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Sofa with velor upholstery: true luxury in a modern interior (29 photos)


Velor upholstered sofa is a smart solution for rich modern apartments. Whatever the colors or the design of the upholstered furniture itself, it is worth choosing such a bright and bright attribute with extreme caution, given the fact that it is far from always able to “make friends” with other interior items.



In addition, a capricious velor requires particularly careful operation. The hostess should know how to prevent contamination, as well as how to clean the canvas properly.

Furniture velor - dense fabric, resembling the texture of velvet. There are varieties with a shorter or longer pile, as well as with varying degrees of density. A person who does not understand different types of textiles, it is difficult to distinguish between velvet, velvet, velor, as well as other nap fabrics.

They all have a "fluffy" surface and shimmer in the light. The fabric got its name from the French "velours", which means "fluffy" or "shaggy." The name is largely dictated by the specific production technology.



About technology

The fabric is made from natural or artificial fibers. Material of natural origin, as a rule, consists of cotton elements, as well as wool. Artificial analogues are represented by a combination of polyester and polyamide yarns. There is another option when combining natural fabrics and synthetics.

The two-pitch method is applied. One web is interlaced with fibers and then cut. Thus it is possible to obtain two identical strips with the cut pile. This fabric is also called "shorn velor." Covers for sofas from such materials belong to the category of "anti-vandal". "Antikogot" can not catch pets or damage the integrity of the canvas.

There is another way to produce velor sheets. It is called prutkovym. With the help of special rods, the finished fabric is “ruffled”, forming a looped pile.

The fabric is diverse in terms of design. Pile can be processed in several ways, to combine methods in a specific order. It gives the chance to receive with various patterns, decorative divorces.

Despite the fact that velor fabrics are hard to clean, many manufacturers of upholstered furniture use this particular fabric as upholstery. For a sofa, sofa or armchair, the fabric will become an ideal addition due to the fact that it stretches well, perfectly emphasizes the shape of the product, and drapes dramatically.




The main advantages that distinguish velor sofas and chairs include:

  • Furniture with a similar upholstery has a particularly high aesthetic value;
  • The upholstery is pleasant to the touch;
  • The fabric is practical in terms of what does not accumulate dust, and pet hair can be removed with a vacuum cleaner (the most practical option is gray velor);
  • Velor trim is elastic, easy to use in difficult areas;
  • Any cover on the sofa, the upholstery itself and other textiles made from velor cloths are absolutely safe for humans, do not cause allergic reactions, and are also considered to be an environmentally friendly material.
  • The play of light and shade and the play of the fabric always look very impressive. Velor sofas and armchairs with sophisticated details or a large number of decorative kinks look particularly stylish.

A huge velor straight sofa or expensive chairs with a "fluffy" finish always look luxurious. However, this beauty is not as durable as we would like. Experts advise the use of special tools that will help extend the life of your favorite finish.

We are talking about such elements as divandek, rugs, bedspreads, removable covers. When guests arrive, all appliances are removed, instantly transforming the room. As soon as the celebration ends, expensive velor sofas and armchairs can be hidden in the covers again.



If the dust and wool for fabric are not so terrible, then it is completely defenseless before any liquids. Sticky contamination from food, sugary drinks, and other household pollution cause stains to form on the surface. Not every housewife knows how to clean the sofa at home and completely get rid of household pollution.

For this reason, it is better not to use furniture with such delicate upholstery in the kitchen or in the children's room. For all households, one general rule should be relevant: never eat on a velor couch or drink drinks there.



Forms and models

If you just liked the velor sofa bed or a comfortable "book", it is still better to give preference to complex designs with an abundance of decor. This is due to the fact that velor fabric unusually shimmers in the world. The more lines and kinks, the more interesting will look velor sofas and chairs.

Large velor sofa book will become the center of attention in any room. Despite the fact that the upholstery is still delicate and delicate, upholstered furniture can be used at 100%.



If the transformer is used during the day, as an ordinary sofa, and at night, as a bed for sleeping, then it is enough just to buy good covers. They will protect the velor from high operational loads, as well as possible pollution.

Special attention deserve velor sofa Chester and huge puffs. The surface of upholstered furniture is decorated with a large number of buttons or similar imitation, which makes the surface of the velor canvas incredibly rich and textured. Cleaning a velor sofa with a mass of specific grooves will be more difficult, but its spectacular appearance is incomparable with anything.

Despite the pronounced aesthetics and elegance of upholstered furniture, it never loses its practicality and functionality. Velor sofas and chairs, like any other types, can be equipped with additional cells for bedding or receptacles for small household items.

Very effectively gray velor is combined with a reddish woody texture. Blue upholstery emphasize maroon or chocolate armrests of carved wood. So distinctive and bright "duet" designers are trying to exploit to the maximum. For example, a standard velor sofa "eurobook" can complement the built-in shelves for books or souvenirs made of wood.



If the room is large enough, you can choose velor upholstered furniture, which will be located in the center. To keep the back segments of massive sofas empty, manufacturers complement their products with shelves, various “working” surfaces and interesting functional elements.

For small rooms, as always, a compact corner sofa or spacious armchairs are relevant. In addition, such versatile upholstered furniture is equipped with a variety of mechanisms for easy transformation. Even the most compact chair can be changed, taking into account the circumstances, making it either completely invisible, or turned into a rather comfortable and spacious place to rest.




Velor sofas and chairs need special care. Whatever the type, type, color and quality of the fabric, the cloth should be monitored regularly. The worst thing for such an upholstery is the staleness of pollution. Even the most harmless dust, if the surface has not been vacuumed for a long time, will be very difficult to remove.

Cleaning velor surfaces with a vacuum cleaner should be carried out at least once a week. It is important to carefully process the entire canvas. If we are talking about a "ring" couch, then no inconvenience should arise, but the corner sofa or chair, which stands in a secluded corner, will be much more difficult to vacuum.



For work on hard-to-reach areas fit special nozzles. The main rule to remember: the velor is cleaned only with soft brushes. Too rough handling can damage the structure of the pile.

Wet cleaning is done with a microfiber cloth. Clean the surface only in the direction of the pile, not against the villi. It is important not to overdo it with household chemicals or other liquids. Already stipulated the fact that the fabric is very afraid of moisture. It is enough to show carelessness and too wet a napkin will do more harm than the pollution itself that you need to fight.

Valuable advice

It is better to clean your favorite corner sofa or “book” with the help of special stain removers, the formula of which is designed specifically for such delicate fluffy surfaces. Before you clean the stains, you should always vacuum the fabric beforehand.