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Cozy bedroom - the individuality above all (28 photos)


Often when creating an apartment interior, the main importance is attached to the living room, kitchen, and nursery. The bedroom most often remains deprived, very little attention is paid to it. Modest footage, the minimum amount of furniture - well, where to wander fantasies? Such delusions lead to a common way of decorating a room: a bed, a wardrobe, two bedside tables. Such conditions can already be considered "official." Meanwhile, the concept of comfort is very individual and in no way connected with the dimensions of the premises.



So there is no reason to be upset about the modest size of the room, because first of all this room is needed for rest, not for work or study. The main purpose of the bedroom is to provide a comfortable environment for a full and restful sleep, because the design of a cozy bedroom is, most likely, the bed you like and correctly chosen, fabrics, lighting, decor.

In small apartments it is recommended to keep the interior of all rooms in the same style. Thanks to this solution, a single image unites all the rooms, and visually the space is perceived more free and spacious. In modern new buildings, the size of the rooms allows us to stylistically zone the room and embody various designer finds in one apartment. Among the designs of small bedrooms, there are two popular styles.



For a small bedroom, the most acceptable would be a minimalist decor. This trend is characterized by concise furnishings, simple shapes, a modest set of colors. As a rule, it is optimal to use no more than three colors. Moreover, two neutral shades should constitute the main part of the interior, and small surfaces or accessories can have a bright contrasting tone.



Of course, when creating an interior design it is necessary first of all to build on personal preferences. Today it is difficult to embody one strict style in the interior. Design directions intersect, complement each other. The perfect interior is created thanks to a harmonious combination of individual design elements. And already in a comfortable and favorite environment it is easy to relax and fully relax.



Color palette

Pastel colors and a monochrome palette will bring peace and tranquility to the atmosphere of the room. The most common pastel palette: beige, sand, yellow, light brown and gray, blurry blue hues. To maintain a harmonious interior is not recommended to use more than three colors. A great idea is to decorate one wall with a colorful ornament / pattern or simply use bright paint to cover it. In this case, it is recommended to choose a wall before the bed or behind the headboard. In a room with a light décor, it is enough just to freshen up the interior - just change textile items (pillows, bedspreads, curtains).



Choice of furniture

Bed is not just the main subject of the situation. It depends on her full and comfortable sleep and rest. A wide range of mattresses allows you to choose the model that most takes into account the characteristics and preferences of residents. In some beds, the frame and headboard are installed separately (not an indivisible structure). It also happens that the decorative headboards are equipped with built-in lamps, shelves and even bedside tables.




Bedroom lighting and textile accessories

In the bedroom, it is desirable to equip several levels of lighting. The central chandelier has a more decorative function. In modern interiors widespread built-in lights.

In any bedroom more attention should be paid to the lighting of the bedside area. Using lamps with dimmers will allow you to read comfortably, without disturbing other residents.




The final touch to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere will be the selection of textiles. The windows in the bedrooms in warm colors, overlooking the sunny side, it is desirable to decorate with thick curtains. For the windows of the north side rooms, it is better to select light translucent textiles. When choosing fabrics, the style of the material, the ornament and colors of furniture upholstery and other textiles in the bedroom (bedspreads, pillows) are also taken into account.




Pictures, photos will add bright colors to the bedroom, and it is better to refrain from the abundance of open bookshelves (to reduce dust accumulation).




If you follow the rules when creating an interior, it is easy to equip a cozy bedroom with your own hands. A lot of ideas and materials quite allow to equip the bedroom, which harmoniously combines a comfortable seating area, storage space for objects and things.