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Ottoman in the hallway - stylish and functional (25 photos)


It is difficult to imagine a more versatile furniture than a pouf. It is very popular due to its functionality, compactness and a wide range of species. Padded stools and stools in the hallway can save space by placing them even where standard furniture is out of place. Acquisition of a padded stool has a number of advantages, and thanks to a wide range of models, it is possible to design the entrance hall in any style in an original way.



Types of poufs for the hallway

Ottoman in the hallway can be soft and hard. For the manufacture of this piece of furniture used natural and artificial leather, fabric, polyurethane foam and other soft and comfortable materials. For more rigid structures, wood, cork bark or metal is used. Such materials make the structure rigid and allow them to function as a table.



Forged ottomans

Forged ottoman in the hallway - a classic version of the interior design in any style. No matter how the furniture industry develops, forging is always in fashion. Metal structures are not only durable and durable, but also allow you to create elegant and stylish ottomans for decoration of the hallway.

Forging allows you to create rounded shapes. The paunchy design in combination with expensive and high-quality fabric allows you to decorate the room in an original way. Such furniture looks massive, sound, but the furniture looks very light.



For registration of a hall in classical style white, black, brown skin can be used. For modern design, ottomans of bright colors and unexpected combinations of colors and decorative elements can be used.



Wooden ottoman

As a rule, the shoebox in the hall in the form of a pouf is made of wood. It can be used as a classic combination of wood and leather or textiles, and unusual designs that allow you to collect ottoman in the hallway with their own hands from almost garbage.

Variants of wooden ottomans in the hall:

  • Classic puffs. To decorate the hallway in a classic style, it is recommended to use ottomans of expensive wood with high-quality upholstery made of leather or fabric. Legs can be carved.
  • Functional designs. To ottoman was not only a comfortable place to sit, but also a functional element of the interior, it can be purchased in the form of a bedside table with shelves and drawers.
  • Rattan poufs. In spite of the fact that outwardly such structures seem fragile, they are durable, strong and comfortable while observing the rules of operation.

It is possible to use wooden padded stools for sitting, as a stand for bags, as well as for storing shoes.



The use of ottomans in the interior hallway

The interior of the hallway uses ottomans of various shapes, materials, colors and functional features. You can use the design in the form of benches with additional shelves for shoes, or frameless products, used only as a seat. They can be separate elements or the built-in part of the hallway.

Designs with shoe storage box

Most often the entrance hall in the apartment has a small size, so it is imperative that all the furniture in it is not only beautiful, but also functional. In this case, it is recommended to order the design with a shelf or a box for storing shoes.



Curbstone ottoman

Curbstone padded stool in a hall will become fine option for registration of the small room. You can choose a convenient rectangular pouf with drawers. For a small room, it is better to choose a narrow structure, which is very roomy due to the increase in length and a decrease in width. Above it can be a comfortable soft seat, as well as a solid base on which you can put your keys, telephone, shoe polish and other small items.



Backrest design

Poof in the hallway as a seat is rarely used. However, if you install a pouf with a back, it will become a convenient place for a telephone conversation or reading a book. The use of unusual shapes and bright combinations makes it possible to make such poufs not only comfortable, but also stylish:

  • Leather poufs. Leather designs with a back most of all resemble cozy and comfortable chairs, and the presence of a shoe box also makes them extremely practical.
  • Fabric designs. When using textile upholstery, it is important to choose original combinations of colors and textures. In this case, even the modest design will be a real decoration of the hallway.
  • High legs and a small back. When entering a house, a person first of all sees the furniture in the hallway, so it is important that the ottoman is not only functional, but also beautiful. An excellent option would be the design on high elegant legs and with a small back.



Semicircular designs

For registration of small hallways it is impossible to use the puffs of the standard size. Large furniture will only interfere and cause injury. However, in order to have a place to sit down, to put on shoes, and also to hide unnecessary shoes, you can purchase a semicircular ottoman. This form allows you to install it even in the smallest room.

Ottoman bench

Another comfortable ottoman in the hall with a shoe box is made in the form of a bench or couch. Most often such benches are made on low legs. Ottoman bench can replace traditional furniture for the hallway. Nearby you can put a narrow closet or fasten a hanger with coat hooks. Padded stools can be:

  • Classic bench. Such designs with long carved legs and expensive textile upholstery transform simple furniture into an elegant element of the interior.
  • Bench with extra shelf for shoes. Allows you to get maximum functionality and convenience. Such a pouf can be connected with a cabinet, having a full hall.
  • Wood and leather. The stylish and laconic design of wood, upholstered in leather, fits perfectly into any interior. It is made both on long legs without a box for footwear, and on low with additional shelves or drawers.

Any room will look beautiful and elegant, if you arrange it in the same style and color, so most designers do not recommend purchasing an ottoman as a separate piece of furniture, but parts of the headset for the hallway.

Ready hallways to the corridor with ottoman are presented in several variations:

  • Wooden structures with a hanger, chest of drawers and a separate ottoman, decorated in the same style and color.
  • The shod compositions consisting of a separate floor hanger, padded stool with shod legs and other home decoration in the same style. In addition, the ottoman can be decorated with a soft and comfortable leather or textile seat.
  • Closed cabinet ottoman. In this case, the pouf and hanger are embedded in a niche. This option allows you to make furniture more compact and concise.

Corner ottoman appropriate to use for the design of spacious hallways, and for the narrow corridors of Khrushchev. This design can take a corner, which had not been used before. The presence of the box makes them also extremely functional. When choosing a triangular ottoman, the main thing is to give preference to bright colors, bold ornaments and unusual combinations of textures.

Round ottoman

One of the most simple and spectacular design options for the padded stool. Round ottoman in the hallway can be decorated with leather, fabric or made on a wrought-iron frame. Round ottomans are more like decorative items than functional pieces of furniture. However, if you put a round ottoman with a box, then you can put shoes inside, and a rigid construction lid turns the ottoman into a convenient table for bags and keys.

When choosing this piece of furniture for the design of the hallway should consider the following rules:

  • To decorate a small room, you need to use narrow ottomans in the hallway with additional drawers and niches for shoes.
  • If there are dogs or cats in the house, preference should be given to the upholstery that the pet will not spoil with claws and teeth. Leather or soft textiles are not suitable.
  • Ottoman for shoes in the hallway should fit harmoniously into the interior.
  • The height of the structure should be such that you can sit comfortably and put on shoes.
  • The seat should be chosen so that it does not bend, but it is quite soft.

The ottoman will be an excellent solution for the design of the hallway. However, its choice should take into account the design, functionality and size of the product.