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Towel holder in the bathroom: possible designs (23 photos)


Does the towel often end up on the bathroom floor or stay wet for a long time? Obviously, its holder is incorrectly chosen. A number of tips on choosing and installing will help to take into account the nuances and not only create comfortable conditions in the bathroom, but also get a stylish accessory.

Types of towel holders

One of the main attributes of a bathroom, without which order and comfort in it is inconceivable, is the towel holder. There are a great many options for the execution of this accessory: wooden or bronze, chrome or stainless steel. Accessories differ in types, types and forms, so it is not easy to choose.



Perhaps the first thing worth paying attention to when looking for a bathroom towel holder is the scale of the room itself, the placement and size of the objects in it. Based on the location of the accessory, the following types are distinguished:

  • Floor;
  • Desktop;
  • Wall.

Each of these types has its advantages. For example, the floor holder is simply adapted to suit your needs, as it is mobile, easily relocatable. It is often made in the form of a rack with hooks or slats (swivel or so that they move forward).

Each towel holder has its advantages. Many have not only practical, but also aesthetic appeal. A variety of forms distinguishes most often wall-mounted towel holder. It can be in the form of:

  • Hooks;
  • Crossbeams;
  • Shelves;
  • Rings.

The above varieties have virtues that are worth discussing in more detail.



Perhaps one of the most common types is the hook. This is the cheapest, simplest and most functional holder. It can be placed on the wall, on the door, even on the glass of the mirror. The hook can be one, several placed in a row or arbitrarily. Often there is a towel holder with hooks in the form of a slat. The disadvantage of this type: the towel is poorly straightened and will remain wet for a long time.

The crossbar as a holder is much more versatile. This accessory can be stationary or mobile, placed on the floor or attached to the wall. Rotary towel holder is convenient in that it allows you to freely place several towels or terry napkins. It can be made of wood, metal, for example, bronze or stainless steel.

You can choose on your request swivel double, triple or quadruple holders. This swivel towel holder with a few bars is convenient to use as a small family, and lonely living person.



Planks fixed on the wall have more diverse shapes and different number of crossbars. They produce double, triple towel holder, quadruple variations, which resemble the design of heated towel rails. In any of them it is important that the width of the crossbar matches the width of the towel, then it will dry out well.



If the size of the bathroom allows, you can install a towel holder under the sink. It can be combined, consisting of crossbars, hooks and / or a shelf (glass, wooden or metal) or with any one element.



Quite often in the bathrooms there is a towel-ring. This option is more interesting from the aesthetic side than from the practical. Its functionality is similar to hooks, has the same drawback - poor ventilation and, as a result, towels stay wet longer. Can be mounted as a towel holder under the sink or on the wall.

It’s not easy to pick up the holder with the available wealth of choice. It is necessary to take into account a number of factors:

  • The size and design of the bathroom;
  • The number of people using the bathroom constantly;
  • The organization of space in the sanitary room;
  • Other

In a small room, it is best to use hooks, rings, but a wall-mounted towel holder with swivel slats, like the floor construction, will take up too much space, it is better to use them in spacious bathrooms. For a medium-sized bathroom, a combination product is suitable - a sink with a towel holder.



Stopping the choice on the product you like, think about how it will behave in conditions of high humidity in the bathroom. Even if the room is well ventilated, the bathroom still has its own microclimate, so buy an accessory with special treatment or impregnation, otherwise the metal towel holder may rust and the wooden towel holder at least lose its shape.



Mounting methods

When choosing a holder, consider the features of its mounting. There are no problems with the floor and table type - where I put it, it stands there. When installing the wall you need to take into account what material is used to finish the walls. In order for the structure to firmly hold itself and maintain the weight of the towels, it is required to secure it securely.



There are two options:

  1. Open.
  2. Hidden.

In the first case, with the help of screws, the holder is installed in the selected place. Attachment points are visible. In the second case, the same screws are closed with a special structural detail. You can use glue, velcro or suction cups, although this method of attachment is unreliable, as it can withstand a small load.