing an ergonomic solution in the form of a double loft bed, you should consider this product option.

Especially presentable looks a metal loft bed with elements of artistic forging. Children's metal modifications are most often intended for the generation of teenagers with irrepressible energy. If the son prefers a minimalist style in the interior, it is worth choosing among laconic steel solutions. You should not install such a model for the fidget of the most tender age, restless preschoolers and children a little older, because metal structures are traumatic, and the surface is cold to the touch.

Varieties of solutions for the location of the sleeping area

Children's complexes are performed with a different location of the place to sleep:

  • Classic models with a sleeping area on the second tier. The lower space is used to create a functional site depending on the requirements;
  • Original solutions with a place to sleep on the first floor. The second tier of the structure is an equipped surface for various games;
  • Bed attic for two children. Most often in such complexes the second berth is located perpendicular to the first one. At the same time, solutions with two beds at the top and a functional area in the space under them are popular. If the second child is afraid of heights, it is worth buying a model in which the beds are located at different levels.

In order to diversify the range of bedroom complexes for small users, manufacturers develop original designs with an attractive design.



When organizing a room for young offspring, parents prefer models of multifunctional furniture. The priority is ergonomic complexes with a comfortable sleeping area and additional elements, with the help of which you can create conditions for interesting leisure and all-round development of the children:

Loft bed with play area

Modifications for small ones are equipped as a bedroom on the second tier with a playground under it. Another type of furniture system provides for a play area above the sleeping area. Popular models in which the playground is like a fabulous house or a pirate ship, a convertible or a submarine. With great pleasure, children spend time in a magical environment, invent new games, have fun communicating, and sharing their impressions with each other. The game zone is most often performed with the use of soft fabric elements with a synthetic padding material. If the space for games is located at the bottom and is equipped with textile curtains, you can eventually change the design of the site, picking up new curtains.



Bed attic with a hill

A model with a slide - perhaps the most desirable version of the furniture for the little fidget. The kid climbs up the ladder, rides on a safe descent, he will never get tired of this funny adventure. For a comfortable landing of the offspring, it is worthwhile to equip a soft landing pad using a fleecy carpet or a flat pillow. If desired, you can buy a model with a stationary slide or stop the choice on the design with a removable module.

Sleeping complex with a workspace for the student

At arrangement of the room of the school student it is recommended to establish a bed attic with a working zone for the teenager. Furniture is a complete complex with the necessary functionality:

  • computer desk;
  • storage system with shelves for books and accessories;
  • wardrobe and accessories.

In high models, the built-in table is mainly used; in the arrangement of low modifications, retractable design options on rollers are in demand.




Popular worktop options:

  • a spacious table for the entire length of the allocated area under the loft bed. Under the table top there is a storage system in the form of compartments, drawers, shelves;
  • small table complete with floor shelving;
  • computer desk with built-in upper shelves and drawers under the table top, complemented by a wardrobe;
  • a table with two side tables, which serve as a support for the table top;
  • table corner configuration with compartments for computer equipment, accessories, school supplies;
  • U-shaped table - a model with a high capacity, which allows you to maximize the potential of a niche under the bed at the top.

The bunk bed-attic for two children is completed with a small table and an additional tabletop on rollers.

Furniture complex with a sports corner

In the organization of a children's room, solutions with sports attributes are in demand. The presence of various projectiles and devices for outdoor games will appeal to hyperactive offspring and will allow to create favorable conditions for maintaining physical fitness. Of particular interest are the following additions to the children's bedroom complex:

  • compact swedish wall for small fidgets;
  • gymnastics complex for teenagers with an integrated system of sports equipment;
  • rings, rope ladders, ropes and other sports and game equipment.

Furniture workshops perform exclusive designs for the project customers. If you did not find the finished model loft bed with the required equipment, order the furniture according to your own drawings.

Lineup with storage system

With a shortage of usable space in a small apartment, an attic bed with a wardrobe will be an excellent option. Roomy design allows you to save space and gives the interior originality. The wardrobe is the basis for the bed upstairs; it provides a multifunctional storage system with shelves, drawers, baskets, accessories.

When choosing furniture for young children, you can stay at a decision such as a loft bed with a chest of drawers. The sample is a low configuration with flanges around the perimeter of the bed, the base of which is made in the form of a compact storage system with boxes. The ladder on the second tier is installed on the end.




Interesting possibilities of using the space under the sleeping area

Standard solutions with free space under the bed allow you to organize the site at the discretion of the owner:

  • a high double loft bed with a niche is perfectly complemented by a book shelving system. Here it is convenient to organize a library, create a reading corner or even a compact home office;
  • set in a niche sofa with a coffee table for family leisure;
  • in the niche you can organize a media center with a home cinema, karaoke;
  • You can equip an extra bed by installing a transforming sofa in a niche.

An interesting solution will be a wardrobe under the sleeping area. Install the current fixtures - floor mounted coat hangers on wheels, ordinary open-type wall shelves, and a large mirror. The perimeter of the dressing room can be decorated with curtains or an original screen.




Benefits of a loft bed

Ключевое достоинство модели заключается в том, что ее применение в интерьере повышает эффективность использования полезной площади. Это особенно актуально при обустройстве компактных помещений:

  • экономия полезного пространства в спальне;
  • the ability to combine the sleep area with other functional sites without much effort and negative consequences;
  • among the ready-made proposals, you can choose the best design option, for example, a loft bed with a table or a model with a multi-functional storage system;
  • young children will be happy to play, practice and sleep in an interesting environment for them;
  • in a teenage furniture complex with a working area, it is convenient to prepare lessons, study on a computer, sleep comfortably;
  • A double adult loft bed with a sofa downstairs allows you to create a comfortable place for sleeping and leisure, regardless of the size of the room.

With the help of a multifunctional bedroom construction, you can effectively zone the space in a spacious room. For example, to organize a living room and an office, two-tier furniture with a bed at the top is installed on the line between the designated areas. The zone from the entrance to the room is designed with a sofa with armchairs, a transforming coffee table, a TV panel and other attributes of the living room. The area behind the high bed is equipped with an office with appropriate furniture. The sleeping area can be decorated with elegant curtains, build a beautiful canopy.



Disadvantages of using high beds

The main disadvantage of the model is the possibility of injuries due to a fall from a certain height during careless operation. There are no guarantees of security, even if the bed is equipped with flanges and the stairs are made in accordance with the requirements of the standards. In addition, note the following disadvantages:

  • Special requirements for the place. High construction is not recommended for use in rooms with a low ceiling. Here only models of medium height or low will do;
  • Discomfort due to stuffiness. Heated air currents circulate above, it is difficult to breathe during the heating period, as it is not always possible to ventilate the room;
  • Psychological factor. Users with an unstable psyche may experience heights fear syndrome or claustrophobia due to the limited space under the ceiling;
  • The difficulty of care. To make the bed, you need to put some effort. The higher the bed, the harder it is to cover it.

It is also necessary to install additional light sources in order to provide complete illumination of the functional space under the sleeping area.

The high efficiency of the loft bed in the organization of space eliminates all the disadvantages of using this furniture. For this reason, most owners of compact apartments and spacious country houses prefer ready-made ergonomic solutions or order the manufacture of exclusive models.